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okay - so on a marine chart - this Rock probably has a name -

maybe ...
maybe not -

i call it Sea Lion Rocks -

they'll probably sink it eventually ~

Mr. Bill Kratzenberg -

Bill fished with Henry Mistele -

Both nice gentlemen -

you know ... i keep saying that - and you 'all probably think i am full of it ... but really? we end up just fishing the nicest folks -

everyone is diffrent - but they are all just nice people - makes my job very very nice ~

I have more pic's of of these two gentlemen - but my camera is bobbing around in the middle of the ocean right now & will be back to the dock between 4 & 4:30 -

so ... i better go ...
You know what they say ...

it's a dirty job but ...

henry Mistele
Henry Mistele
L to R

Henry Mistele
Bill Kratzenberg
Henry Mistele

Mr. Bill Kratzenberg
Bill Kratzenberg in "Action"

Our pleasure Bill - Thank you
Henry Mistele

":Action Shot"

Henry - pleasure making your aquaintance - Thank you
Bill Kratzenberg
Yup ~

Happy Campers - Look at those faces ~

Again - thank you gentlemen
Mr. Henry Mistele
in the Mddle of the PAcific Ocean ~
L to R

Bob Achilles
Ron Geil
John Towers

A group split - 3 ways - sharing equally in what each other harvested ~

Bob, John & Ron all went home today with 3 boxs. EACH

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3 - all the same as the other persons box's

150 lbs each - oh! and a 50lb split me box ...

a "split me" box? that's because they all live close together -

the LAST SPLIT ME BOX saves my folks on Sika's nasty "fish box tax" and check in baggage fees -

3 gentlemen would have EACH paid an additional 30.00 ~ if we didn't make the last "SPLIT ME BOX"



Bob Achilles &
Capt'n Roman Sorokin
Mr. Ron Geil
Nice Fish!

John Towers
Bob Achilles
John Towers & Bob Achilles
Ron Geil
Bob Achilles
Mr. Ron Geil
John Towers

loook ... he has a little Jimmy Durante nose !

Mr. Kobza

Gentlemen - thank you - thank you -

see you in January in Sac? i'll give you a call about that time and remind you ... stay in touch!
Mr. Jerry Kobza -

Did you guys notice any diffrence between this year and Last?

this year they went home with 4 boxs each - and that is given the limited sizes that can be retained on the Halibut -

Last year? maybe half?

the fishing is excellent this year ! The waters are great - the fishing is really good -

Jerry & Bill? happy campers ~
Mr Bill McMaster -

Mr. Jerry Kobza -

don't forget about what i said about the Sacto show -

tickets ...
Bill McMaster -

Jerry Kobza

i dunno -

Jerry? really? are you sure your having a good time?!?
Bill McMaster!
Jerry Kobza ~
Bill McMaster & Jerry Kobza

Certified: Nice guys

Pictured Bill McMaster

Jerry Kobza

"Action Shot"

ok ... up early - to sleep late - i'll fisnish posting pic's after my departure in the morning ... till then? know there was 2 busy gentlemen on this boat ...

Bill & Jerry flew out this morning with 4 boxes each ...

yup - 4!
Skip Whitlock -
Skip Whitlock
Charles Sr.

again - thank you
Skip Whitlock
aka Charles Whitlock Jr.
Charles Sr.
Yup ...

Marty Piontowski brought up this SWEET Halibut ~ had to release her - but NICE!

really : REALLY NICE !
Marty Piontowsky
Dan Vartan -

Yup ...

Dan ...

i recognise the coat -

there is a nice guy under there!
Dan Vartan -

I know the fishing was good - i know he 7 Marty caught fish ... but this is all the pic's i have? really?

WHY ???!!!


did you take some pics?
could you email them to me???

I know you have way more fish in the freezer than what is showing here ... of course that means - the crew was busy - to bust to take a picture - so i guess thats a good thing ...

BUT ...

OK : i'm whinning ...

