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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Allan Sheridan
Missing from our photo section ~

Stockton Pty: Joe Stockton, Ryan Garza, Leslie & Michael Moller

Should you folks have any photo's you have taken while fishing please send them via e-mail. I would love to add them to the site.

Tim, our Crew and myslelf (Octobre) want to extend our thanks to everyone who fished with us in 2006. Have a safe and healthy year ~

We hope to see you at the Sportsman Shows in 2007.

Photo Compliments of Candi & Jeff Holm.
A 'Flight Seeing' tour was something special the Rogers family took part of in while visiting Darius (our deckhand 2006) in Sitka.
The season complete, Darius Rogers (deckhand) enjoyed time with his family who flew into Sitka for a time to visit their son before all heading home.

Visiting their son and brother were *
mom; Harriet
dad; Gary
and sister; Desirae

They sent me these pictures of some of the things they did while in Sitka.

Flight Seeing ~ Fishing ~ Hiking ~

Thanks folks!
Flight seeeing one day ~ Fishing the next ~


Desirea Rogers
Gary Rogers
Desirea Rogers
Harriet Rogers

All the pictures given to us compliments of the Rogers Family ~

Thanks Folks ~

See you next season Darius!
Compliments of the Gary and Harriet Rogers Family.

Thanks folks!
Wayne has fished with us in the past. If I remember correctly it was in 2001? Wayne brought along his wife Jorja who relaxed in town while Wayne fished.

Wayne shared the boat with the Kleppinger's, Fay & Brian.

Photo compliments of the Kleppinger's.
Photo compliments of the Kleppinger Family
Fay and herhusband Brian spent 2 to 3 weeks North of Sitka, visiting such places as Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Denali Park to name a few. They wrapped up their time in Alaska visiting us here in Sitka fishing 3 full days.
This picture was sent to us from Brian and Fay Kleppinger who spent some time fishing with us after spending time up North ~ Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali Park. The photo of the Moose was taken by them there. We don't have Moose in Sitka ~

(1 moose * 2 mice?) Probably not ...
Jamie Shanholtz

Jamie came to us as a lone angler so we coupled him up with the Luttrell Family.
L to R

Taylor Boyd (Luttrell Family) & Jamie Shanholtz

These 2 families, Shanholtz and the Luttrell family opted for a 4 way split with their fish. Everyone sharing equally in what each angler harvested.
Photo Compliments of Candy & Jeff Holm
Taylor ~ fished with her family Cheryl & Dave Luttrell

Nice Job Taylor!
L to R

Cheryl Luttrell

(a girls work is never done ~ right Taylor?)
Remember those things we had to write when we all went back to school each fall? My teachers had our class wright these little stories "What I did on my Summer Vacation"

Taylor went fishin'

L to R
Taylor & her Granpop Dave Luttrell
Cheryl Luttrell
Dave Luttrell and Taylor Boyd
Carlos Rossi

Our apologies to Jeff Newman who is not shown in this collection of group photos ~
Gilbert Labrie
My apologies to these gentlemen as I am unsure of their names. (pretty sure I got their names right ~ but not positive!) ~

This Photo: John Newman ~
L to R

Bob Reid
Dick Keiser
Ken Young

(absent but not forgotten is Floyd Becker who AI am sure will be joining these gentlemen in May of 2007.
Ken Young
Dick Keiser
Dick Keiser and Ken Young

Action Shot ~ well ... kinda :)
nice picture!
Bob Reid aka Flamingo man

Ask him! He'll tell you all about it ...
Hint. It has something to do about him and Cptn. Jeremy : )

The Story in his words:
From: Bob Reid
To: Octobre
Cc: Steve Reid
Subject: Fw: RE: Alaska Fishing
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006

Octobre: Now don't you feel bad about calling me the "bird man"? Tom, the one who wanted to know about it is a two star Admiral in the Navy. But in other parts of the web site, you called me a "gentleman", so you are forgiven.

Xoxoxo BOB

PS Tell Jeremy he just received another "bird".

-------Original Message-------

From: Bob Reid
Date: 09/14/2006 6:00:07 PM
To: Tom
Subject: RE: Alaska Fishing

Several years ago, Steve, my son, and I went fishing up there. As we were going through an inland passage in the Sitka area, the captain of the boat stopped and pointed out some Flamingos in the trees on a small island. He explained that for some reason, Flamingos migrated through that area, stopped only on that island, and we were lucky that we were there just when they were passing through. Sure enough, there were about a dozen in the trees.

I was utterly fascinated that a tropical bird would migrate through Alaska, but he convinced me that they did. I took pictures of them and we spent about fifteen minutes just being amazed at seeing these big birds. When I got home and had the pictures printed, I enlarged them, and then started to do some research on the Internet about this strange migration, but could find nothing. Finally I called the gal that owns the charter company and asked her if she had any idea about this weird migration. After about a minute of near hysterics, she told me "the rest of the story". A bunch of the locals got hold of these Flamingos that are used in gardens, climbed the big trees and anchored them in the branches. I never saw such real things, and I will never live it down. Every time I communicate with them, I send the convincing Captain the "bird".
Ken Young holding an excellent Ling Cod he harvested.
Ken Young

These three anglers opted to have their fished shared 3 ways. Meaning when they left Sitka, we made thier split prior to their departue. Each gentleman sharing equally in what the other had harvested. It's a great way to do it.

Congrats! A beautiful (?) Ling Cod.
Bob Reid ~
From: Bob Reid
Date: 09/23/2006 5:45:34 PM
To: Octobre
Subject: 2005 trip

Hi Octobre: I just learned how to put pictures on an email directly without sending an attachment.

These were taken in 2005 when Steve and I went fishing with Jeremy. The one with me was the record smallest silver that year! The one picture of both Steve and me ~ mine was a 17.5 pounder, what Jeremy said was his largest of the year. Steve's was 14 pounds.
.... The one picture of both Steve and me ~ mine was a 17.5 pounder, what Jeremy said was his largest of the year. Steve's was 14 pounds.

L to R (2005)
Bob Reid
Steve Reid
Anglers in this group of men are;

David Verschoor (Group Leader)
Daniel Nakamura
Raymond Nakamura
Gene Preuss

Pictured here is Raymond Nakamura.
L to R

Dan Nakamura
Gene Preuss
Gene Preuss
Ray Nakamura
L to R
Deckhand Roman Sorokin
Blake Brinkerhoff

Blake fished with good friend Tom Newcombe. Blake had fished with us in the past in 2003, returning again in 2007.

In a handwritten note (with pic's) we received dated 9/7 Blake said the following:

Tim, Octobre, Jeremy,

Thanks for the great trip. Your hospitality, and fishing knowlege are wonderful. I will be back.

Thanks Blake

Your very welcome Blake. See you in the future, and thanks so much for the photo's!

Front to Back

Tom Newcombe
Blake Brinkerhoff

Thank you gentlemen!
Photo Compliments of
Esther Medina

Photo compliments of her husband Juan. Thanks for everything folks. See you at the I.S.E. show in the spring ...
Juan Medina

To: reel.affair
Subject: Thanks
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006

Hi Octobre.

Did you hear that flight 68 was delayed ... by about 3 & 1/2 hrs. Thursday? We missed our connecting flight and had to reschedule to a later one. We landed in Salt Lake about 9:30 pm. By the time we got home and unloaded the fish it was nearly 11:00 pm. But what a great trip we had! We really enjoyed our time fishing and then exploring Sitka. It all went too fast.

Had my mother over for dinner tonight and prepared salmon using one of the recipes from the website. It turned out great. Mom was impressed!

Here are a couple of pictures.

Thanks for everything. You run a great outfit.

Juan and Esther

Thank You! Octobre ~

Juan Medina

Photo Compliments of Juan Medina
Day One ~

Soggy ~ Happy but Soggy
Esther Medina with a very nice Ling Cod she harvested.
Sam Davidson

Sam fished with friends and fellow anglers:
Roger Kietzer
Mike Kietzer
Don Goggins

our apologies to the others who fished with Sam. The photos were not able to be uploaded to the site.

Camera Glitch...sorry ~ if you have a few pic's you'd like to e-mail to me I will be more than happy to post them for everyone to view!
David Bliss

David fished with hiis wife Stephanie on a 3 day charter.
Stephanie Bliss
L to R

David Bliss
Stephanie Bliss
Tom Newcombe
Blake Brinkerhoff

David and Stephanie were on the last day of their 3 day charter when they were joined by Blake Brinkerhoff and Tom Newcombe who were just beginning the first of three days of fishing.
Stephanie Bliss

From: Stephanie Bliss
To: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Subject: Re: Thank You!
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006

Original message from: Stephanie Bliss

Hi Octobre and Tim,

Thanks for the fabulous time. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was great to be able to see Sitka and spend some much needed time together fishing.

We hope that all goes well with you and your last week of fishing. Have a great time in Hawaii and a nice holiday season, which is coming way to fast.

We look forward to seeing you in March at the Expo here in Salt Lake so we can talk to you about our return trip in 2008.

Thank you again for everything you did for us, you made our time in Sitka and our fishing trip a nice vacation. (Note: Cptn' Jeremy is getting married!)

Take care,
Dave and Stephanie Bliss

p.s. attached are a few photos of our fish.
This photo was sent to us from Stephanie Bliss.

From: Stephanie Bliss Save Address Reminder

To: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters Subject: Re: Thank You!
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006

They (pics Steph sent to us) were the same pictures that you put on the website ... Tim took them too.

This is the only other one that I sent, just cause I liked it.

Take Care, StephRoman Sorokin ~ Deckhand
Stephanie Bliss ~
Tim Twaddle ~ Captain

Thanks Steph! See you at the Show!
This photo was sent to us from Stephanie Bliss.

L to R
Roman Sorokin ~ Deckhand
Stephanie Bliss ~
Tim Twaddle ~ Captain

Thanks Steph! See you at the Show!
Photo Compliments of Laurie McFarlane
L to R

Rodney Engle
Brad Byers
Mike Martin
Wesley Byers

Thank you gentlemen.

Brad Byers
Brad Byers ~ Smile!
L to R

Bradley Byers
Mike Martin
Wesley Byers
Rodney Engle
Wesley Byers
Mike Martin - Nice Little Rock Fish ~ Limits on Rock fish are quite generous.

