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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Category:    Main  »  2007 Guest Photos
Disck Durtschi, Raquel Durtschi & Dick Taylor
Halibut Fileting 101

Our season has ended ~ Thank You everyone for joining us in 2007, our guests and crew alike ~ We appreciate each and everyone of you ~ please stay in touch and enjoy a happy, safe, and healthy Autum Winter & Spring ~

Until 2008 ~ Octobre & Tim Twaddle
Again, Our Thanks ~
Bill Mucci is pictured here with Deckhand Chris Titus ~

Playback URL: Mucci * Fattore * Bailey * Haroldson Fishing with A.R.A.C. 2007
Pete Haroldson serving 'time' fishing Halibut.
Wow! A little more than they bargained for.

But hey! We deliver!
Henry Bailey ~ his first year fishing with us, and he'll be coming home to us in 2008.

Thanks Henry!
Pete Haroldson & his Ling Cod.

Slot limits on Ling this year were 30 to 35 inches could be retained ~ Kinda like threading the eye of a needle I think!

Nice work Peter~
Bill Mucci ~ in the background? Another of our boats fishing the Manaka Party
Nice Hat!

Bill Mucci with a morning's bite "King" Chinook Salmon.
Blue Shark

~ WoW ~ Pointy lit'l teeth hum? Wonder what they eat?

Henry Bailey

Nice Ling Cod! congrats!

Peter Haroldson ~ FISH ON!
Bill Mucci
Peter Haroldson & a Yellow Eye ~

Yellow Eye are a firm fleshed white meat - excellent!
Henry Bailey - showing the side of Halibut not often viewed - we typically photograph the white underside because of how it stands out ~ it's nice to be able to show the top side -
Seems I only have one photo of the "Group Leader" ~ Ralph Fattore on the left with Henry Bailey
Photo compliments of Stan Fein
Know that name?

Photo compliments of Stan Fein
Royal Manaka * Pictured
John Corrao
Ahmad Housmand
Stan Fein
Jack Byers
Henry Mitchel
David Brescia
Vaan Singleton

Pictured: Royal Manaka ~ ACTION SHOT!

Playback URL: Manaka / Byers 2007 Photo Show - Watch 'em!

John Corrao

Fish On!
David Brescia

L to R

Jack Byers
David Brescia
Hank Mitchell
Vaan Singleton

yes ... they have crabs ...
L to R

Back Row:
Stan Fein
Royal Manaka
John Corrao
Ahmad Housmans

Front Row:
Yellow Eye
Yellow Eye
Yellow Eye
Yellow Eye
Cruising up therough Sitka's Channel bordering Katlian Street we had some company while coming home to Sealing cove ~

USCG doing a safety check ~ everything was in order ... YEAH!
Boat: C/V Reel Affair run by Roger Hames. Good Job Roger ~ Thank you!

The crew had everything in order ~
Royal Manaka &
a 64 pound Halibut

Ahmad, Stan, John & Royal
L to R

Royal Manaka
Stan Fein
Ahmad Housmand
John Corrao
Stan Fein
Jack Byers
Hank Mitchell
David Brescia
Vaan Singleton
Jack, David, Hank & Vaan
Royal Manaka
L to R

Vaan Singleton
Hank Mitchell
David Brescia
Jack Byers

the 3 Halibut?

64 lbs
87 lbs
115 lbs
Royal Manaka
CRAB~ !!

Front to Back

Only their Captain would do this ...

Nice Picture! .... a Kodak moment!
John Corrao
Stan Fein ~ Serious Action Shot!

Compliments of Stan Fein
Royal Manaka ~

Action Shot!
Fishing Halibut ~
John Corrao ~ Fishing Halibut

Compliments of Stan Fein ~
Thanks Stan!
Ahmad Housmand ~ When the action is through.

Nice reward, hum?

Photo compliments of Stan Fein ~
Ahmad Housmand ~

Gorgeous Ling Cod!

Photo is Compliments of Stan Fein
It's the Lucky Boots ! I know it and now they know it ...

Ray Goble
Sharon Goble
Sherry Blake
Not Pictured & present is Jim Blake.

Playback URL: Gobel / Blake Photo show 2007

thanks folks!
Sharon Goble and "the BOOTS"
Jim Blake ~

the look of intensity ...
Wow !

Ray & Sharon
Jim & Sherry

Thaks folks!
Sherry Blake

missing? the "LUCKY" boots...
Sharon Gobel ~ ACTION SHOT!
Ah Yes!

They are Lucky!

Ask all the women I loaned them too!
We'll they fished! Three whole days ~ No pictures to proove it though ~ Only this one ... To bad too ~

What's with that? I don't know who was more disapointed ~ me? or them ~

Bill Crismore
Bud Clinch
Jake Heckathorn
Keith Olson

Thank you gentlemen ~ Very Much!
Sorry about not having any photo's of you all ~ (nice guys too!)
Looking at the water to their backs it looks as though they are either headed up or back to our shrimping grounds.
Elsie & Fred with some beautiful Dungeness Crab ~ Anything consumed on board? Is Processing at sea!!!

What about the rest? We Glaze it, and package it for your trip home.
The Griffith's pulling crab Pots ~
The Tongass National Rain Forsest is surrounding Sitka & Sitka area Waters

Photo Compliments of Laurie McFarlane
Scott Hegland and Deckhand Chris Titus

Playback URL: Watch Them! Vaughn, Cass, Jason and Scott!

Thank Gentlemen!

This was Dad's Son's ans Son in Laws - not being exactly sure just how it worked ~ They explained it to me but ... well ....
L to R

Cass Yearous
Scott Hegland
Jason Harding
Vaughn Yearous
L to R


Beautiful Yellow Eye; and check out the tote!

Tee shirt weather ~ geeze what's with that?
Thank you gentlemen!

L to R
Jason &
Scott Harding ~
Scott Harding ~

King Salmon ~ Nice!
Flight Seeing Anyone?
Ah Yes ~ Tom Ruhaak & Chuck Leazer

Playback URL: Tom Ruhaak & Chuck leazer ~ Watch Their 2007 photoshow Click here!
Chuck Leazer
Chuck Leazer.

In the background? Deckhand Dan Corduan
L to R

Chuck Leazer & Tom Ruhaak ~

(hi Vera!)
Mr. Tom Ruhaak ~

Thank you gentlemen!
Tom Ruhaak
See the date on the photo? This season has been exceptional for fishing, water & weather conditions ~
Playback URL: Doug & Lance Armstrong * 2007 photoshow Click here!

