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Deckhand Dan Corduan is on the far Right holing - help hold the Halibut -

L to R
Rich Rovang - Guest, far Left
Roger Hames - Captain, middle
Dan Corduan - Deckhand, far right

Dan has been with us since 2006 beginning in the fish house
In his 2nd year with us :
Daniel Erickson

Daniels Duties were but not llimited to
Vacuum Sealing
Heading up departures
Accuratley performing Group Splits

(sounds easier than it actually is ...)
Daniels has boxed fish at 2:00 AM for those 6:00 AM departure ... has always been there on time - and has never missed a day of work -
me ....
Sandwich Girl #1

& then there is Rachel - she is up as early as 2:45 AM - preparing the days lunches for all the boats -

Rachel made lunches for you on
& Sunday's

She's done this for the last 3 or 4 years each and every summer - this year she shared those duties with Pam Tremain
In addition - she (Rachel) has a "real" job ....

so basically she gets up by 3 am - works with us till 6:00 AM - then goes home - preps for her real job - then shows back up at 5:30 PM AT night to assitst on the processing end of things - prior to obtasining a real job, she also helped with departures & boxing our guest's harvests .
This id Daniels 2nd full year
Rachel's 3rd -

Nice to have great people & great employees - We spend a lot of time together in the summer - sometimes feeling like we are joined at the hip ...
(or the toes...)
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