Delicious little critters they are!
Rodney Engle
Mike Martin
Mike Martin
Bradley Byers
Wesley Byers
Mike Martin
Jim Burke
L to R

Tom Burke
Jim Burke
Ron Faria
Dick Rhodes

A beautiiful show of Halibut gentlemen.
Tom Burke
Mark Ezekiel

Mark fished with fellow anglers;

Joe Cala
Socrates Christopher
Jason Christopher
Joe Cala
Socrates Christopher
Mark Ezekiel
Jason Christopher
Joe Cala
Mark Ezekiel
Photo compliments of Laurie McFarlane

(Germaine Pty of 2)
Kay Seeliger

Kay fished along side her husband Tom and their friends Sally and Ross Delipkau.
Kay Seeliger
Buried in rain gear ~ Sally Delipkau

Ross Delipkau ~

Fishin's so bright I gotta wear shades ~
He's a little bit blurry but here is Mr. Tom Seeliger ~ Thanks folks, see you at the show in the spring!
Ross Delipkau
L to R

Ed Chudzinski
and Tommy Carius
Ed Chudzinski
When it's grey and overcast it's simply beautiful. You just can't say that about some places. Here it's just beautiful, regardless of the weather.

(There's a little Otter in this photo)
Jim Crutcher treated himself and his two sons Billy and John to 2 full days of fishing ~

Pictured here is Jim Crutcher. Deckhand Mike Baines in the background.
Action Shot!

John Cruthcher fishing Salmon. Assisting? His dad Jim.
Billy Crutcher ~
John Cruthcer ~ check out his expression! Nice Fish!

Congratulations Billy!
John Crutcher ~ Beautiful day, nice fish!
Jim Crutcher and his son John.
We run 5 boats, and own 6.

5 are 27 foot SeaSport Seamasters & one a 30 foot Almar.

The 6th is our spare. Our folks come to far, to have a boat go down and loose out on a day of fishing. Should that happen (knock on wood it has not yet happened this season) our folks continue on uninterrupted with their captain and deckhand.
L to R

Don Day
Dick's son in law Bob K.
Dick Boersig
and Martin ~ son in law # 2. (maker of wine)

Bob and Martin's last names to follow ~ Those 2 names are tough ones for me to remember, much less spell. (I'll need to refer to my cheat sheet for those)
L to R

Bob ~ :)
Don Day (nice easy name)
Dick Boersig
Donald Day
Ohmigosh! Nice weather!

Don Day.
Bob (who last name will soon be made known, typically fished lakes and streams. this was his first venture out for salt water fishing.

His father in law Dick, was so hoping this trip would be special for Bob and Martin.

That is dick in a nut shell ~ his time is all the better if is good for all those he cares about. (Dick was a touch concerned when Bob 'chummed' on day one...) But hey, that's part of what is so special about salt water fishing, right?
Martin ~ Maker of Vino

: )

Thanks all ~ for everything ~
see you next year!
Pilot Bob and Martin the wine maker.
Martin and Bob

Nice Ling Cod!
The Empress of the North is one of the smaller cruise ships to visit Sitka in the summer months. She plays host to just about 80 couples and docks right in town at the Petro Marine fuel dock.

The nice thing about these smaller cruise lines is the one on one service folks receive. They boast one crew to every two guests, and you quickly become on a first name basis with your bartender, servers, and housekeeper.

These ships also spend anywhere from 24 to 36 hours in any given port (nice thing) and have the luxury of going into the smaller waterways and communities the large cruise lines dare not go.
Rick Raabe ~ group leader ~ good guy ~
David Brown
Bud Carter and Rick Raabe
Bud (Allen) Carter, & in the background a very intense Rick Raabe
Vern King ~
I can hear his captain now ~

OK Bud! Pretend your having a really fun time!

Bud Carter
Rick Raabe
David Brown ~ Ling Cod has opened the morning of the 16th.
Phil Judge Sr.
Phil Judge Jr.

A couple of nice Ling Cod, & Rock Cod.
Phil Judge Jr.

'Catch of the Day'
Darren Bogie (pronounced ~ umm well, it's French. With a soft G and an A at the end...)

Darren fished along side his dad John Bogie, Phil Judge Sr & Phil Judge Jr.
Darren Judge ~ the individual who is sorely missing from this group ofanglers? Darrens dad John.
Kathy McMahon fished with her dad Dick Rhodes.

Kathy fished 4 days, then flying home with 129 pounds. Dick (her dad) continued on to fish for a total of 7 days.
Kathy McMahon ~ Mom of Emma & Will.
Look at the big fish your mom caught!

(hi guys!) : )
Emma and Will's Mom (Kathy) and Grampa (Dick) caught themselves a couple of really nice King Salmon.

Kathy's husband Kevin sent her on this trip with her dad. A nice man. Kevin and Dick fished with us back in Early July of 2004.
One more shot here of Kathy with her Deckhand Roman -

L to R

Roman's Arm and Knee and Foot
Kathy McMahon
Thanks folks, very much!
Dick Rhodes Continued on fishing for an additional 3 days after his daughter Kathy flew home. (whew!)
Ron Faria Third from the left fished a 5 day package. Ron fished with Dick Rhodes and Kathy McMahon.

Nice show of Halibut guys! & gals ...

L to R

Dick Rhodes
Kathy McMahon
Ron Faria
L to R

Chris Titus ~ Deckhand
Ron Faria
Dick Rhodes
Ron Faria ~ pictured on the far right.

Ron is fishing with Dick Rhodes and Kathy McMahon
Dick Rhodes and Kathy McMahon; Father & Daughter

Thanks folks.
Ron Faria ~ 90 lb. Halibut

Photo Compliments of Tom Burke ~ Thanks Tom.
Barbara Shaw
Rick Renken ~ fishing with us for two days Rick Renken & Barbara Shaw went home with 53 pounds of fillets.
So it's the afternoon of their last day and in the van they climb...
happy, giggling, talking excitedly...

Look at the pictures they say! LOOK LOOK! "which one i ask?"

You'll know it when you see it!

Me? I'm quietly thinking to my self ~ "self this is a family oriented web site...i hope i can post the picture...)

Sammy Shawwa with the 'Catch of the Day'!
Poor Dale he's apparently lost his head ~
One can tell what the photographer centerd his frame on...

L to R
Dale Vandellen
Bob Fuderich
Sam shawwa
Bob Fuderich ~

No i'm not going to tell the fishing license story...i want to, but i won't...
Steven Taylor fished with his Dad Don Taylor and Brother Matt. All a part of the Vandellen party.

Don Taylor

Don fished along side friends, associates, and his two sons.

Dale VanDellen
Sam Shawwa
Bob Fuderich
Don Taylor
Matt Taylor
Steve Taylor

Thanks gentlemen.
Dad ~ Don Taylor with both sons, Matt and Steve.
Keith Hastedt

Endured a trip all the way from Louisiana & Lost Luggage.

Luggage was delivered to the Westmark that evening on a later flight. Given so many folks have been needing to check their carry on luggage the baggage handlers have been pretty overwhelmed.
Nice King Tom.

Pictured is Tom Brun Senior

Tom fished along side his son;

Tommy Brun Jr.
Keith Hastedt
& Son in Law Ryan Sappenfield
Tommy Brun Jr.

nice fish ~ : )
Ryan Sappenfield and dad to a new baby girl of 3 mo. ~ (Tom Sr's. Granddaughter)

Congrats! She's a cute little thing - I saw pictures. NO ~ I'm not just saying that ... she really is a pretty little thing ~ Dad missed her.

(a lot) ~ smiles

Tom Brun Jr.
Keith Hastedt ~

Thanks so much Gentlemen

Tom Brun Sr.
Keith Hastedt
Tom Brin Jr.
Ryan Sappenfield
Cute little furry guys ~ Awwww ...

Ok, Ok, i know you fishermen and fisherwomen out there don't much care for these guys ~ but what the heck, they're just too Cute!

: )

There's even a cute lit'l white one! Oh! and light gray ones too Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!
Marsha and Candy (Sisters in Law) gave their husbands Gift Certificates for Christmas. For a fishing trip!

How cool is that?

It went off without a hitch ... Now if I can just secure the poem that Marsha wrote to announce her gift to Chuck.

Then what? They (the Chuck & Marsha clan) called the Jeff Holms clan & read him the poem ~ Suprise!

L to R

Chuck Holm
Marsha Holm
Candy Holm
Jeff Holm

(Hi Nea ~ Hi Wayne ~ Hi everyone!)
Marsha Holm

From: Marsha Holm
Subject: Note from Marsha Holm
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006

Dear Octobre and Tim,
I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our trip. Y'all are terrific! We have told everyone who will listen to us what a great time we had.

Friends and family have enjoyed our pictures online. You worked so hard for us and made us feel like family. We just wish you would come to Louisiana and allow us to reciprocate.

We are enjoying our fish. The recipes (on the web site) are great! This was by far the best Christmas gift I've ever given Chuck and I don't see any way I could top it, so I'm not giving him anything this year!!!!!!!!

I am not very computer savvy, but I am attempting to send you a scanned copy of the cheesy poem I wrote for the guys for Christmas. If you don't get this, I'll send a hard copy.

Thank you so much for all you did for us. Even on the day I was sick, I still enjoyed watching everyone else catch my fish!

You are more than welcome! Thanks for the kind words! (when your poem arrives i will post it for you! Octobre)
Candy Holm; Looking for her elusive BIG King she brought in this nice Halibut!

Jeff Holm ~
The 'Holm Family Fishing Portrait'

Jeff & Candy Holm
Marsh and Chuck Holm

Thanks folks ~ For everything!
How Did their Capt'n get Chuck to do that???

And they know that is the one picture I'm going to pick to put up here, don't they???

L to R

jeff and Candy Holm
Marsha and her ravenous husband Chuck Holm.
Deckhand Chase (hi mom)

with our guest Chuck Holm ~ if you look on the deck there ... bottom left ...
Chuck Holm
Candy Holm
Watch out there Jeff - she's been workin' out!

Candy Holm
Marsha Holm -

From: Marsha Holm
Subject: Problem solved !!
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006

Dear Octobre,

Thank you for all your encouragement, but I have given up on learning about attachments. It is much easier for me to just type you the words to this creative poem! It was on this cute Christmas paper with colored lights which may account for the problems. I had also tried the scanning stuff and then a transfer to Word. The truth is -- it's me. Anyway, to save my time and sanity, here it is. . . .

Christmas Day has come with this "little" gift you see.

The gift I've kept a secret for a special guy, from me.

You'll have to wait 'til August and fly far, far away.

But you can bet it's worth the wait to shop and then to play.

You see, you're going fishing on a trip you won't forget,

But not just brothers fishing -- your wives will, too -- you bet!