Doug & Lance Armstrong
L to R

Lance & Dick Armstrong

After fihing with us, Dic and his wife Jaye headed home to Soutern Calif. while Lance headed north to the kenai for another week of fishing ~
Dick & Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong
Lance and Dick Armstrong
Perfect size - Excellent on the table & not breeders ~ perfect!

Dick & lance Armstrong
For Sale ...
Mike & Sally Jones

Playback URL: Jones Family Fihsing in 2007 ~ Watch It Here!

L to R
Sally Jones
Mike Jones

They call those fish Silvers, but holy cow! Nice hum?
Mike Jones
The Ling Cod limit is like threading the eye of a needle; a slot limit of between 30 & 35 inches could be retained

Sally did it!
Mike Jones ~
Mike & Sally Jones

Thanks Folks ~ !
Did they like their Captain?

In one word ~ Yes.
Action Shot ~

Mike Jones
Pictured is Russ Degischer ~~

They declined photo's on board ~ so they shall remain anonymous ~ but they were here, and they fished!

Robert Bradbury
George Peters
Dennis Phipps

Thjanks gentlemen!
This has been an incredible summer ~ It was hard to tell that we live and work in the middle of a rain forest ~

Actually, a guest asked "just where is the rain forest" ?
Pictured: Greg Kitley

Playback URL: Greg Kitley Fishing Party 2007 * Watch them here!

Those who Joined Greg are:

Bill Kitley
Stephen Matthews
Don Van Leuven
Don Westerman
Don Westerman
Colorful in nature ~ Bill Kitley
See? A colorful guy!

Mr. Bill KItley
& Days ~ I don't know how they did it? but they did ~

Left to Right;
Ron Faria
Kevin McMahon
Rich Galetti
not shown: Dick Rhodes

Faria * Rhodes * McMahon * Galetti ~ Fishing Sitka ~ 2007 * Click here!

Ron Faria
Rich Galetti
Kevin McMAhon with his father in law Dick Rhodes
One angler shooting another ~

with a camera ...

The photographer? Kevin McMahon
Dick Rhodes
L to R

Kevin McMahon
Dick Rhodes
Rich Galetti
Yup ~ 7 days ...

This folks is the picture oof a very happy man ~ Ron Faria

Thank you gentlemen ~ very much.

Happy man ... Ron Faria
Kevin McMahon & Dick Rhodes

Thanks folks!
Hi Emma! Hi Will!
Thanks for the great photo's John.

Taken from Castle Hill by John Tiedeman.
Fishing with us for a 5 hour Salmon trip ~ We'll be shipping their fish home to them this Monday (August 27th).

Shown here is Brent his young son, and deckhand Dan Corduan.
Check out the young man's expression.

~ Priceless ~
Fish On!

Nice job Mom !!
Brent & Danielle Rook

Thanks again folks!
Compliments of John Tiedeman

Remember studying Sewards Follies?

This is where it all happened $7.4 million dollars.
Milt Robinson
Clay Robinson
Brian Robinson
Jon Robinson
Curtis Hilty
Don Sovie

A Dad & the Kids ...

OKAY ~ Kids to me ~ I'm 50...and Tim? he's 54 - he says he is 31 - but that isn't true for all of you who believe him ... hehe

* Playback URL: Milt Robinson & the Boyz. Fishing Sitka ~ 2007 * Click here!

Thanks for making me laugh ~
Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson
Don Sovie

Action Shot ~
Don Sovie
Curt Hilty
Don Sovie

Thanks gentlemen - hey, if you have any pictures of your crab & shrimp trip you'd like posted here - feel free to e-mail those to me, okay?
Don Sovie
Curtis Hilty
Curt Hilty
Brian Robinson
This is the first State run retirement facility for the State of Alska. Their on site gardens are incredible. They have a full time grounds keeper who tends to the grounds and hot houses.
Southern California Fishing Club

Albert Tillman ~ Pictured
David Davis Jr.
Joel Rucker
Hartwell (Skip) Ragsdale

* Playback URL: Southern California Fishing Club ~ Fishing in sitka ~ 2007 * Click here!

Thanks guys!
David Davis Junior
Joel Rucker and Albert Tillman
David Davis
Skip Ragsdale
Skip Ragsdale
David Davis and Joel Rucker

Deckhand Joel Martin has his back to the camera.
Joel Rucker

Time on the water ~
Compliments of John Tiedeman.

John and his family spend a few extra days in Sitka after the completion of their charter to relax and spend some time around and about Sitka. The cool thing for me ~ when zi look at the photo's someone else takes is that I am seeing it for the first time through their eyes.

Photo Compliments of John Tiedeman
Pictured is Urban Stroy

Folks in this fishining Club are:
Pat chand
Bill COleman
Earl Gorton
Bob Lutz
Bill Lytle
John Robinson
Eric Stroy

Playback URL: Rancho Murieta Photo Show 2007 in Sitka, Alaska . Click here!
Pat Chand
L to R

Bob Lutz
Pat Chand
Earl Gorton
Bill Lytle

Thanks gentlemen ~ see you next year ~
Urban Stroy ~


Check out the seas, the skys, perfect!

I have never seen his elbows ... see what a little sun will do?
Ever had it pickled? I swear it's great! Pickled in a pressure cooker - good stuff ~ who'd ever guess?
Fishing a 2 day package and straight from their daughters' destination wedding in Denali is Lee & Kathy Oly ~

They arrived on the late flight - which was late besides ~ and Lee looked a little bit like a fellow who lives here is Sitka. That fellow jogged & worked with my daughter a few years back ~

In the morning I mentioned the similarity ~

Well whadya know ~ it was him. They moved ...

That explains why i hadn't seen him jogging lately ~

Playback URL: Lee & Kathy Oly photoshow 2007 ~ Click here!

Oly's shared the boat over the course of their charter with Bob Reid, Dick Crespo, Ron Faria & Dick Rhodes.

We only fish 4 anglers per boat.

Kathy Oly

Thank folks ~ Hope to see you in Denver at the ISE Show!
2 Days fishing ~

They did well ~ Nice folks ~ great weather ~ can't ask for much more than that.
Thanks Folks!
Left Side ~ First 2.

You'll fish with custom made Seeker Halibut Poles:
Roller Stripper, Roller Tip.
The reel is a TLD 30, 2 speed.

Middle 4 ~
Lamiglass 1310-T Salmon Sticks.
Your reel is either a Calcutta 400 or Penn 965

We literally outfit each boat with the same quality gear.

