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Darius Rogers - Deckhand
Bill Kitley
Greg Kitley

Kitley was a party of 6
Robinson is a party of 6

Each group fished 4 anglers on one boat. One for Robinson (4) , One for Kitley (4), & 2 from each party fished a third boat.

* Playback URL: Kitley Party Photo Show - Watch it here ~

Thanks All!
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Dan Corduan
Ted Gibson
Tyler Eggen
Chase Zeman
Roger Hames
Octobre & Tim
Chris Titus
Joel Martin
Darius Rogers
Rick Hineline

Who's Missing?

Roman Sorokin
Rachel Ginn
Gary Downey
Mark Hake Jr.
Joining us these last few weeks of Charter Fishing is Shelby Villa ~ Shelby is new to Sitka thanks to the U.S.C.G.

She, her husband and 2 kids arrived just a few short weeks ago from Astoria, Oregon ~ Air Station

Tyler: For some unknown reason feels the need to return to college, and Shelby Villa (far right) is lending a hand.
Front to Back ~

Raqchel Ginn ~ Expert Sandwich Maker
Dan Corduan ~ Deckhand
Darius Rogers ~ Deckhand
Rick Hineline ~ Cpt'n
Roman Sorokin ~ Cpt'n (photographer)
L to R

Tyler Eggen: Lead Fillet-er *3 yrs.
Ted Gibson: 1 Yr. & returning in 2008
Mark Hake Jr: 1 Yr. & returning in 2008

Thanks guys ~ Nice Job ~ You're appreciated ~
Shelby Villa (the one smiling)

L to R

Dan Corduan
Roman Sorokin
& Popeye ~ (Darius Rogers)

It's a "Crew Only Fishing Trip"
Tyler has been with us now 3 years, on land working in & managing the processing end of the business ~ He ocassionally manages myself as well ~ (which is a good thing )

During some free time (which rarely happens) he went with his dad and layed a 'skate' or a subsistance line for halibut - They kept three (3) one apx. 25 lbs, one at 60# (shown) and another at 100#$. He and his dad opted to release one 'old girl' weighing in at 300#.
Someone didn't much care for the other picture - seems they wanted one where they are actually smiling!

(what's with that?)
To the Zeman Family in Colorado ~

See? He's Alive & Well.
Working with us this summer fron Hudson WI.
L to R

Roman Sorokin
Darius Rogers
Rachel Ginn
Dan Corduan
Left to Right

Mark Hake Jr.
Tyler Eggen
not shown: Ted Gibson

* all are camera shy including myself ~
Fishing Trout in Blue Lake on his day off.

Photo by Roger ~
Trout Fishing at Blue Lake, Sitka.

(the random day off ~)

i can't ever quite figure this one out. ~ they fish for a living - they fish their days off ~
Only because a few of you have asked "where is your picture" ??

(nice try Tim ... )
Compliments of Joy Jeffrey & Rick Molzen
Much appreciated but rarely seen:

Rachel rises each and every morning ~ no days off: Making fresh luches for each and every individual on our boats.

We like her. (Roman Likes her too)

Photo: Compliments of Joy Jeffrey & Rick Molzen
To the Right is Captain Roger Hames.
photo compliments of the McKinney Pty.
Pre-Season 'ShakeDown' for boats and gear ...
Pre-Season 'ShakeDown' for boats and gear ... and makin' sure those hooks are sharp enough.
Well, it's the back of Gary downey Jr.
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