On August 9, we'll leave Salt Lake . . . to Alaska we will fly!

The 10th will be a day to rest, to shop, then by and by . . .

We'll head out on a boat with Tim. How happy we will be!

Now, who will land the big one?

You will . . .
No, I will . . .
Well, we'll see!

A day of relaxation before we must get back

Will give us time to reminisce, to shop, and then to pack.

I hope you like this special gift, because as you can see,

It took a lot of planning, just for you, by me.

So now you know my secret and my special Christmas wish.

Put down the phone, and give me a GREAT BIG KISS!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed. I have no clue how this came to be--just a thought in the middle of the night. Jeff and Chuck both had a copy and they were on the phone together and read it aloud. They were a little confused--go figure! Of course, they didn't read it with all the expression and feeling it deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess y'all are now winding down the business and preparing for the winter "off" season.

We will be in Salt Lake the first week of October. No chance that you will be there at that time for the outdoor show?????

Our best to you and Tim and also to Jeremy and his bride.

Have a great vacation! Marsha

This is great Marsha, & thanks so sharing it ~ & your time typing it all out...
Thanks folks ~ O.
Nice Marsha - Really nice!

(good luck boots, yellow & lady bugs!)
Nice Coho. ~ Jeff Holm
Ok, Last one ~ just a bunch of great pictures!

Jeff Holm
Shrimp / Prawns

Either way, they look real good all dressed up in some melted butter.
The Merchant Party and their Crew

L to R

Deckhand Mike Baines
Bret Merchant
Capt'n Steve Mauphin
Ryan Merchant
Dad & Uncle Gerry Merchant
Brad Merchant

Gerry and I were outside their hotel on their departure morning and he said to me that we had made a great choice in 'hooking' them up with this specific crew.

Personalities, and Abilities made for a really good time for these gentlemen.

I remember after meeting them and spending some time with them on arrival ~ I knew this match was going to be a good one.

Thank you gentlemen.

I wish I'd had more pictures ~ if you have any you want to share ... I would love to add them ...
Bret Merchant
Bret Merchant

Bret with his dad Gerry. brother Brad and cousin Ryan... Really nice guys.

Hardly no pictures? What's with that???
Sorry to say I have photos of these gentlemen or their fish ... maybe, just maybe they'll e-mail me a few.

Ralph Fattore
Bill Mucci
Gary Kreiter
Jason Kreiter

Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel ~ Thanks again Tim.
Photo Compliments of Candy and Jeff Holm
L to R

Wade Okumura
Chance Doan
Hutch Okumura

Beautiful show of Kings!
Chance Doan
Wade Okumura and in the background is his deckhand Roman
Hutch Okumura

Hutch fished along side his son Wade, and grandson Chance.

Did they have a good time? Definitely!

They you gentlemen!

For those of you who are checking in ~ Chance wore the 2 Right size nine boots... While Jason Christopher (Stroy Pty of 8) wore the to LEFT size nine boots.

These are the only two pair of LUCKY boots i have ....

Fish in the Box.

Hutch, Wade and Doan felt they more than enough seafood. They Steaked their King Salmon, filleted their Coho, & their white meat in fillets.

Pictured here is Wade Okumura
Located on the 'Inside Passgage' is a spot of land called High Water Island.
This refuge is the ancient breeding grounds of the Russian Ping Flamingo.

Photo Compliments of Candy & Jeff Holm

The less commonly known name for these strange creatures of habit is Pinkas Flamingus Plasticus.
L to R

Socrates Christopher
Bill Lytle
Pat Chand
Jason Christopher
Urban Stroy
L to R

Bill Lytle
Jason Christopher
Socrates Christopher
Pat Chand
John Robinson
Eric Stroy
Bill Coleman

To: 'Tim and Octobre
Subject: Recent Fishing Trip with Stroy Party
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006

Dear Tim and Octobre:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my fishing experience with Reel Affair. It was made particularly good by the both of you and your attention to see that all went well not only with the fishing each day but also the hotel, transportation, fish transportation, etc.

You have a first rate operation.

My days with Zach and Darius were good. He is a good Captain and was able to show us where the fish were.

I hope to be able to perhaps meet with you at Long Beach. Please let me know the dates again. I am going to try to come up with the Stroy group again next year.

Bill Coleman

Octobre's Note: Captains will make recomendations to other Captains, but they are all fishing daily, and in constant communication with each other. Zach has prior Alaskan Charter experience, as well as previous experiance with us.

Thanks for the kind words Bill. The Fred Hall Long Beach Show will be at the;
Long Beach
Convention Center
March 7 - 11, 2007

see you there!
L to R

Bill Lytle
Jason Christopher
Socrates Christopher
Pat Chand

What a good looking buch ~ ~ of shrimp

L to R

Urban Stroy
Eric Stroy
John Robinson
Bill Coleman
Jason Christopher
I'm gonna say it ya know ~

Got Crab?

L to R
Pat Chand
Jason Christopher
Bill Lytle
Socrates Christopher

Thank you everyone!
O.K. last one ... maybe

Pat Chand
John Robinson

This group of 8 anglers fished 2 boats.
The first two days fishing with a specific captain and deckhand.

Their remaining 2 days abandoning ship, trading captains and deckhands.
(the adult version of musical chairs)

Everyone spent a full day of Crab and Shrimping in addition to fishing Salmon, Halibut, Rock Fish, and Yellow Eye.

Thanks again Gentlemen see you in '07
When the Crab and Shrimp trips happen it is not uncommon to see Bear -

Can you see 'em?

Look hard ... Those two little side by side dots? Those dots are Bear...

Tells me it's time to get this captain a better camera $$$ with a better zoom lens... $$$

grin grin
Greg Kitley

Greg put together a party of 5
The other gentlemen who joined him are
Mike Fietek
Don Boucher
Don VanLeuven
Bill Kitley
Mike Fietek
Don VanLeuven ~ Fishing Salmon, Action shot!
Don Boucher
Bill Kitley

Mike Feitek
Bill Kitley
Col. Don VanLueven Ret.

Beautiful King. The fish folks will harvest from Sika waters are a younger fish. These fish are most likely 2 to 4 year olds and are feeders, affording you a quality that you'll find in your finer restaurants.

Wild Alaskan King Salmon
Nice Halibut gentlemen.

The 5 who fished the Kitley group are;

Don Boucher (pronounced - Bow chey
Mike Fietek
Greg Kitley
Bill Kitley
Don VanLeuven

Taken in August of 2005 this photo was given to me by Candy Holm who is back in 2007 with her husband Jeff, Brother in law Chuck Holm, & his wife Marsha Holm. Today is the first of their 4 day charter.

The seas? Apx 3.5 foot - nice.

Stolen from the 2004 archives ~

On the far right Mr. Ron Geil
Bob Achilles

Travels with tools ... good man ...

The gentlemen who fished along side Bob are
John Towers
Ron Geil (Oregon Ron)
Ron Achilles

I apologize in that I don't seeem to have a current '06 picture of Ron Geil (Oregon Ron)...

MAny Thanks ~ See you in '07
Ron Chiratti ~ has an identical twin brother. Well, not exactly an identical twin.

His brother is the one with the tire marks
..... good story there.

Thank you gentlemen for everything!
Our inimitable group leadre ~
John Towers
Doug McCormick ~ Fished for three days, taking one additional 'Lay Day' a non fishing site seeing day.

Doug met up this year with two gentlemen he shared the boat with last year. Don Hartman and Mark Richards.

They have made plans to share the boat again for the 2007 season.

Thanks so much Doug, for everything...

See you in March at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.
Jo Warr ~ Nice King Jo!
L to R
Steven and Marsha Warr

These 4 folks arrived in Sitka taking several 'lay days' (those non fishing days of site seeing) the also chose to spend on full day doing a 'Fly Out' to local ~ relatively local ~ lakes and streams. The method there? Catch and Release ~ They had a wonderful time!

Not pictured is George and Joann Warr.
George Warr showing off his Halibut.

George his wife Joann (Jo) along with his brother Steven and sister in law Marsha arrived on the 1st of August, departing the 8th. They chose the 6th and 7th to fish 10 hours dock to dock.
Marsha Warr getting a bit of assistance from her deckhand Roman.

I believe their preference being lake and stream fishing they ended their trip with 'No Complaints, having had a great time.

Having fished two days, each couple went home with 80 pounds of beautiful fillets. A good assortment of Coho, Halibut, & King Salmon.

Thank you folks!
Similar to an Ink Blot test ~ Looks like a butterfly to me ...
L to R

Don Hartman with his nephew Mark Richards.

Taken in 2005 Mark recently sent this picture to me...

A gorgeous picture, very nice gentlemen and double rainbows.


L to R

Mark Richards coming to us from the Eastern Seaboard & Don from Ohio, they met up in Sitka for some serious fishing time. Nice show of Kings!

See you in '07 & Thank you!

Don and Mark 'hooked up' this year with fellow angler Doug McCormick.
Mark Richards
Don Hartman
Mark Richards

Thank you gentlemen! See you next year!
Action Shot ~ Don Hartman

Photo compliments of Tim Troxel
Troxel ~ pty of 3
Troxel, Duringer & Hohman

Most likely what happened after the 'Whale - Drive - By' ? They drove the fish down ~ don't wanna be supper, you know?
John Grove Senior

Question ~ Why do some of our crew take pictures on an angle? It makes me want Dramamine or a patch, or something...
Cody Grove

John Grove Senior's grandson.

He had a good time says Kevin, and was 'into it'.

That's what we like to hear! It's all about catching some nice fish, enjoying the company, and having a good time!

Thank you everyone ~ see you in '07.
Group Shot!

L to R

George Titcze
Cody Grove
John Grove Sr.
Kevin Grove

Thank you gentlemen.

Homes dot the Islands surrounding Sitka proper. Some folks are seasonal ~ others year round residence incorporating generators, and cistern as well as skiffs for travel to town for groceries and supplies. some children are home schooled, some not. Some of these home owners work from their home, others work in town.

Photo Compliments of Laurie McFarlane
Lenny Ambrose is planning a fish feed for those in his community. Guest list of 180 folks ...

Lucky People!

geeze ~

Thank you Lennie ~ for everything ~
our best to Nellie ~

From: Lenny
Subject: great trip
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006

Hi : )

I want to thank you and Tim and the whole group, for a great fishing trip.

David, Sue and Eric had the best time of there life.


PS: Give me the dates again for the three day and the five day for 2007, I think the 5 day we arrive on Aug 1st??

I want to start thinking on the plane reservations.