Also included is all your bait, tackle, terminal tackle, full lunches, pop, coffee, water, fresh water ice, rain gear, Captain, Deckhand, and a darn good time !

We fish 4 anglers to a vessle - but if your a party of 1, 2 or 3, we will try to fill the remaing seats.

Should you want the boat to yourself ~ we can assist you there also ~
Dick Crespo joined Bob Reid for the annual "Bob Reid Fish Festival" of 2007.

To see their phot show ~ Playback URL: Bob Reid & Dick Crespo photoshow 2007 ~ Click here!
Dick Crespo joined Bob for the annual "Bob Ried Fish Festival of 2007.

Two folks have the longevity of Bob Reid history with us ~ The other? Len Ambrose.

I always enjoy your calls Bob! Your letters aren't half bad either!

Pictured ~ Mr. Bob Reid ~
L to R

Bob Reid
Dick Crespo

Till next year ~
Dick Crespo ~

Thanks Men ~ You're appreciated.
how did that airport photo turn out?
A Bar Code?

Photo Compliments of George Westphal ~ you all know George ~ he's the one you hear on the radio ~ The one my guys talk to on the VHF - THAT George!
Don Hartman

Year 9 ~

Playback URL: Don Hartman with Mark Richards * Sitka, Alaska * 2007 ~ Click here to watch!

wow ... Thank you ~
Mark Richards (Don's Nephew)
Don Hartman

Thank you guy's - for everything ~
Mark Richards

My guess? 50 lbs.
Mr. Don Hartman

: )
Mark Richards

Kind of Cool Looking
As it happened we fished two Dad's and Two Sons ~ A good match I felt -

The last time Tiedemans' fished was in 2003~
Stenders' in 2001 ~

L to R

AC Tiedeman
John Tiedeman
Eric Stender
Werner Stender

The shared days on the boat, and their catch equally ~

Thank you gentlemen!

And ~ for a side note ~ you meet some of the nicest folks in a grocery store ... 1 time near produce ... 1 time in check out ... maybe next time in froze foods ...

Thank you gentlemen!

Playback URL: Werner & Eric Stender with AC & John Tiedeman's photoshow 2007 ~ Click here!
L to R

Carl Stender

John Tiedeman
It's departure morning and I was at the Westmark for the 4083rd time this season for business & there is Eric!

(Yes, this fellow with the nice King there...)

Wandering the streets of Sitka in his Shark Pajama Bottoms ... gathering things for his dad ...

Now you gotta know you did a good job when your son roams the streets looking for something special in his PJ's just for his dad ... You have to love it!

He shows up at the local market a lot too ~ NO ~
not in his PJ's ...

John Tiedeman
John in full living color!
A.C brought his wife Jean to Sitka also.
Jean was able to enjoy the company of her Daughter in Law; Irene Tiedeman, and her 2 granddaughters, Elaina, and Emily.

The ladies opted to stay shoreside, enjoying the sites, sounds, local color, and the fact that it WAS NOT RAINING ... hope you all had a great time!

Carl and Eric Stender

( hi Karla ~ )

Does that look like a box of doughnuts?
It's AC Tiedeman ~

go back and look at the photo of AC with that nice King Salmon ~ then come back and check this one out again ~

See it? A.C. has "the look" ...

It's the classic 'end of the day' we're running back home look... pooped!
Eric Stender ~

Yellow Eye - How do you cook them?
Well ... for starters try this:

Playback URL: Recipes
AC Tiedeman

Fish hugging at it's best!

than you AC ~ your family is a pleasure ~
Excellent ~ Carl Stender

On another note -

So, If Darius was of German decent, and if Carl was of Greek decent - they could be father & son ~ Look at them -
It's uncanny.

okay - so if you saw them in person ...
The entire Tiedeman family ~
The entire family joined AC & John in sitka, The women opted out of fishing and spent the days (gorgeous weather) seeing the sites and taking some special time before the school year begins. John, sent some great shots which will pop up here and there in this photo diary ~ thanks everyone!
It never gets old ~

No matter the weather, it is just gorgeous ~
Playback URL: Welcome to the Preiser * Fleisher Photo Show - Click here!

L to R
John & Maggie Fleisher
Diane & JAck Preiser


Maggie Fleisher ~
Action Shot!

Maggie Fleisher

Left to Right
John & Maggie Fleisher with Diane & Jack Preiser
John Fleisher ~

This man can eat the hottest Jery known to mankind!
Maggie Fleisher ~ can't see 'em but she has on the "Lucky Boots"
Jack Preiser ~ Our Illustrious group leader ~
Diane Preiser

Title: Dianes Dishwasher Salmon
Detail: Dear Octobre and Timothy Patrick Twaddle,

My brother, John Fleisher, called and asked me to send you my "famous" and "infamous" recipe for cooking salmon in the dishwasher. I have not done it for quite some time--but then I have not had any GREAT Alaskan salmon to cook since our last trip with you!


1. Have Salmon pieces uniform in size. (I found individual serving packets worked best but I don't see why a fillet would not work.)

2. Season the Salmon according to your personal taste. I used Salt, Pepper and Butter for mine, topped with a sprig of Fresh Rosemary.

3. Wrap each piece loosely in a piece of saran wrap. Then wrap each piece separately in a COMPLETELY water-tight packet of kitchen foil, using either one layer of heavy duty or several layers of the regular foil.

4. Place the packets of foil on the top rack of your dishwasher. WITHOUT adding any detergent, run dishwasher as you would for a light or regular washing cycle.

NOTE: It is best not to run the Salmon through the drying cycle. Just stop the dishwasher before the dry cycle begins and keep the salmon in the dishwasher, keeping it warm, until you are ready to serve it. Salmon will be cooked perfectly at the end of the cycle. If you know how long your dishwasher takes to run through the cycle, you can time the cooking of the salmon accordingly so that it will be done just when YOU are ready to serve it.

This recipe is Compliments of

Diane Preiser
West Chester, PA

Playback URL: Diane's Dishwasher Salmon
Jack, Diane, Maggie, & John

"Popping Heads"

Thanks folks for everything!
What is going on in her head ???

Diane Preiser
okay ~ so I know about lucky rabbits feet - stuff like that -
no banannas on the boat ...
no whistling ...
lucky boots ...


(how on earth does he get them to do that stuff!?)

This ladies and gentlemen is:
(drum roll please) Diane Preiser
Maggie Fleisher

NOTE: lucky boots : )

most certainly a fashion DO in the fishing world ~ !
Maggie ~

Jack & Diane (there is little ditty 'bout Jack & Diane) Anyone remember THAT song? ...

