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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Lit'l Tim - Our Deckhand aboard c/v Le Affare Di Reel.
Ben Key, deckhand aboard the c/v Discovery.
Gary is our Captain aboard the c/v
Discovery (pictured with future angler Issac. Issac brought his family to go fishing in August 2005.
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Chris Ystead - Deck hand
Joel Simonson - Captain
pictured with a wayward Pacific Pampano
Kyle Pratt ~ Oregon (Top Left)
Chris is your deckhand aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson

Chris and Joel have worked and fished together for 2 years. Photo is Compliments of Captain Joel Simonson

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Dear Octobre, I am Chris Ystad's Grandma. I have really enjoyed
checking your website and all the photos that you put on there ...

... It is a wonderful website and I appreciate all the effort that goes into setting it up. I enjoy the persoal remarks that you make in response to your guests.

Last summer I felt like I was close to Chris and able to feel "caught up" on his summer work experience. We miss him a lot but know that these two summers have been a very good learning experience for him. Sitka is so beautiful. I hope one day we might be able to see it.

When you see Chris, will you say "hi" from his Grandpa Art and me?

Hope you will have a very sucessful summer.
Sincerely, Phyllis Moore

To Phyllis: I'll pass on the word Phyllis! Thank you! Chris is well thought of in our organization.
C/V Discovery
Roman has received his U.S.C.G. Captain License, and is also running as Jeremy Twaddle's Deckhand for the 2005 season. This will be Roman's 7th season with us.
Ahhh! that signature Day-Glo Orange color...
Thank You Chris!
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Tim Baxter ~ Deckhand Le Affaire Di Reel
Zach Crosby ~ Captain c/v Gulkana
Joel Simonson ~ Captain c/v Reel Affair
Pictured L to R:
Captain Zach Crosby with Deckhand/Processor Chase Zeman.

Beautiful weather, water, and fantastic fishing ~

Nice Ling Cod Gentlemen!
Chase is pictured here mid August ~ at the Weighing Dock with our Guest Rich Hetterbran and the Halibut which was harvest by Rich aboard the C/V Chase was Deckhanding aboard!

Thank You Chase!
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