Lennie ~ you are so welcome ...
David Phelps ~

So, here we are in the middle of August. Kings are plentiful and Coho are out. They're (Coho) here just quite a ways off shore. Our folks are getting some as the daily fish report will show. Coho travel in 'Mega Schools' and the masses are off shore a ways...

Thank you David & Sue Phelps
Eric Stolpe ~ Birthady Boy

Fishing with friends
a Birthday
catching Kings
a Cake
Card sent from your kids to Alaska

Can't beat that...

Happy Birthday Eric.
I love my fish!

Sue Phelps
One of my favorite things? The scent of a good pipe ~ nice...

(nice King Salmon by the way Eric!)
David Phelps

David fished along side his wife, Sue Phelps and friend Eric Stolpe.

Thanks so much folks.
Lennie Ambrose ~ "born to fish"

Thanks again Len, see you next year ~
I count 6. maybe 7 ??

L to R

Bob Durringer
Tim Troxel
Bob Hohman

We had a few nice days there in early August ~

The relation between these three sportsman ranges over the course of many years. School and Work.

Thank you gentlemen ~ very much.

Bob Hohman arrived to Sitka a few day earlier than either Tim T. or Bob D. bringing his wife to enjoy her time on shore. Bob fished a 5 day package while Tim and Bob D. fished for 3.

This is a really nice picture ~ sure widsh I had a fwe more to add ~ but this is all I have ???

When the three of you check this out, and read my note? If you have a few pic's you'd like to e-mail me I will get them up on here...


Again, our thanks.
Group Shot ~

Bob Hohman
Deckhand Roman Sorokin
Timothy Troxel
Cpt'n Gary Downey
Bob Duringer

Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel
Bob Duringer

Bob fished along side 'fishing buddies' and good friends Tim Troxel and Bob Hohman

Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel
Thank You Tim!
Catch of the Day! YES!

Bob Hohman

Photo compliments of Tim Troxel
Thanks again Tim!

From: "Hohman, Robert CTR MDA/DEEP" Save Address Reminder

To: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Subject: RE: Numbers for FED EX
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006


The fish arrived in great shape. They were delayed and spent an extra day in Memphis (The FEDEX re-shipment point).

Only a couple of packets had started to defrost. No problem as we will have them tonight. My wife was especially pleased with the presentation - appearance of the fish. A neighbor was present when the boxes arrived and both were amazed at how the fish were arranged in a pleasing manner.

Bomber Bob

Thanks Bob ~
Intent ~ A Very Intent Bob Duringer.

Photo Complments of Tim Troxel
Bob Hohman ~

1.) Rain Forest
2.) Rain Gear
3.) King coming Aboard

as easy as 1. 2. 3.

(usually...) ;) Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel.

The waterways are busy places

Photo compliments of Laurie McFarlane
Greg Maack sporting a pretty nice King Salmon ~

King fishing has been very good. The majority of folks still harvesting limits of Kings. Coho have been a little ;light, and the weather is a factor as folks will tell you ~ but everyone has been going home quite happy...Tires and Happy.

Thanks Greg.
Morgan Maack harvested this King. Nice work young lady!

Nice ~

Photo of Greg Maack

Cassie Maack is pictured here ~ She and her sister Morgan helped mom and dad harvest a total of 269 lbs. in finished fillets.
Morgan Maack -

A lovely young Lady ~ A beautiful Silver Salmon!
Nice job Cassie ~

This family of 4;
Sue Maack her husband Greg and their two beautiful daughters, Morgan and Cassie had some 'Weather'

What is bad?

they were in town from the 30th of July headed for home the 5th of August...Their days on land? Pretty nice! (especially one of them...their fishing days? Not so nice...

Regardless they had a good time and headed home with 219 pounds of beautiful fillets.

All the young ladies hauling in their own fair share of the catch.

Thanks everyone for everything!
Family portrait

Sue Maack
Their Children; Morgan & Cassie
Greg Mack
Sue Maack harvested herself this very nice King Salmon. (Chinook)
Photo compliments of Laurie McFarlane

Thankx! Beautiful!
Kao, Pat McKenna and Randy Farr ~

Quite the flight into Sitka for Randy.

Randy was re-routed into Anchorage due to mechanical problems causing him to miss out on his 1st of 4 days on the water.
L to R

Blaisdell Kaukani (Kao)
Pat McKenna
Kao Kaukani
This is one of those 'bad water day' I posted on the 'how's fishing' part of our web site...

Some folks are hardier than others and up to the challenge of fishing these type of seas.

Like Pat McKenna for example ~ note; Pat is sitting fot this picture...

geeze ~ nice halibut though! Hats off to you!
Kao harvested a nice Yellow Eye ~

The seas looking somewhat better sure help the fishing out ~ at least for ease and comfort.
Photo compliments of Ian B.Czak
Deven Rasey

Deven arrived in Sitka with his wife Holly and daughter Mady.

Holly and Mady stayed shore side seeing the sites and absorbing the local color while dad fished.

Deven fished 4 days, takiing one day off (August 1st) to roam our town with his family.

Look at this picture ~ Deven's having way TO much fun ... When you're laughing so hard, you can't pick your fish up ~ You know you're having a good time!

Great Shot! Thanks folks!

Deven fished with Jim Parks and Carl Hilden
Carl came in for a power trip (as I call them)

Fly. Fish. Fish. Fly.

Continuing his vacation in Seattle he took some of his catch with him ~ the baalance we will send him via Fed-Ex on his arrival home.

While I was getting him to the Airport, and 'hooking' him up with his fish he said "I'm sore, and I hurt ... Damn I had a good time!

Photo Compliments of Carl Hilden.

From: Carl Hilden
Subject: Thanks!
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006

Hi, Octobre.

My thanks to you and your entire staff. I had a great time. Here's a few pics.

Thank you,
Carl Hilden

No ~ Thank you Carl.

Carl fished with Jim Parks and Deven Rasey
Carl Hilden ~ Sore, Tired, Happy.

Thanks so much Carl!
Photo Compliments of Carl Hilden
Rain or shine; Sitka is one of Alaska's the most desired Ports of Call.

Photo Compliments of Jim Parks
Thanks Jim
Mr. Parks ~
Jim kept saying 'Jim' ~ 'call me Jim' ~ so then? He was Mr. Jim Parks ... Nice man ...

Jim's wife, Sandra set this trip up for him. His daughter called also, both speaking with Tim and myself for quite a while ~ asking all the right questions.

Jim? completely surprised... Nice, hum? SHE is a very nice wife...

Thank you folks, and Jim? Thanks so much for the pictures.

Photo Compliments of Jim Parks.

Jim fished with Deven Rasey and Carl Hilden
Jim Parks ~ Had to send me his own pictures! I saw the pictures his captain or deckhand took of him on board ~ they were good too!

Right up until i deleted them...
GeeWhizz ~

i hate when that happens.

From: j.parks
Subject: Fishing Pictures you requested
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006

Octobre, attached are the fish pictures you ask for yesterday.

I had a BLAST!!!!!!


We're glad you had fun!

Jim went home with 70 pounds of finished fillets he harvested. Nice.
..." The one with the eagle, he is picking up a small rock fish we threw back. He came out of the trees and picked it up...."

Photo compliments of Larri Saari
From: Larry & Cheryl Saari
To: Alaskan Affair Charters Reel
Subject: pictures
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 05:11:12


Here are the pictures you requested.

I only took a couple. The one
with the eagle, he is picking up a small rock fish we threw back. He
came out of the trees and picked it up.

Captain Jeremy wanted the picture. I also wanted to show you our world renowned crew.

Thanks to them both ~ they did a great job. Bob and I truly enjoyed our
time. It was over to fast and if the weather would have been better it would have been perfect.

I want you to know that we had NO
complaints. You will see Bob & Charlie next year and me in 2 years. Sure wish I could go every year. Someday I hope.

As always you spoiled us and everyone with Reel Affair was top notch. They
were all great. Hope you have a great year.

Just got home today and wish I was back fishing.

Thanks again.
Larry Saari

You are very welcome Larry, thanks for the pictures...

Larry fished along side his good friend Bob Dawson.

Photo of Bob Dawson Comp;liments of Larry Saari

Thanks Larry!

Photo of Bob Dawson.

Compliments of Larri Saari

The crew took some great pictures of these two anglers ~ Bob and Larry ~

Just so i could post them to the web site ... THEN I deleted them ... & some others, so If you don't see your groups picures here? please send them...Please?

Thanks Larry for the photo's!

From: Bob Dawson
Subject: Hi everyone
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006

Hi there,
I finally got my computer out of the shop and wanted to send you a
THANK YOU !!! letter for another great time.

Jeremy and Chris were great to be with and worked really hard to get us into fish. I wanted to thank them again.

I'm already looking forward to next year with my wife. I want to say that your outfit is a class act and you should be proud of everyone.

See ya next year Charlie says high.
Take care.

Bob Dawson ~ Thanks Bob, we are proud of them - We are very fortunate. Everyone does a great job. Thanks again!
L to R

Bob Dawson and Larry Saari

These two gentlemen - even given bad weather went home with 2 50 pound boxs each.
And so... I pick them up for their departure from Sitka and I say - I have good news and I have bad news...

The good news: Your crew took some really nice pictures for me to post on our web site ~

The bad news: I deleted them...

Picture of Larri Saari
compliments of Larri Saari

Thank you for the photo's! : )
Who's missing?

The Joe Stockton Party ~ Send me some photo's folks - I deleted them in error!

Huey Long and his grandson Tucker fished 6 days as Freelance Chater Fishermen.

Pictured is Huey Long ~ see you in 07 Huey, Thank you...
Tucker Long and a very nice King Salmon. They had a lot of fun, good fishing, great weather for most of their days, but even given some not so fair weather, thay had a great time regardless...that's what it's all about!
Stabies (stabilizers) out, float bags in the water ~ This boat is fishing Salmon. They fish 'Hook and Line, hooks every 6 feet, off several diffrent lines. The float bags help keep separation.

Photo Compliments of Laurie McFarlane
Jim Sobi a.k.a.

Hank for a day ...
Rick Rawlston

Nice King Rick ~ and Thank You!
L to R

Jim Sobi
Rick Ralston
Rally Ralston

(every group has one ~ Jim is theirs ~ the resident comedian...)

honestly a pretty funny guy ~
Rally Ralston

Sat in the Navigator seat of my van, Nice man. Piped up with some good stuff on occasion...
Group Leader; Rick Ralston

Thank you Rick ~ Very much.
Photo Compliments of Stan Germain and his Daughter Laurie McFarlane

Thankk you!
... after a 'special trip' to visit a local professional, he was bless by the fish gods. (we'll let him tell the story)

Jim Sobi
We made the aquaintance of these two gentlemen in Denver Colorado at the I.S.E. show at the Convention Center.