Maggie & John

John Fleisher -

Capt'n takes lot 'o pictures dosen't he ???
L to R

Ryan White
Bob White

Playback URL: White / Uhlich Photo Show, Click here!
L to R

Bob White & Ryan White

Thank you gentlemen ~ Will we be seeing you at the Longbeach Show in 2008?
L to R Bob & Ryan White.

Bob & Ryan fihed along side the Uhlich Family ~
It's Tee Shirt weather for Dick & Renee Uhlich ~

Fishing over their anniversary ~ Congrats!~

Playback URL: Uhlich / White Photo Show, Click here!

Dick & Renee' being a party of two shared the days fishing with two local women that we fished for one day via Sitka Charter Broker & Bob and Ryan White, who have a history with fishing history with A.R.A.C. / Alaskan Reel Affair Charters LLC.

Thanks folks ~
Renee & Dick Ulrich
Dick Uhlich ~ Action Shot ~

Just for the record ~
We do have halibut Belts on board ~
Renee & Dick Uhlich
Family of Five fishing with us through Sitka Charter Brokers ~ Thank you ~
Dad ~
Nice, hum? Remember?
It's a fixer upper ~
Fishing with us Through Sitka Charter Brokers ~ This Family of 3.

Should you folks see yourselves here - drop me a line and let me know your names ~ Thanks for fishing with us!

Playback URL: SCB Folks Photo Show, Click here!

Brian Witzany
Teri Witzany
Jim Sontag
Dad ~ Action Shot!

Jim Sontag ~
Fish On !
Thanks Folks! We hope you had a great time ~ Thanks for fishing with us ~

Original message from Jim Sontag


Thanks for posting the pictures of us on your web site. We are the ones on the Sitka Charters 4 hour Salmon trip on 8/6/2007. Our names are:
Brian Witzany
Teri Witzany and
Jim Sontag

Brian caught a good sized King. I think that you took a picture of that. If you have it, could you send it to me?

Thanks folks ~ i am forwarding all the photo's of your trip ~ Thanks again!
Augh! Too Cute!

(yes a girl is writing this, can you tell?)
Ron, Bob John & Ron
Geil, Achilles, Towers & Chiaratti

one ran one over ...
one broke one's leg ...

& they remain very close friends ..

Ron Geil ~ Oregon Ron aka "Argyle"

Playback URL: Watch: Towers Party of 4. Click here.

"Argyle ~ R. Geil"?

hum? anyone?

Ron Chiaratti ~ these fellows have fished with as long as Jermy did - or pretty darned close - now they fish with Roman -

They are 'Breaking Him In'

Ron Chiaratti ~ these fellows have fished with as long as Jermy did - or pretty darned close - now they fish with Roman -

They are 'Breaking Him In'
L to r

Ron Geil * Bob Achilles *Ron Chiaratti * JOhn Towers

Thank You gentlemen ~
Wasting no Time ~
Playback URL: Watch what it's all about ~ Hank, George & Darels' Photo Show!

Pictured; Darel Hodgson.

Thank you Gentlemen!

George Wade ~
Hank Greiner
Hank Greiner

Once again gentlemen ~ Thank you ~
(nice guys)
Hmmmmm ~ Only three usable phot's of these gentlemen & they harvested how much?

well, next year !
We fished a family of 5 off this ship today ~ Nice folks! Their pic's will be posted soon ~
L to R

Gortons Clam Chowder Guy: Gary Evans
Gary Seidel

Playback URL: The Dodge Party Photo Show

Bruce Dodge

Fat 'little' King he's got there!
" The Dodge Party "

L to R
Bruce Dodge
Bob Patterson
Gary Seidel
Gary Evans

Thank you gentlemen! See you in '08.
Bob Patterson

I'm going to go out on a limb here ~

I think they all had a pretty good time ~
Bob Patterson
Mr. Bruce Dodge & friend.
Bruce Dodge
Bob Patterson
Gary Seidel
& Gary Evans (i like the yellow hat better ...)
Bob Patterson Front and center with a huge Coho ~ Congrats ~

Only one Question?

Just exactly WHAT is going on in the background ?!

(OH ~ guy time on the boat)

Gary Evans
Fish Kissing:

At it's Finest!

Proudly Presenting: Mr. Gary Seidel
David Luttrell
Cheryl Luttrell ~

Maybe i have a little story to tell - Maybe i should think about how i am going to tell it first ~

yup ~

i'll wait ...
Lennie Ambrose ~
Ms. Cheryl Luttrell
Congrats Lennie!

This one Lennie harvested on a Halibut rod - but my favorite was when he caught one at 103 on a Salmon Stick.

Lamiglas 1310T with 25 lb. test ...
get him to tell you that story ~

Lets see now - if i get this wrong ~ Lennie has been with us 12 years?

Yes it is!

12 Years ~ we met Lennie at the very first sportsman show (Sacramento I.S. E.) we ever did as Alaskan Reel Affair Charters ...

wow lennie ~ dosn't feel like 12 , does it?
David Luttrell
Dave Luttrell with a very nice Yellow Eye ~
Ahhhh ~ What the heck ~ What happens in Sitka Stays in Sitka, RIGHT?

So. One night these three; Lennie, Cheryl & Dave choose to have a nice evening at the P BAR. (Pioneer Bar - which is right up there in popularity with the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau)

They were enjoying a night cap if you will.

Following me so far?

Cheryl keeps checking out this Bell ~

It's a Brass Bell thst is rather well polished, kind of largish, nice & shiney, & very very reachable. Attached to the bell is a rope ...

anyhow ~ Cheryl asks! "What is the bell for Lennie?" What is the bell for Dave?

Lennie and Dave both respond "We dunno" ...

So Cheryl being Cheryl looks about and rings the darned thing!

$$$ Bought the Bar a round she did $$$

Cheryl? Folks from the P. Bar called ~ They miss you guys ~

see you next year ~ Thank you for everything!
Len Ambrose
Dave Luttrell

Len Ambrose
Elevation 4'.

Sock Eye Subsistance dip netting for locals!
Brian Long
Mason Long
Huey Long

The Halibut the Long Party harvested are perfect ~ they're not breeders, and they are an excellent size for yield and quality of food.

Not bad for DAY 1.

Playback URL: Huey Long's fishing Party photo Show is available now. Click here

Mason Long ~
Grandson and Grandpa ~

Mason & Huey Long ~

Thanks gentlemen!
Mason Long ~

What did they actually go home with?

