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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Shelby Villa ~
Ian Crane (fish 1.2)
Dan Corduan (fish 3)

Fish 1, and fish 2 have left for school.

Thanks so much guys! You are appreciated.
That would be a Halibut he is holding...
Photo Compliments of our guest Carl Hilden
Photo Compliments of Larri Saari 8/3/2006.

Thank you Larry
The land side of things is Lonnie Loree Jr. Processing, and Airport departures.

Thanks Lonnie (a.k.a. 'Fish 2')
L to R

Lonnie Lorree Jr.
Ian Crane
Tyler Eggan

Fish 2, Fish 1.2 and Fish 1 ~

Not pictured is Dan Corduan: (Fish 3)

They know what I mean ...
Lonne Loree Jr.
Ian Crane

Not pictured:
Tyler Eggan and Dan Corduan
Team work, Captain and Deckhand are a team. Pure and simple.

Now, me? I'd rather be on the Gaff end, as opposed sitting on my BUTT!

(Wonder just how long it will take Darius to read this)???
Chase is deckhand aboard one of our boats which is outfitted for crab and shrimping.
Setting Gear
just for you mom!
Just for you Jamie!

(looks sort of happy dosen't he?)
Owner and Capt'n
Darius Rogers ~ Deckhand.

Chris is new to us this year and hails from the mid-west. Chris hooked up with us through a past deck hand Sandy Grant.
The crew went for a day of fishing - 'Shakedown' as we call it...

Fish which our crew fishes on thier free time is donated to our 'personal crew fish' and split equally between all our crew at the seasons end.
Zach is Captain aboard the C/V Reel Affair, & in his second season with us.
From: Jamie

To: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Subject: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006

Octobre, To bad you don't have pictures of the more mature (o.k. older) deck
hands. I am sure they are cute too. :-)

To Jamie ~ There you go!

Mike has fished with us twice in the past as a guest. Some folks just never get enough of a good thing.

Now he's getting paid to fish every day all summer long. (Jamie is his wife)

Working along side Mike is deckhand Roman Sorokin.
Darius - Deckhand
Chase is returning to us again this year.
Roman - Roman's 8th season with us - I can't say enough about this young man!

Folks come to my van after several days of fishing and what do they talk about?

They talk about Roman...Roman...Roman...
L to R ~ Roman Soronkin and Captain Gary Downey.

Gary's second year with us, Gary is a commercial fisherman in our off season, commercially fishing Sitka Waters. Mr. Downey was born and raised in this community and in the neighboring waters of Sitka, Alaska.

Photo compliments of the Grennan Family.
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