Picture is Duane Zimmerman, not pictured is Robert Richie
Robert Richie ~ Departure morning.

Robert and his friend Duane Zimmerman are headed home with no less than 116 pounds of fillets each. Very nice.

Thanks gentlemen.
L to R a very BLURRRRY

Robert Richie
& Duane Zimmerman

Just out of site? Under those two smaller white fish boxes are 4 boxes of Halibut, and Salmon weighing in at 50 pounds each! Nice job guys! Have a safe flight home. See you in Denver at the I.S.E. Show

Assisting these gentlemen thru the Airport check in process is Lonnie Loree Jr. (fish guy)

Thank you gentlemne!
One gentleman in who is fishing right now, (Randy Farr, McKenna Pty.) commented to me that flying into Sitka at 1000 feet, & looking out the window ~ how he could clearly see all the Jelly Fish.

So, what it is that Jelly fish do?
They sort of seem content. But just what do they do? What is their Jelly Fish Job?

After some minor checking ~ this is what I found;

"Lions Mane"
Atlantic Ocean from above the Arctic Circle to Florida; Gulf of Mexico; Pacific Ocean from Alaska to southern California

They have No bones and No brains.

They look like blobs when washed up on the beach. But in the water Jellies are graceful.

They range in size from about 1 inch to 200 feet long. They have been drifting through the world's oceans for more than 650 million years.

Jellyfish are not fish at all. They are invertebrates, relatives of corals and Sea Anemones (uh-NEH-muh-neez). A Jelly has no head, brain, heart, eyes, nor ears. It has no bones, either. But that's no problem! To capture prey for food, Jellies have a net of tentacles that contain poisonous, stinging cells. When the tentacles brush against prey (or, say, your leg), thousands of tiny stinging cells explode, launching barbed stingers and poison into the victim.

Where there's water—from icy polar seas to tropical Pacific shores — there are Jellies. Scientists estimate there may be 2,000 species of Jellyfish.

Sited from:

My question stands;
What is their little Jelly Job?
That little touch of pink they have is sort of pretty ...

sorry ~ girl moment ~

Tomorrow they all head for home ~
L to R

Dan Marble Sr.
Fred Grumm
David Grumm
Dan Marble Jr.

They had a great Fishing trip. (all the boats had a good day today!)

These anglers requested to fish only Salmon the first day out, Crab and Shrimp day 2, and Salmon again on their last day.

4 nice Kings laying right at their feet...

David Grumm ~ Gorgeous day - Beautiful Fish! Nice work!
A full day spent Crab and Shrimping ~

L to R

Dan Marble Sr.
Fred Grumm
David Grumm
Dan Marble Jr.

They harvested their limits of Dungeness Crab and apx. 5 Gallons of Spot Prawns.
Fred Grumm ~ 34 Pound King! Nice!

Congrats ~
Last day out ~ a little overcast, calm seas, good fishing! (David is happy!)

David Grumm
Dan Marble Jr.

3 days of perfect weather, and nice water ~
Dan marble Senior

Thank You Gentlemen!

See you back in Sitka in a couple of years and 2007 at Sacramento ISE Show!
Everyone came in happy ~ good fishing, lots of Kings, Coho, Pinks, Beautiful weather, nice waters ....

And I know, as I get Dan, Fred, Dan Sr., and David off to the airport tomorrow ~ one of them will probably ask "have you heard how the boats are doing out there?" The other thing I notice? is how everyone quiets down at the crest of the bridge as all eyes look toward the horizon, checking out the seas...

Thanks again men ~ See you in a couple of years! Enjoy your harvest!
Well, there is a very obvious reason as to why I am not the 'Reel Affair' photographer...

BLURRY! (just like what i did to the Richey party)


Fred Grumm
Dan Marble Sr.
David Grumm
Dan Marble Jr.

Each gentleman went home with 2 50 pound boxs and one smaller box (apx 20 lbs.)

120 each! Perfect!

Fred and Dan Jr. even went so far as to say they (the group) had an even better time this trip (their 2nd) than the last trip (their 1st.) Cool!

that is very nice .... it's just what i want to hear.

sorry about the pic ~ they aren't blurry in real life!

Bill Matzkiw ~ fished twice this year ~ his one target fish being Halibut ~ Loves Halibut.

His wife Dori joins him as a non-fishing partner in Sitka.
Lee and Corey Burke

See you next year!
Lee Burke

'Catch of the Day'
Corey Burke

We've watch this young man grow and mature over the years. From when he was a foot shorter than myself, to now, a foot taller...

Take care this year ~ see you in 07 ~
Action Shot!

(huh?) (it's got to be a Corey thing...)
Lee and Corye (L to R) fished 5 days, 4 of them being bad seas, and bad weather ~ but wouldn't you know, their last day? Beautiful! (go figure)

Lee and Corey fished 5:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. on their last fishing day, showered and hopped the 1:50 pm flight home to Florida.
The origonal structure burned to the ground in either 1963 or 64. Town folks ran into the burning structure saving all of the hand pounded gold, brass and silver russian religious icons.

Local folks rebuilt in to mimic its origonal appearance, replacing all of it's art work.

We refer to it as The Church in the Middle of the Street.
Carolyn Clite has sucessfully broken in Chase Zeman her deckhand; She asked...she always asks "who's our deck hand this year?"

Carolyn meet Chase...
hey carolyn know what? Chase's mom alway checks out the site to see if i have a pic of him here yet...

This one is for you mom...(nice tee's)

See that Yellow Eye checking out Chases hat?
Chuck Blaauw (like Blouse but leave off the se...)

The saga continues; when Carolyn and Tom made these reservation 2 years ago, Carolyn specifically asked me "Remember Carolyn? ~ Sjhe asked; what the worst weather days of the year would be? I told her July 25, and 26. I also told her the 26th would be really nice with calm seas...and GOOD fishing....and that it would not be near as good as the day your taking OFF ~ the 27th! Remember Carolyn?

Carolyn's reply? Book It Danno!
L to R
(oh~ mi~gawd here it comes...)

Front row: Yellow Eye, Yellow Eye
Back Row: Tom Mescher and Chuck Blaauw

: )

Thank you for letting me polk some fun at you all ... everyone is so patient with me...
Dear MOM, this is my public apology -

i am sorry i did not send you a mothers day card - please forgive me ~ i won't do it again. I promise!

A little background ... We (Tim and I) stay with Tom and Carolyn when doing the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach CA.

Tom makes us lunches every day before he leaves the house, he sends us with cold packs to keep it cold, a small microwave to make it HOT! ... paper towels, cookies, stroganoff, salt, pepper, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, chips, plates, cups, the kitchen sink, a masseuse, EVERYTHING we would possibly want and more... like Carolyn's Spaghetti, food of the gods (next to pizza)) ~ So Tom is not Tom; Tom is mom...! And i forgot to send a mothers day card :(

But i swear i didn't mean to forget your mothers day card ~ HONEST!

Carolyn Clites ~ Beautiful King Carolyn!

Tom Mescher -

Thanks for everything folks~
Chuck Blaauw ~

Thanks Chuck!
Rain or Shine ~ It's One of Alaska's most scenic and most beautiful spots.
William Rush
Tad Dodge
Mike Fisch
Dave Jeschke
Tad Dodge
Mike Fisch
Dan Kyler
Bill Rush
Dave Jeschke

Thank Folks.
Nice show of fish guys! Thank you for everything!

See you in '07 ~ Till then take care ~
Preparing to anchor in the Bay. It's 6:am, and the ship has entered throught Eastern Channel.

At 7 A.M. the passengers are allowed to disembark from the ship and take advantage of the shopping and guided tours.
L to R

Mark Houshman
Ahmad Houshmand
Hoosh Hooshmand
Jane Pearce
deckhand Roman Sorokin
Ahmad Houshmand and Janie Pearcy
Sunny! It's Sunny!

L to R

Jane Pearcy
Ahmad Houshmand

... and knees
A ride back to the Westmark for a hot shower, a cold drink, dinner reservations made, soft carpet, clean warm bed.

And we'll see you agian in the morning!
Randy Foltz

Randy traveled to Alaska with like minded friends from the eastern seaboard. His hope was to land a large Halibut, as is the hope of more than one angler. Day one ~ Done Deal ~

This is a photo of the smaller one. Good start (Great Start!)
Randy Foltz ~ 148#

This is the other one...

Nice work ~ as Randy told me about it, he said something which made a lot of sense, he said anyone who catches a fish 100 pounds or more isn't the only one to catch it. The fish is caught by team effort. The more Randy explained, it made perfect sense.
Mary Becker ~ How she and her husband John met was a nice story ~ Their first 'date'?

A fishing trip...
Mary Becker with her deckhand Mike Baynes.
Steve Schwartz

Folks, you'll need to look at this picture very very closely ~ It's tough to tell, but who is wetter?

Steve? The fish?
John Becker ~

John Becker, his wife Mary fished along side friends Steven & Alma Schwartz and Randy Foltz
tomorrow the flight home ~

Work hard, Play hard ~ the break was welcomed. The Schwartz's flew in one day early prior to the start of their first day of fishing.

Seeing as they flew from the east coast it seemed a good choice. It gave them a full day to rest up, become acclimated, see the sites, get to bed early, then fish, fish, fish, fish, and fish 5 full days.

Thank you folks. See you soon!
Mary is getting a helping hand from her deckhand Mike bayness.

Mike? They told me this evening they think the world of their crew! these 5 anglers chose a 5 way group split (share) ~ Perfect choice!

Thank you folks!
This is the face of one happy woman ~

Alma Schwartz
Robert Ash ~ Plucking that King Salmon from the seas. Foul weather creeping in. Nice work.

... So we're all at the Westmark getting checked in, licenses, vouchers ~ many of you know how it goes, right?

here's poor Octobre ...
Wayne Sorsoli
Wayne Ash
Wayne Ash 11
Robert Ash

Ian (Fish House & Van Driver) said it so eloquently ~ It's a tongue twister for my brain!
L to R

Wayne Ash Senior & Wayne Ash Junior

The entire time these 4 friends fished (4 days) even though we have fished them in the past ~ I was so confused...

Wayne Sorsoli
Wayne Ash Sr,
Wayne Ash,
Robert Ash.