What they went home with ~ Seeing they are not red meet eaters, they'll have enough fabulous fish for the coming year and had one of their best trips ever. So aside from a pretty cool fishing vacation ~ They stocked the freezer for themselves and their family.

Thanks folks ~ see you next year!
Huey Long ~
Nice hum?

Brian, Mason & Huey ~

Once again - thank you !
Going to do the best I can here - some of these gentlemne are new to us this year - and i'm having issues with early memory loss aparently ~

L to R

Mike Burns
Adrian Jerome
Don Engberson
Eugene Simonetti
Larry Rish

Sadly missing: Pete Heldebrando

See the Rish Pary Photo Show:

Playback URL: Want to see the rest of their photo show? Click here.
Don Engberson ~ These folks have a history with us beginning 2001

Thank you gentlemen ~
Mike Burns ~

The Fish is a Plug!
Adrian Jerome
Mike Burns
LArry Rish
Don Engberson
Eugene Simonetti
Forground: Larry Rish
with Don Engberson
(we like this one!)

a lot!
L to R

Darius Rogers - Deckhand
Jack & Dutchie Pasco

Jack? I figured out the cookie mystery -
grin grin
dutchie (Evelyn) Pasco and her Cpt'n Rick Hineline
August 3, 2007

L to R

Mark Crabill
Sue Crabill
Jack Pasco
Dutchie Pasco

in addition to a host of Coho and a couple o' Kings ~
L to R

Lee Kriley
Maey Wu
Jack & dutchie Pasco
A trip beginning with the wearing of the LUCKY boots ~

the rest is history ~

Thanks folks! Enjoy all the recipes ~ now you understand exactly what motivated me to put them there ...
Good family friends;
Lee Kriley & Mary Wu.

These folks also shared the boat with Dutchie and Jack Pasco ~ A good mix I think!
L to R

Mary Wu
Dutchie Pasco (hiding)
Jack pasco
Lee Kriley

look ~ they're all showing their butts!

Lee Kriley ~

Geeeeze - Nice Fish ~
L to R

Mark and Sue Crabill ~ In town to fish and partake in the United States Coast Guard Birthday. (yes ~ they do have one)
Jack and Dutchie Pasco ~ in town to FISH!

Once again ~ Thank you all! You're Appreciated
Jack Pasco
Photo: Compliments of Joy Jeffrey-Molzen

One of many harbors in Sitka ~ I believe sitka has more boats than cars ~
One of the best natured guys i've ever seen - Don Helm ~

He NEVER quits smiling! Never saw anything like it!

Don is flanked by son Jordan.
Don Helm ~ They call them Smilies ~

NO! I'm not being rude ~ They call King Salmon "Smilies"! HONEST!

Fish in the Box!

Jordan Helm ~

thanks all!

Mike Chancellor ~ not a side of Halibut folks often see!

Fish Camo. ~

sorry ~ no photo show is available
Dan Chancellor ~

Perfect size for halibut ~

DINNER ANYONE? (check out all the recipes we have here on
Jordan Helm
Dan Chancellor
Mike Chancellor
(1 deckhand the inimitable Chris Titus)
Don Helm
Ahhhhh. The Back of Mr. Dan Chancellor ~

Nice Hat!
L to R
Dan Chancellor and Jordan Helm

Roll a Smoke ~ Have a Brew ~ Calm Seas ~ and keep on fishin' ~

Life is good ~
Jordan Helm ~ OKAY so i'm partial to Black & white photos ~

Believe me ~ looks good in Color too!
See? Told you ~
Dan Chancellor
L to R

Doug Ondrak
Ron Ondrak

Seems this are the only picture I can find of you ~ If you have some others - please e-mail them and i would be more than happy to add them ~ thanks in advance!

sorry ~ no photo show available
That is a beautiful King Young Man!

Wait till Mom & Dad fix that for Dinner! Yum!


Gorgeous King! Congrats!

Photo of Lee Burke

Playback URL: Lee & Corey's Photo Show is on line right now!

Master Corey Burke ~
"the KID"

I've watched this youngman over the years - from
"before braces"
"through braces"
and now ~
"after braces"

used to be i could have lifted him up ~ now he can lift me ~

oh oh i feel old...
Corey Burke
Guest Participation at it's Finest ~

L to R
Deckhand ~ Dan Corduan
Guest/Angler ~ Corey Burke
Guest/Angler ~ Lee Burke
Mugging for the camera ~ Thanks guys! see you next year!

Corey? Will you get taller you think?
I'm staying outta this one ~

deckhand ~ Dan Corduan
Compliments of Rod Jones
Rich Ralston

Playback URL: To see Rich & Rally click here!
Rally (William) Ralston

Thank you gentlemen!
Rally Ralston
L to R

Rally Ralston
Rich Ralston
Rich Ralston
Rally Ralston & Friends ~
Rich Ralston

Thanks Gentlemen ~ see you in '08.

If you want tickets to the Denver ISE show ~ let me know.
Rally Ralston
Got Crabs??

Rich Ralston
Go ahead ~ ask 'em ~ ask 'em how it went! go aheaed ~ ask if anything "out of the ordinary" happened???

Thanks gentlemen! (grin grin)
Cute * hum?
Back to Front
Chuck Zeman
King Salmon (smiles)

so the story goes:

Mom (Lisa * Chases' mom) e-mails me one fine day in the middle of summer asking if there was a 'spot' that Chuck (Dad of Chase & uncle Dave) could come to sitka and fish - they're from the Denver area ~

AND ideally on Chases' boat...

So being the hard hearted individual that i am - i 'found' Chuck: dad of Chase & uncle Dave a '2 spots' fishing with his son for two (2) days.

OKAY ~ so... i met them at the airport, along with the Ralston brothers (also from Denver who just happen to be fishing on Chases' boat too...

...Later that day - boats coming in - Dad & Uncle head down to where Chase will be - Tim telling Chase there would be a suprise for him later...

So these two guys, sun glasses: hoods: video cameras going approach the boat asking about the days catch.

Chase begins explaining the harvest for the day and then just sorta looks, and pauses, and looks again and says "Pop?"

POP??? is that YOU?

Nice ~ (grin grin)

Playback URL: Ralston * Zeman Show ~ to view click here.
Uncle Dave & Friend

you know ~ for two days they did pretty darn good ~ apx 70lbs each.
They had to put this guy back (the Ling Cod is what i am refering to) they are out of season right now

L to R
Chase and his Dad Chuck Zeman

(hi Lisa. i know you have been waiting patiently - sorry it took me a while ~ busy girl ... )

Chuck and Lisa's 'wayward son'
Chase ~ Deckhand

(this one's for you Lisa ~)

thanks for trusting us with your guys ~
Shawn Gosdin ~ ACTION SHOT!

Playback URL: See the Jones Photo Show? Click right here.

Thank's folks for everything!
Terry and John Driskell
OKAY ~ here goes ~

Terry, George, Mary, Shawn, Charlie & last but not least: John

Shawn Gosdin
John Ditmyer ~ in the background? Shawn Gosdin and the infamous "Action Shot".
L to R

Charlie Jones
Shawn Gosdin
George Driskell
John Ditmyer

Nice job guys ~ Very Nice!

Remember Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
L to R

George Driskell
Shawn Gosdin
Charlie Jones
John Driskell
Mary and Charlie Jones
John Ditmyer and Shawn Gosdin

George Driskell
L to R

George Driskell
Mary Jones
Charlie Jones
Johnm Ditmyer
Shawn Gosdin
We do have one 27 foot Seasport Seamaster we keep as a spare just in the event it is needed ... That way - there is no interuption to your trip in the event of a major mechanical problem.
Cool Stories!

Pictured is Father Joe ~
Steve Nettekoven

These two brothers fished 2 days ~ Both went home with just about 70 pounds each! Nice!
John Tiedeman
Bob Brown
Seymore Waterman
Albert Waterman
Master Mark Gucksteen

Pictured is Seymore's grandson Mark Gucksteen

(Action Shot)
L to R
Albert Waterman
Seymore Waterman
Bob Brown

Thanks gentlemen ~
L to R
Seymore & Albert Waterman
Bob Brown * MArk Gucksteen
Mark Gucksteen
Front To Back

Rachel Ginn
Darius Rogers
Rick Hineline

Pulling Crab Pots for the "Crew Feed"

The Crab was excellent!
The Ribs looked the size that Wilma made for Fred Flintstone & Corn on the Cob was compliments of the John Towers Party ~

I new they could fish ~ I didn't know they could cook ~ Was it good? YUP!
Left to Right ~ Becky Ted Sue Jim

More nice folks who arrange through a local broker to fish with us.
think they were happy? Looks like it dosen't it?

Saad Family - Thanks for taking the time to check out your pictures - glad to hear you had a good time - d

Sorry i don't know your names folks - if you see yourself here - drop me an e-mail ~ and i can mention you by name !
Renee & Dick Uhlich
A charter broker in our town called to ask if we had any boats available to take some folks fishing ~ so we did.

I am sorry to say i never met these folks. Looks like they had a good time though ~ i hope so ~
Fishing Halibut ~ and having a good time doing it! yes? Success!
What do these vessles have in common?

Both so diffrent ~ Both so EXPENSIVE.
Joe Silva Senior
Action Shot !
L to R

Joseph Silva Sr.
Clarence Gomes
Joe Silva Jr.

M.I.A. ~ Mike Gancasz waiting the arrival of Samantha (who was born 7/28/2007)

Samantha is now grounded until the ripe age of 30 - DOn't mess with dad's fishing trip!

Congratulations dad ~ is she beautiful?
Joe Junior ~

Not a whole lot I can say here - the pictures say it all ~

Poor Mike ~ probably cried tears of joy when he layed eye on his beautiful new daughter and tears of disbelief when he wasn't able to go -

See ~ they (Clarence, Joe, Joe Jr. & Mike) had this trip all set for the 3rd week in August - then they found out when Baby Girl Samantha was due ~

They moved the date of their trip back one month - and SO DID SHE ~

Bless her little heart - gotta love the girl babies ~ ! Congrats to MOM!
Clarence Gomes
L to R

Clarence Gomes
Joe Silva
Joe Silva Jr.
L to R

Barry ~ rounded out the Gomes party of 3 from SCB.
Recognize this big boy? It's from discovery Channel & "The Deadliest Catch"

The Northwestern is in town working - not for crab but as a 'tender' for the commercial fishing fleet.

One must stay busy and work the boat you know! Being a movie star isn't all glamor, red carpets, and autographs you know ~

It's all about the fishing ...
Beautiful show of Yelow Eye!

L to R

Bert Wong * Amos Chang * Chris Yahng * Michael Yahng

Thanks so much !

Playback URL: Want to see them in action? Click here!

Robert * Mike * Amos
Amos Chang
Chris Yahng ~

Brothers & Cousins joined up in Sitka for three days of fishing with one added day of relaxation and site seeing before all heading home.
Bert Wong
Left to Right

Bert Wong
Michael Yahng
Amos Chang
Robert Yahng

Thank you gentlemen!
Matthew Chang
Mike Yahng
Robert Yahng
Amos Chang
Matt Chang
L to R
Amos Chang & Matthew Chang

The men treated themselves to some fresh sashimi on board ~ the rest they shared equally amongst themselves to take home and enjoy with their families ~

and just go fishin'
Jeff Williams and his Deck-hand Chase Zeman.

Playback URL: Know these folks? Want to see them in action? Click here.
L to R

Carolyn Clites
Tom Mescher
Jeff Williams
Moya Williams

i can't stand it - ready?

here goes ~

A picture of everybody holding their butt!

see their photo show ~ copy & paste the above link to your browser & press enter.
Tom Mescher

Toam had a birthday while he was here - Happy Birthday!
Carolyn Clites

Jeff Williams ~
Where's Moya ~ What did you guys do with her?

Nice Butts!

Another Day ~
Another Halibut ~
Those are absolutely perfect!
Nice Fish!

L to R

& Tom

Thanks everyone! See you next year!
Mr. Mom ~
Photo compliments of George Westphal

Pictured is Stan Germain who fished along side his daughter and her husband: Laurie & Michael McFarlane.

thanks folks!
Laurie McFarlane & her Deck-hand Chris Titus -

FISH ON! (Halibut)
L to R

Stan Germain
LAurie & Mike McFarlane
Mc Farlane & Germain neck & neck with a Halibut Double-Header!

Laurie mcFarlane on the morning Salmon Bite ~
Mike McFarlane
Stan Germain ~

It's a beauty Stan! Congrats!
Thank you Stan ~

See you next year ~
"Bomber Bob Hohman and his brother Donald enjoyed a couple of diffrent types of fishing in SE Alaska.

They fish a 3 Day 4 Night package with us, and also enjoyed a "fly out" to the southern tip of Baranoff Island for fly fishing ~

Don Hohman ~
Bob Hohman
Why such a gap in their fishing days? They went off to another outfitter on the southern tip of Baranoff Island for some fly fishing! nice, Hum?
Kings - Coho's July is an excellent time for a 'mixed bag' of seafood ~

L to R

Robert & Don Hohman
You could be here!
Now, I'm not there, but i bet i know exactly how this went down ...