I was scared to call anyone by name except for Wayne... : (

But now that they are safely on the plane and enroute home ~ I GOT IT!


Ian (fish house & van) said it best ~ It was a tongue twister for my brain!

Poor 'Tobre
Wayne Sorsoli

Wayne is going to be so proud that I got all their names right ... I'll just bet his captain didn't do this well!
Wayne Ash Junior
Wayne Ash 11

Thank you gentlemen for everything! You were 'reel' troupers.

I have control of so much, but Mother Nature? She is an argumentative old thing!
Sealing Cove is located on Japonski Island and is the harbor we use for moorage.

Photo Compliments of the Hewletts, Tom and Carol.
Les Olson harvested this Yellow Eye.
Ted Pede Sporting a really nice Halibut! Congrats!

Well, the last day of their trip, was more than likely a day not as good as this one...

It was in fact I am sorry to say the worst day we have ever had as an outfitte r... bad weather, bad fishin'... but a great group of fishermen and women!

Not a total loss, Ted and les went home with 72 pounds each. See you next year & Thank you both!
We Supply Rain Gear!

Les Olson ~ : )

Les Olson and Ted Pede shared their boat with their captain of choice and Guests Randy Foltz and Pete Peterson.
Ted Olson

Thanks again gentlemen ~ See you Les in Sacramento.

Wish I'd had more pic's ~ could you e-mail me a few?

Photo compliments of Tom and Carol Hewlett
Fishing the ugly weather days, Rich still managed to go home with 98 pounds of Fish.

Rich (Pete is what he prefers to be called) is a single angler. We then couple him up with others. Rich brought along his wife Francis, who relaxed at the Westmark.
Rich (Pete) Peterson and deckhand Chris Titus.
A storm brewing (as the fishing report will show, these guys managed to duck in out of the weather abd find some Kings.

Skip Schembari fished with friends; Bob Comer, Gary Evans, and Dennis Laughlin

See you next year guys! Thanks for everything!
Dennis Laughlin
Gary Evans ~ look at him ~ Gary just looks like he simply belongs in Alaska. Running a commercial boat ... Fishing ... He'd got the "look".

Thank you Gary.
Bob Comer ~ the 4 of them were simply not blessed with idea conditions, but they still managed to go home with 70 pounds each.

Mother nature did not smile upon them these three days...
Even on our rainy days ~ it's just beautiful. i
L to R
Brian Pope
Catherine Manasil
with her intended: Bryan Opatril

Where is Catherine? She's kind of burried there in the middle of the men and the fish? Little smiling person? See her?
Carrie Pope (Brian's wife) Harvested this very nice halibut ~ Like I say ~ women and kids ~ either the first of the biggest...

Nice job Carrie!
We met these folks at the Denver I.S.E. Show. I remember that meeting ~ he-he.

Poor Brian we picked on him unmercifully... Thanks for taking it so well...
Action Shot! Halibut fishin'...

Catherine Manasil with her deckhand Roman ~
Carrie & Brian Pope

Once I learned they raise cows it was all over...

Next spring? Right?
L to R
Catherine Manasil and Bryan Opatril

So it's their arrival day (Carrie, Brian, Catherine and Bryan) and I'm picking them up at the airport. We're getting all their 'stuff' into the van. I invite everyone to take a hat, and look at Bryan asking him 'would you like cap?' ~ his reply ~ I'm wearing my Cap...

Hmmm ~ Cowboy hat's with Alaskan Reel Affair Charters on there... Hmmmmmmm...
Carrie Pope ~

Dark day.
Beautiful smile.
Bright King Salmon.

Thank you folks ~ We had a great time!
L to R ~ Back row ~

Carrie Pope
Bryan Opatril
Catherine Manasil

Front row ~ 4 cvery nice halibut.

These two couples went home with 220 lbs. per household. Nice!
I wonder if thats a fun thing if you're a whale?
Lou Beltramo and fishing buddy Don Peterson returned to fish a 2 day package and both went home with 48 pounds of fish! (nice)

Lou and partner in crime ~ Don Peterson fished with another duo ~ the Hjelmstads, Rod and Evan.
Now, for some reason unbeknown-st to me, Don always seems to be the one who gets all the "Goodies" in the mail, while Lou who just lives across the street gets nothing!

What's with that? Darned Post Office!
Evan and his dad Rod Hjelmstad revisited us, traveling from Central Oregon.

Thanks folks!
Rod Hjelmstad harvested this very nice King on one of his mornings out.

Talking on the way to the airport for his and Evan's departure it seems we have some friends in common.

Small world...

Nice King Rod!

Father and son went home with a collective catch of 180 pounds.
Evan Hjelmstad ~ 'What I did on my summer vacation ...'

Good luck in college!
Bob Frisch ~ It's Bob's 7th year with us.

Thank you Bob for everything. for all your recomendations to friends and associates. The majority of whom are still fishing Alaskan Reel Affair Charters.

Again our sincere thanks.
Octobre and Tim
L to R

Bob Frisch
Clay Johnson
Mike George
& George Johnson
Clay Johnson
Mike George ~ Congrats!
George Johnson fished along side his brother Clay, and friends Bob Frisch and Mike George.

Thanks All!

Just goes to show not all the Kings are gone in July or August for that matter.

But or an abundance of Kings or for different daily limits you would want to fish in later May. These folks went for a 'mixed bag' time of year with some King Salmon, but predominantly Coho/Silver Salmon.
Mike George ~ Coho/Silver Salmon

It never stops to amaze me just how many beautiful fillets folks go home with at the end of their charter. I think it suprises the majority of our guests also.
As seen from the 'Sitka' side at the base of the John O'Connell Bridge.
Delano Wright (Dee)

Nice man ~ Gorgeous day ~ Beautiful fish ~
Carlos Godines for reasons we will NOT discuss he was/is Dan Fernandez...

no...not Dan Hernandez ~ Fernandez...
Derrick Wright ~ Group leader harvested this nice halibut ~

The taste and the texture of the quality of this halibut they'll all share in is unsurpassed. This Halibut will give these men the fillets which are served in finer restaurants.

Nice catch!

Derrick fished along side his dad;
Dee Wright
Rudy Cornejo
& Carlos Godines

Thank you gentlemen ~ see you in '08.

From: "Wright, Derrick J"
Subject: RE: Hello there!
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006

Hey Octobre!

Just wanted to tell you again how much fun we had! My dad, Rueben and Carlos all agreed we had a great time. Our fish delivered this year from Seattle but it had almost started to defrost with all this heat!!!! We got it all home (at least my dad and I did - I haven't heard from Rueben and Carlos yet).

By the way can you get that camera away from Tim and upload our pictures?? My kids/wife/friends can't wait to see them! Thanks again!!

Derrick Wright

Done before you asked! : )

I am sure they got got their fish home just fine ~ if not? I'd have known about it! Take care, enjoy the pics! see you in Long Beach at the Fred Hall Show.
Reuben (Rudy) Cornejo
Rudy Cornejo - Coho!
Carlos Godines

Every evening about 4pm (except for maybe one night...) it was a big burger as an appetizer and then off to dinner.
Dee Wright fished along side his son Derrick and a couple of Derrick's buddies, Carlos Godines & Rudy Cornejo.
Derrick is a fashion statement in our Dutch Harbor Rain Gear.

Ah ~ he looks real good in yellow holding his King Salmon~

& fish too!

Photo Compliments of Trever Sayer
Drello ~ Pty of 2
L to R

Laurie McFarland and her dad Stan Germain.

Welcome back! & Thank you!
Stan Germain and Laurie McFarland

(MRS. McFarland to all you 1st grades down there in California!)
Laurie McFarland ~ Teacher of grade 1. So I say to Laurie, that I just can't imagine you ever scolding the kids. (It's just that when your around just have to be around her to know what i am talking about...

But she looks at me and says' OH ~ I have my 'Teacher' face!!!

So I say Show me!

and she couldn't...she started laughing!

Laurie fished with her dad Stan.

In the background: James Lovett
Agressive ~ Really Aggresive

Photo compliments of Larry Aaker ~ Swartz Pty of 9

Thanks Larry!
So you have to ask ~ If your that little Rock Fish, and your you swim faster to the boat and the angler who will be scooping you out, OR do you resist and wait for the Ling Cod...

OR do you hope for the miracle of all miracles 'the line breaks'

What do you do?

Photo by Larry Aaker.
L to R

James Lovett and C.P. Ferdon
C.W. Ferdon

(nice fish, nice weather and water too...!) 4 days of their trip have been perfect...sun, water, weather...but then day 5...the 20th... oh ~ oh

(Check out the "hows fishing" page of our web site...
L to R

C.P. Ferdon & his son C.W.

The 'C' is for Charles.

C.W fished three (3) days with his son and James Lovett who both are fishing 5 days. Tomorrow (7/20/2006) being their final day on the water with us.

Only C.P has finished his saltwater charter. ( a 3 day charter) I saw him today, walking towards the raptor center. Tomorrow? The fish hatchery.

Another past time of his? Walking the docks checking out how diffrent vessles are outfitted and who had the best rigging.

Why only one one picture of C.P.? The camera went back to the boat to get more pic's of the Ferdon Pty and the Germain Pty. All in Progress...
Our boats along with guests pull away from the dock each and every morning between 5:30 A.M. and 6:00 A.m.

Folks are back mid afternnon between 4 and 4:30 P.M.

Ample time for a hot shower, cocktail if desired, good dinner, and a full night sleep.
L to R

Dan Flanagan
Jim Houston
Chris Perez
Chris Perez
Jim Houston
Dan Flanagan
Dan Flanagan
Chris Perez
Jim Houston

Deckhand Roman Sorokin
Holding down the cooler is Mr. Dan Flanagan ~ Halibut Fishing

Nice water, hum?
Jim Houston

His King rolled and wrapped himself in the line is the reason for the marks on it's skin. It's a beauty!

these three gentlemen chose a 3 way group split. My 'fish guys' showed up at the airport with two boxes per person for three full days of fishing, adding up to 100 pounds per person.
Chris Perez ~ Harvested this Chinook Salmon / King Salmon.
Photo Compliments of Tom and Carol Hewlett

Thanks Folks!
Max Dorflinger
Joel Swartz
Joel Swartz
Herman Van Maaren
Rowland Chapuis
Action Shot ~ Wayne Schneideman fishing halibut.
L to R

Jerry Otto
Rowland Chapuis
Wayne Scheideman
Larry Aaker

Nice Job Gentlemen ~ Everyone ~

See you next year ~ take care ~

From: "Larry & June"
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006

Hi Octobre & Tim,

Well, we made it home safe and sound yesterday. Here are the pics that Jeremy wanted me to send of our adventure with the monster Ling Cod on our last day. I can say Wayne and Jerry have never seen anything like it. It sure is fun to bait them up and keep them on the surface for 10 - 15 minutes.

I also wanted to thank you all again for a wonderful time.

I will see you in Jan. at the sportsman show with more wine for you and again for fishing in July.

Thanks again, Larry Aaker

Thank you! O.

Joel Swartz

Those who fished with Joel are;
Larry Aaker
Max Dorflinger
Henry Geiszler
Jerry Otto
Wayne Scheideman
Nilo Urbani
Herman Van Maaren
Rowland Chapuis

These gentlemen fished 3 anglers to a boat with a captain and deckhand. They chose to 'buy the boats' having the boats (3) to themselves each fishing day.

They rotated daily so that they were able to fish with each other, and fish each captain and deckhand.

The result? Another good trip was had by all, resulting in each individual angler headed home today with 3 boxes of fish.
Rowland Chapuis
Larry Aaker ~

Mid July is an excellent time for a 'mixed bag' of species. Meaning you will harvest, Coho, King, Chum, Pink, Yellow Eye, Halibut, & Rock Fish.
Henry Geiszler ~

With his 40 Pound King Salmon. (Chinook)

Nilo Urbani
Max Dorflinger, Herman Maaren, and Nilo Urbani
Henry Geiszler and Roland Chapuis
This little guy ~ whos arms must have worn out flopped down in the ocean ~ (they don't swim). The crew scooped him out, and sat him here ... He/She ended up on the captain's shoulder while regrouping, and finally took off again.

Me? I'd have held out for a ride to the dock, as others like him have done in the past.
6 fished a full day on the 14th, and 4 of them went back the 15th for a hlaf day trip fishing Halibut only.

Those who fished while visiting family in Sitka are:
Leonard Crume
some huge, some small ...
L to R

Anna Silva
Elza Gomes
Melody Gancasz
Jill Silva

Their wives also flew in takinge advbantage of the rest and relaxation while their husband fished.
L to R

Clarence Gomes with Son in Law Mike Gancasz.
L to R

Clarence Gomes
Joe Silva Sr.
Joe Silva Jr.
Mike Gancasaz

Joe Silva Jr. harvested this Yellow Eye
M/V Fairweather is one of Alaska's new High Speed Ferry servicing South East Alaska. This high speed ferry affords us the ability to travel from Sitka to Juneau in apx. 8 hours as opposed to 16 hours on the slower ferry's like the M/V Malaspina.
Melvin Bookout with his very nice King.

The calm seas & the company of his twin brother made for a pretty nice trip.

These two gentlemen fished 5 days, sharing the boat three of their days with Tom and Brian Roof.

To the left? Deckhand Chase Zeman. Although it looks like Chase is ready to 'hose' melvin, he isn't ... Your deckhand keeps your boat spotless. Chase is armed and ready!

Roman, Chase, Darius, Mike & Chris ~ all deckhands & 5 good reasons we suggest waterproof footear. : )

If you think about it - when your actively fishing; it's a fish.

As soon as it's boated, your fish is gutted, gilled, bled and put on ice. Suddenly it's your food. You'll want it clean and cold.
Marvin Bookout ~

So I ask Marvin his age, because of a comment he had made. Then (in all my infinite wisdom I asked Melvin ...

Remember i said they were twins?

A day spent crab and Shrimping ~

Sucessfull ~ Always is!

L to R Melvin and Marvin Bookout.
Marvin and 2 very nice Halibut.

Deckhand Chase ~ The one with the HOSE!)

Thank you gentlemen.

Cungeness Crab, Jumbo Spot Prwans ~ Nice, really nice

L to R
Melvin Bookout
Marvin Bookout
Photo Compliments of Trevor Sayer ~

Trevor fished with friend John Drello July 1, 2, 3, 4, 2006

Thanks Trevor!

Tim Cunningham

Tim invited his son Matt to Sitka for a few day of "Rest and Relaxation". Tim is in Sitka for the summer on a project, and took advantage of his time in Southeast Alaska to enjoy some of the great outdoor activities we have to offer.

Nice King Tim!
The Cunningham men fished with us for only one day ~ but a good day it was. The stuff memories are made of for father and son regardless of age. It's what it's all about really...

Tim Cunningham is holding the King Salmon next to his son Matt. Matt harvested this beauty!

Pretty Cool, right Matt?

Matt's dad Tim is in Sitkla for a few months working on the High School. He took advantage of that oportunity to fly his son up, and they spent a full day out fishin'.
Matt Cunningham ~ Matt your King is half again as big as you are tall!

Then there is the monster Skate that Matt reeled in ... and released ...
This photo shows Matts dad a bit better ~ in the other picture, he was shadowed, so even tho it is similar to the other picture, this on is for Tim.

Thank you both Tim and Matt!
... one evening my cell phone rings, and it's Matts dad tim, saying they had been camping out at Samsing Island, and that he was going to come by our 'infamous fish house' that evening to pick up their fish. Matt was to be flying home the next morning on the 6:00 am flight. In our brief converdsation I reassured him that my 'fish guys' would be delivering his fish to the airport for Matts departure home.

Father and son had a great time ~ some fishin' some camping' and just that time together while dad was working is Sitka.

As for Matts mom? I think she was shocked to see what this man brought home for their family!

Matt, reming your mom and dad not to forget about that recipe page on our site! I'ts going to be quite handy!

They had one very sucessful day on the water! Congrats!
Cute Lit'l guys aren't they?
Brian Roof ~ good natured fellows. Always smiling ~ fished along side the 'twins' Marvin and Melvin Bookout~

Brian and his Dad Tom are arriving home this evening to their wives with 86 pounds of beautiful fillets. Each.
Halibut, King Salmon & Coho.

Brian bought his son a pocket knife as a souvenir. There are my 'fish guys' (Tyler to be exact... poking a hole in the box, wraping the knife, grabbing the Alaska Airlines tape, which is great tape by the way, using it to wrap around ... and around...and around the box, insulating the new opening.

Knives are not allowed in carry on luggage...need I say more?
Tom Roof ~ Now I may be going out on a limb here ~ but he's looking pretty darned happy...

Tom, don't forget what I told you about the those 'Lay Day's.

Option 1.) Fish, Fish, Day Off, Fish and then Fly Home...

Thank you both for everything ~ till next time.

Tom Roof ~

Sunny day ~ Beautiful Weather ~ Good company on the boat compliments of the twins ;)

I can hear your captain now Tom...

O.K. there Buddy, stand right here, hold up your fish! Nice King Tom! Hold it a little higher! Smile ~ smile MORE! Tobre wants these for the web site! OH! 'where are my glasses... wait! ...Ok. Hold the King up HIGHER! ~ Turn to the sun! Open your eyes! I know the sun is in your eyes... OK! good one! Wait - Let me get another one! Hold up that fish a little higher! SMILE!

(am I close?)
Action Shot!
Brian Roof
Lightly overcast, & fishing leeward of the islands Brian harvested his King Salmon.

Both men went home with a collective catch of 192 pounds. They chose to have all their seafood filleted.

We're doing something a bit differently with our boxing this year ~ and it has been met with excellent reviews by our folks. Those who are new to us are unaware of the minor change which has been made, but the change is significant in that respect. Each year we strive to better ourselves.

I think we're on to something here...

Thank you Brian and Tom ~ Stay in touch!
Tom Roof

This size Halibut although in the smaller range are the halibut you'll be served in your finer restaurants. They cook evenly in any recipe, they're delicate and tender. Perfect!

Don't forget to make good use of the recipe page on our site gentlemen. There are some great ones there.
Photo Compliments of Tom and Carol Hewlett
Ron Carey with his son Blake

I know these folks harvested their halibut too - bit I have no photo's from my captain :( ~

Maybe ~ Just maybe they will be kind enough when they get home, & they read this, they'll e-mail me a few so I can post a few pictures of them 'holding their butts'.

Thanks for everything folks!
Ron Carey, his son Blake, and Ron's mom Emma Carey
Ron, Blake, Emma and Emma's husband Irv Carey.

Blake's mom Carol fished a 3 day package choosing to stay in town one day to see the sites, and simply relax.
Carol Carey standing along side her deckhand Michael Baynes.

I sent Carol off for another day of fishing, reminding her of her 'task at hand'.

Hunt & Gather for the Family Nanookette.

Thanks folks ~ it was our pleasure
All right - I can't help it ~

Nice Butts!

L to R
Eric Harman
Mark Glimmerveen
John Glimmerveen a.k.a. General / Pops
& John Bradshaw
Mark Glimmerveen ~ He makes an excellent entrance. Mark presented me with 12 bars of incredibly good dark chocolate ~ The way to the heart of the woman who books your trips...YES!

Thank you! good 'stuff' : )

From: "Mark Glimmerveen"
Subject: Our great fishing trip with Reel Affair Charters
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006

Just a note to thank you, Roman and Zach for making our trip so special Octobre.

I felt the entire time like we were guests in your home. My very best wishes.

We can't wait for our next trip with Reel Affair!!!Best regards,

Mark W. Glimmerveen

You are more than welcome!
John Glimmerveen

John has a birthday coming up in the near future. I had been told about it many moons ago.

The stage was set, arrangement were all coming together nicely. The suprise was going to be pulled off without a glitch! Everyone was in on this ~ It was all going so smoothly.

The only person left out of the loop? JOHN!

Go figure! JOHN wants to do something else, he has other plans in mind ...

Happy Birthday!
Eric Harman
Mark Glimmerveen
John Bradshaw

Once they 'broke in' their Captain everything went really well.

Not to worry ~ Nothing a few years of therapy won't fix.

Thanks gentlemen.

Please don't take the weather with you...
The commercial industry reserves 7000 pounds of 'space' on Alaska Airlines outbound flights daily.

Much of The seafood harvest by these gentlemn remains unfrozen and is delivered within 24 hours to some of the finest restaurants world.

Photo Compliments of the Hewlett family ~ Tom and Carol
Carol Hewlett fished along side her husband Tom. This couple shared a boat with Joyce and Roger White of Enumclaw.

Thank you to Tom and Carol for the CD ~ containing not less than 127 pictures of only the fantastic scenery ~ I suspect you've seen the site and how I use the scenic photo's to separate my fishing party's. Perfect!