The capt'n is in the cabin trying to take a picture - and there's Harold, John, Jay & Jim.

the (WE'LL REFER TO HIM AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER) photographer/captain is saying something like "higher" hold em higher! ~ No don't cover your face... smile - WAIT! THE LIGHT! Smile!

ok i got it now! Perfect ~ nope Jim moved ~ Jim hold em up -

Smile! Smile Bigger!

NOTE: EXPERIENCE tells me by just looking at the picture i know those aren't real (reel?) smiles any more.

In reality they are actually gritting their teeth - in what USED to be a smile. (problay a few NAUGHTY words being tossed towards the poor photographer about now then CLICK!

Capt'n/photographer - says WAIT - he checks out the pic, and DANG! JOHN! oh no john! ~ turned his fish sideways!

nuts. START OVER ~ (am i close?)

Playback URL: JACKSON PARTY photo show ~
Harold "The King" Jackson

Jim Robbins
Jerry (Jay) Livingston

Beautiful King Jay!
Back Row L to R

John (Back Lash) Randolph
Jay (Big King) Livingston
Jim (Dang'! That Ain't NO Bass) Robbins
Harold (the King) Jackson

Front Row ~

Harold Jackson ~ aka KING ~


nice butts!
and so the story goes ~ There is Jim ~ reeling away ~ has a fish on right? It's coming closer to the boat it's mouth open. Jim yells out (in a subtle southern accent which is key to the whole thing ...)

"Dang!!! That ain't no Bass!!!
They call 'em 'Smilies' ...

The FISH ~ they call the FISH 'smilies'

They provoke the reaction there that John has ~
Jay (Big King) Livingston.

Background: John Randolph
The USCG pilots need to log 'x' amount of hours. They also "plunk" their rescue swimmers in the "drink" staying practiced and ready ...
Les Olson ~

"Catch O' the Day"

(grin grin)

Left To right

Ben Hetrick
Les Olson
Ted Pede
Thomas Gatton

to view the PEDE PHOTO SHOW copy & paste into your browser the hit 'enter'.
Front to Back

Benjamin Hetrick & Ted Pede
Tom Gatton & Les Olson

Thank you gentlemen ~
Ben Hetrick ~

Nice Halibut! ~ Congratulations!

Where did you catch it? The Ocean?
Cool ~
Tom Gatton

Okay ~ so i'll show you this photo of the twins -

no not Roman & Dan (Cpt'n & Deckhand) allthough they are kind of dressed the same ~ and I could show ONLY the two diffrent pictures of the ANGLERS who harvested these beauties, but then you'd just think it was the same fish photographed TWICE with two diffrent guests, right?!
Les Olson ~
Les Olson ~ Yellow Eye ~

Thanks so much Gentlemen.

L to R

Harold Jackson & Jay Livingston

(hi Ivan!)
Closure on Ling Cod is still in effect. It is scheduled to re-open august 16th.

Cute aren't they?
Left to Right

Greg Sather & Mike George

Playback URL: The Frisch Party 2007 ~ Click here. ~
Scott Frisch ~
Bob Frisch ~

Bob has fished with us since 2000, his son Scott for the last 5 years, Mike George twice ~ and nwe to us is Greg Sather ~

Thank you again Bob ~
Greg Sather ~
Greg Sather
Mike George ~
Scott Frish ~

The fishing trip ended ~ Bob, Greg & Mike headed for home. Scotts' wife Jennifer and other family members joined him in town for some vacation time ~

Thanks Again Everyone!
Photo Compliments of Scott Frisch ~ thanks Scott!
Bryan Biggart ~ gorgeous Coho!

Playback URL: Kevin & Bryan Biggart with Carl & Adam Cornils ~ Watch them now!
Adam & Carl Cornils ~

whoa ! nice ~ very nice! those things are HUGE!

Congrats! & Thank You ~
Kevin Biggart with
" Catch of the Day "

Kevin? What is it ???
Kevin Biggart

Bryan Biggart

Carl Cornils

Adam Cornils

Kevin? Should i tell the story? You know the one - It's one of my better ones you know ~ Thanks for the laughs!

What do they all have? a nice show of Yellow Eye ~ Frying Pan, some butter and your good to go! If you don't much care for that idea Check out all the recipes on
Kevin Biggart ~

Thanks Kevin ~ hope you and Bryan had a good time! see you at Fred Hall?

L to R

Carl Cornils
Adam Cornils
Bryan Biggart
Kevin Biggart
Darius Rogers (deckhand)

Nice show of Halibut guys!
L to R

Wade Gaston
Mark Glimmerveen (the Candy Man)
Jeremy Gaston
John Glimmerveen

and last but not least
just a few halibut ...

1 deck hand & 2 happy tired campers ~

Left to Right
Chris Titus - Deckhand
Jeremy Gastom
Wade Gaston

some coho & a coupla~Kings !

nice ~
Jeremy Gaston ~

Fishing Halibut

Mark decribed haw halibut fishing typically has been. "like watching paint dry"

Not this time ~ !?!
Wade Gaston ~ YUP ~


I usually call these "Action Shots" but fishing Halibut ISN'T SO MUCH ACTION AS IT IS WORK ...

Like i tell folks - we're gonna send you home happy ~ A little tired ~ & a LITTLE SORE ~

Thank you guys!

WE DID ...
L To R

Mark Glimmerveen
Wade Gaston
John Glimmerveen
Jeremy Gaston

( pretty good trip, hum?)
Photo Op!~

Mark * Wade * John * Jeremy

Nice going men ~ Congrats!
The vlow by blow descriptions of your halibut fishing were great - unbelieveably great ~
Fathers & Sons ~

Great Hlibut Fishing - Rumer has it they haven't seen " halibut fihing like thas in a long time ..."

Playback URL: Glimmerveen Paryt ~ have you seen them yet? Click here!
We fish 5 vessels 4 anglers per vessel ~

We fish 4 Seasports and 1 Almar. We do keep a spare Seasport ready and on the trailer, in the event we have a major mechanical issue - this way there is virtually no interruption to your trip ~ continuing uninterrupted with your Captain & your Deckhand ~ We do have your interests covered

Playback URL: the Swartz Party In Action. Click here!