Thank you - Thank you -
L to R

Tom Hewlett
Carol hewlett
Joyce White
Roger White

Nice show of King Salmon!
Carol Hewlett ~ Nice fish!
L to R

Roger White
Carol hewlett
Tom Hewlett
Action Shot

Roger White
Roger White harvest this beauty! Good goin' Roger.
Photo submitted by the Hedegard fishing Party.

Thanks Again Rick
Dick Armstrong ~ Doug Anderson.

I love Doug's expression - can't you just tell he want's his captain to stop being so picky and 'just take the darned picture ...!?!'

Thank you gentlemen!
See you next year!
I love my fish!

Dick Armstrong
Doug Andeson

No! I love my fish more!

Long time friends Dick Anderson and Doug Armstrong.

Thank you gentlemen.

these two men brought along their non-fishing wives, who enjoyed their time in Sitka for the 6th Annual Shoping Adventure.

Doug and Dick fished the 5th 6th and the 8th, when they met up with relatives for a joint fishing trip on the 8th. Lance and Drew Armstrong
Daryll Quaresma

We fish some really 'good guys' and these four gentlemen are just that. ~

I can honestly say all our folks are good people. We're pretty fortunate.

We go fishing for a living, live in Sitka year round and whether meeting up with folks for the first time, or knowing them from previous trips ~ it's still fun.

It's folks like these that make it what it is ~ It's all about the people.
L to R

Carl Joaquin
Tom Hedegard
Daryll Quaresma
Richard Juaquin

Very nice showing of Yellow Eye gentlemen.

Tom Hedegard.

Tom fished with us in the past ~ 4? 5? years ago? It was great to see him again, and meet his fishin' buddies'.

All these guys were in great spirits ~ ready to go ~ and given one 'bad weather' day they still had a good time!

Check the fish report for the 7th ... you'll see ...

I have control over a lot of 'stuff' and I'm working on mother nature ~ but she just has such an attitude problem sometimes.

Tom's Halibut came in at about 50 pounds. Perfect!
Carl Joaquin

Beautiful King Salmon! Nice work Carl

Ok, so it's not really work, but you know what I mean, right?
Daryll harvested this more than respectable King.

kings are the largest of the Salmon Species and are also known as Chinook Salmoon ~ A name given them by the Indians I believe.
Richard Joaquin harvested his King during the morning bite as all his friends did.

These men chose to do a 4 way group split / share between themselves sharing equally in their 3 Days harvest. Their choice for how they wanted their fish handled by us? Fillets. All really nice fillets portioned for 1 to 2 people.

Remember all those recipes on our web site, ok?

From: rick joaquin
Cc: Tom Hedegard
Subject: " Great Time "
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006

To the Reel Affair Team,
Just thought we would drop a line to let you know that we all arrived home safely to Manteca and 103 degrees, boy do I miss Sitka already.

Tim & Octobre I know that I'm speaking for all of us Rick, Carl, Tom & Darryl. We all had a wonderful time with the staff at Reel Affair. The Capt. Zach was wonderful, when it came to putting us on fish he was all business, yet he was able to endure our somewhat crazy sense of humor and dish out some of his own.

Our deckhand Darius, what can I say. I hope he's OK because we really laid it on him, and he also can dish it out as well.

But honestly both young men did an outstanding job, I would be a very happy employer to have these two. O

Oh, then there's Jeremy, someone needs to let Hollywood know that if something was to happen to Adam Sadler you have the perfect replacement for him. With his radio demeanor he might even be the next Larry King Live.

The rest of the staff as well did a great job, from our lunches, daily rides, and the processing of the catch, it was outstanding. The gang all deserve an A+

I can't wait to try some of the recipes that you have on your site, now that the airlines have found our missing boxes of catch.

I have attached a few shots for all.

Thank You for everything,
Rick Joaquin
Carl Joaquin
Tom Hedegard
Darryl Quaresma

Hope to see you at the Sacramento show

Rick ~ WOW! Thanks so much! Thanks for the attachments also ~ I'll get them posted right now!

Tom Hedegard and Daryll Quaresma

We hope you had a good trip with lots of fun ~ I didn't get to see to much of you, and I wish I had, but there'll be a next time ~ 'till then take care, enjoy your seafood, and please stay in touch.

Let me know if you want tickets to the next sportsman show. We'll see you then!

Again, Thanks so much.
Hot off the presses; from Rick Joaquin a 'group photo'.

L to R
Daryll, Tom, Carl and Rick

Thank you Rick for the feel good e-mail. I loved it, as much as I am sure everyone will when I pass it around in the morning. Thanks again!
Action Shot!

Photo Compliments of Rick Joaquin
Tom Hedegard with Deckhand Darius Rogers.

Photo compliments of Rick Joaquin.

Daryll Quaresma; Nice Silver (Coho) Salmon ~

Photo Compliments of Rick Joaquin

I love when folks send me pictures they have sent of their trip ~ I know they're pictures they like, and want to share them) ~ Plus our folks take some great shots!

hint .... hint...
Family Portrait

L to R

Cptn. Zach Crosby
Deckhand Darius Rogers
Daryll Quaresma
Rick Joaquin
Tom Hedegard
& Carl Joaquin

Photo compliments of Rick Joaquin
Photo Compliments of Frank & Debra Sligh.
The park family spent a full day of crab and shrimping with much success.

L to R
Yong Jea Park
His Dad, Wan Byung Park
His son Chris (my translator)
& Yong's Mom Kea Suk Park

3 Generations ~ They have fished with us two years now, and have set their dates for 2007.
Action Shot!

Chris Park with his Grandpa Wan Byung

Chris told me all about this in the van he was pretty happy ~ Everyone was!
L to R

Yong Jea Park
Wan Byung Park
Chris Park
Kea Suk Park

Chris's Gramma to the far right is so sweet - Every morning she gives me a BIG smile, a Hello, & a wave ~ She is just too cute. She keeps up with her entire family, and still seems to have energy left over at the end of the day. ~ I'd like to know her secret ~

Yong Jea ~ Chris's Dad.
Wan Bjung ~ Chris's Grandpa.
Kea Suk ~ Wan's Wife & Chris's Grandma. & Chris ~ Son, Grandson, & my translator.

This is truly the nicest family.

I love listening to them talk amongst themselves - and every once in a while I can pick out their Captain's name, or the deckhand...

Grandma ~ Kea Suk broke away from checking in at alaska Airlines in preparation for their departure home and gave me a hug ~ It was really nice!

This family of 4 went home with 7 boxs. 7 50# boxs. They did well, even better than last year!

See you in 2007 folks ~ Thank you for everything!
They look pretty content ~ tired ~ but content ~

Yong and his dad Wan

The Park Family visited Sitka 6 nights fishing a 4 Day 5 Night All Inclusive Package. They planned their fishing days like this; fish the 3rd, & 4th taking a day of relaxation (Lay Day) the 5th, back fishing the 6th & 7th.

The pause that refreshes...They walked everywhere, and found one local store which has a pretty good variety of ethnic foods so Wan indulged in some fried Rice, which is really good I might add.
John Stearman

Nice Day, Calm Seas, Nice King, Good Guys...

From: john
Subject: Thanks again!
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006


The photos on your website were fun to see.

Had a great time! You definitely run a 1st class operation.

Thanks again,
John Stearman

You are very welcome ~ thanks for the kind words. Hurry back!

Thanks gentlemen.
L to R

Larry Johnson
John Stearman

I can practically hear them. (they were like that the whole trip) Pretty funny and fun loving guys.
L to R

Larry Johnson and his deckhand Roman Sorokin.

Nice Fish!
Back Row:
John Stearman & Larry Johnson

Front Row:
King Salmon, King salmon

(i love doing that...)

From: "Larry Johnson"
To: "Alaskan Reel Affair Charters"
Subject: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006

This is Larry just wanting to thank you again for arranging such a wonderful
fishing experience in Sitka.

You certainly took care of all our needs. Your captains and deck hands are the best.

The fish was still beautifully frozen when I got home. Tonight will be my first opportunity to taste the fish, but I know it will be great.

I will be back and thanks again. Larry

You are very welcome Larry! Thank you!
Larry Johnson's

Larry and John fished a 4 day trip; going home with 92 pounds of finished fillets.

John Stearman

John and Larry took two additional days the 8th & 9th enjoying the local color before flying home tomorrow ~ The 10th.

John Stearman ~

Again ~ Thank you ~
After just taking the last guests to the harbor, Sitka's streets are quiet, the majority of town just beginning to wake up.
Van Barbieri caught and released this Ling Cod.

To Van's left is his deckhand Chase Zeman. When they hold a fish for a photo only, the fish is held in the water until all peprsons are in place and 'ready'. The fish is then lifted gently, helld momnentarily, photographed, layed in the water, supported until it swims off under it's own power.

The release was a sucess.
Yellow Eye ~ i haven't seen one of this caliber in a long time ~ i have seen big ones, but this was HUGE ~ Congrats!

Pictured with this Catch is Van Barbieri.
L to R
Nev Duvall
Van Barbieri
Don Fraga
Mike Bergantz

So I asked ~ "How does Tim get you to do that stuff in front of the camera"?

Answer ~ giggles ~ All I got were giggles ... someone said something about we (they) had fun, we had a lot of fun ~ smiles...more laughing...

Must be a 'guy thing'.
Nev Duvall a.k.a. Neville the Devil

per e-mail...
Mike Bergantz is sporting a more than respectable King Salmon!

Thank you gentlemen
L to R

Mike Bergantz
Van Barbieri
Don Fraga
Not shown: Nev Duvall

All full day of Crab and Shrimping, cooking some up on the boat, the melted butter, a cold beer, a few friends, spoting whales, some bear, eagles ~
Looks sot of happy dosen't he?

Van Barbieri ~
Nev Duvall

Thank you gentlemen; Van Barbieri, Mike Bergantz, Nev Duvalle, & Don Fraga
With the boat just drifting silently, & all engines off the whales (yes there were two) continued to rest.

Our guest were crab and shrimping when they happened along along this incredible sight.

All this and fishing too ~
Beautiful King John!

Thanks for everything ~ All the folks who shared a boat with both you and Trevor, really enjoyed your company. Thank you!

Pictured John Drello
Trevor Sayer.

We met Trevor thru John Drello at the Long Beach Show ~ John had fished with us in the past, and coerced Trevor to join him.

This is all the pictures I had guys - the others were unusable ~ don't want you to think ill of me... If you have some that you'd like to share please e-mail them to me, and I'll put them up!

John: Trevor: Thanks for the laughs and the good time!
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