Pictured is Pete Henley

The gentlemen who fihed along side Pete in the Joel Swarts Party are;

* Joel Swartz
* Max Dorflinger
* Jerry otto
* Nilo Urbani
* Herman VanMaaren
* Hank W. (i'm going to misspell your last name Hank !
* Joe Leskis
* Pete Henley (Pictured)
* Dick Greenleef
Group Leader: Joel Swartz

Tee Shirt Weather
Max Dorflinger

Herman VanMaaren
Max Dorflinger
Nilo Urbani ~
Max Dorflinger with Jerry Otto ~
Nilo Urbani

Yellow Eye
Pete Henley
Joe Leskis
Dick Greenleaf
Hank Wyretowicz - i think i spelled him incorrectly ~ yipes!

sorry Hank ~
Saint Joe
L to R
Jerry Otto
Max Dorflinger
Herman VanMaaren

Having a History of Fishing with us since well before I had a computer ~ My Computer goes back 8 years ~ 1997? Is that right?
Paul MacLeith ~ Right?

Gentlemen joining Joel this year are;
Max Dorflinger
Dick Greenleef
Pete Henley
Joe Leskis
Jerry Otto
Nilo Urbani
Herman VanMaaren
Hank Wyretowiwcz
Nilo Urbani !
Jerry Otto

Fish Kissing !?!
Pete Henley
Dick Greenleaf
Action Shot!

Hank Wyretowicz
"Saint" Joe Leskis
L to R

Not including their deck hand whom was renamed Delirious ~

Dick Greenleef
Joe Leskis
Pete Henley
Nilo Urbani
Pete Henley
Max Dorflinger

To see their photo show copy & paste the link below into your browser & touch the enter key.
L to R

Joel &

& 3 very nice Kings! (Chinook)
Max Dorflinger
Aboard is your Captain & Deckhand ~ Fishing no more than 4 anglers per boat.
Kevin Bobst fished with friend Robert Vega ~ Taking one additional day to see the sites in town before flying home on the 17th of July ~

Thank you gentlemen ~

Seems i don't have a photo of Robert ~ do you have a couple OF PICTURES i could post here?

Nice King ~
Robert Vega ~

Photo Complimesnt of good friend Kevin Bobst ~

Thanks Kevin! ~
Silvers are coming on -

Photo of Robert Vega ~
Compliments of Kevin Bobst

Photo Compliments of Kevin Bobst and Robert Vega ~

Thanks again!
Halibut ! Excellent size! - good eating!

Thanks guys for the 4 photo's!
Mother nature at her finest !
Del's 3rd year fishing with us ~

Thank you Del ~
Boats are warmed up & Ready to exit the harbor.
L to R

Patrick Troxel
Tony Troxel
Tim Troxel
Pat Troxel ~ Whale Watching

Really now ~ Just who is watching who?
Fishing Salmon ~ Pat TRoxel working the early morning bite.
Pat Troxel

Pat fished along side his Dad; Tim & Brother; Tony ~

L to R
Pat * Tony * Tim Troxel
Anthony (Tony) Troxel ~


Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel ~
Photo Compliments of Tim Troxel

Tim's son ~ Patrick ~
I met Brian bringing another family into Sitka for a 3 day package ~ He was in the lobby of the Westmark, and pulled me aside when I was finished.

Between Brian's schedule & mine, we were able to arrange for a full day of fishing.

Thank you Brian ~
You Decide ~
Don Goggins

Gentlenen in this Party are
Don Goggins
Sam Davidson
Allan Westphal
Marvin Bookout
Marvin Bookout
Sam Davidson ~
Compliments of Allan Westphal ~
Photo of Don Goggins ~
Allan Westphal
Allan Westphal ~

Why is frowning? (not the fish, but Allan)

Isn't he supposed to be happy? It looks like a nice fish to me !

Maybe it's not a nice fish ~ I think iIt's a really nice fish ~ maybe he's thinking bout smoking his fish ...

i dunno!
Tina Shonkwiler

1st King She's ever caught!! This couple lives on the Florida coast & fishes off the coast. They have caught many fish that are local to those waters - So King Salmon & Halibut are
Diffrent for them ~

They had a good time & did very well ~

thanks folks!
Jerry Shonkwiler

King Salmon.
Jerry Shonkwiler ~

Yellow Eye

Jerry hooked into some very nice LingCod also ~ but even if the Long Cod season was open ~ they were to big to keep...

Whats with that?
Cute little feller isn't he?

Wonder what he eats?
Lee Crowder ~ Pink Salmon
Lee Crowder ~ Coho / Silver Salmon
Another Coho ~

Lee came to us as lone angler ~ sharing the boat with Tina & Jerry Shonkwiler.
Jessica Bristow
Paige Helterbran
Hiding behind that very nice King Salmon is an even nicer gramma ~ Bernice Stein ~
There we go !

Bernice Stein ladies and gentlemen!
Jack & Bernice Stein
Jessica Bristow
Page Heltenbran
What is today like ?

Check out our daily fish report, located on our trips page, right hand side of the page in a white box. Just ?Click on "How's fishing" and use the drop down bar to locate the week that intrest you.

See the birds?
Funny how some of those 'guys' bob around on the surface - and some of them only their scrawny little necks & pin heads stick up ~
Deb Sligh flanked by her Deckhand Chris Titus & Capt'n Roger Hames.

Deb & Frank 'bought the boat' for one day of nothing but Salmon fishing -
they got their personal limits of King & Coho.
Day one of a 4 day charter

Carol Weiss
Chase ~ Deckhand
Dad ~ (aka "Stitch")
Deb Weiss

not picturesd is:
Steve Weiss & Frank Sligh
Frank "born to fish" Sligh
Remember meeting Carol? this is Carol ~
Steve ~
Do we notice anyone conspicuosly missing? (THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME?)

Where's Bill?

huh ?!?

Hospital ?
what ?
Doing dishes ?
Stitches ?

(mechanical malfunction)

what did the doctor say?


Frank Sligh
L to R

Frank Sligh and his lovely bride Deb Sligh

Deb's Sister in Law ~ Carol.

Carol's husband Steve who has earned a new nick name ~ but this is a family site ~ so we won't mention it here ~

& last but not least: Bill Feriend who Deb & Steve's Dad.
Portrait of a happy man ~
Bill Feriend ~ aka "Stitch"

L to R
Carol & Steve Weiss & "Stitch"
(pripr to the offending malfunction)
L to R

Steve Weiss
Carol Weiss
Bill Feriend
Deb Weiss
Meet Carol Weiss ~

Everybody? This is Carol ~
Deb Sligh ~
I never tire of it ~
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