Marty Piontowski -
here ~
Gayle & Harvey keeney

Gayle Keene


Harvey Keeney
L to R

1 deck hand's butt ....
Gayle keene
& Co- Angler Marty Piontowsky
Mr. Harvey Keeney

Turns out Harvey has a bit of History with a couple of Local folks -

Kay McKCarthy - a highly regarded local artist & her Husband - Harvey sang at their wedding a while back -

The gentleman can Sing!!!

i can't sing ... wish i could - Harvey can!
Gayle Keeney -

Gorgeous Fish Gayle!
Harvey Keeney -

Harvey & Gayle learned about us from GEORGE - Y'all know george - if you have fished with us - if you don't know GEORGE - you've heard GEORGE on the marine radio -

George & Harvey worked together in the past -

Thanks Harvey
& Thanks Gayle -

Remember - over 1300 recipes on the web site - okay? You may need some new ideas - you have a lot o' fish!
300 foot - in legnth -
Crew of 82
Trainees's 150

Mr. Brian Ehni
Mr. Scott Ehni

we have the whole family here -

Kenard Kaplan - group Leader is the Uncle -
3 Nephews - count 'em ...3

Brian Ehni
Scott Ehni
Kary McCord
Kenard Kaplan & Scott Ehni
Mr. Ken Kaplan
Mr. Kary McCord
Brian Ehni
Brian Ehni & Kary mcCord
L to R

Brian Ehni
Deckhand Dan
Scott Ehni
Ken Kaplan & Scott Ehni
Brian Ehni & Kary McCord

Gentlemen - thank you again -

Fun Guys!
Pictured is Tim Seidel -

See Tim? that's what I was talking about - when it all comes to gether perfectly -

Never know - this may be one you see in the booth at the FRED HALL SHOW -

pretty, hum?
Yup - that's it - the "glow" ...

Gary Seidel ~
Mr. Abe Madrigal -

- yes Abe - they are gorgeous - all three of them ...)
Mr. James Herron
Steve Chapman -

All that Salmon & Halibut Too -

thank you gentlemen - wonderfulk seeing the "old guys" again & meeting the "new guys ..."

see you at the show hopefully - work safely - take care!
Kevin O'Brien
Action Shot! John Neiswender -

Family dynamics -

John & Pat are brother & sister
Pat & Kevin are MArried (to each other)
Kevin & John are Brothers in Law
Pat O'Brien
John Neiswender & Pat O'Brien
Pat & Kevin O'Brien
L to R

Kevin O'Brien & John Neiswender

( & 1 crew member - Collin)

John Neiswender -

thank you folks - Pleasure fishing you - & making your aquaintance -

Pat O'Brien
Year number 15 - and probably 30 charters under his belt with us ...

Lenny just finished day 3 of a 5 day charter -

You remember Lenny ~ Everybody remembers Lenny!

more to be posted on his departure -

pooped him out today :-)

Lennie said
"OH NO! Not 2 more days of this crap"

Then he turned and was smiling from ear to ear ...

See? Another soul messing with the Sandwich Maker... whats with that?!?

i'll will post more on his last day fishing . 7/28/20110
Len Ambrose
Len Ambrose
Lenny Ambrose -

30th trip - says he won't be back next year ...

we'll see ...
Mr. Ambrose
Lennt Ambrose ~

Thank you Lenny -
lets stop and pause - can you picture FARMED Alaskan halibut?!?
Day 2 of 3 - 1 (one) more day to go -

After completion of their charter, that is when i'll post some of their 'pics'

Bill Goswick
Dan Goswick
Rod Hjelmstad

These 3 gentlemen lliterally met on arrival - sharing the boat on a 3 day "fish"...

laugh ... joke ... & mess with the POOR van driver ...

i have determined that i am gullable ...


More on last day 2/27/2011
Pictured: Danny Goswick

So the saga continues - These two brothers "hook" up with Rod Hjelmstad - never met until arrival at Sitka International Airport - (you international)

Like triplets of diffrent mothers ~ I'd like to think i have a special talent for matching up folks on a boat - but i don't - I couldn't have done this if i tried -

One of those things - you just had to be their to hear & see them ...
Rod Hjelmstad

I've seen Rod happy - but not like this - he had the BEST time with Dan & Bill - it would started at 5:33 AM and didn't stop until they were seperated at the end of the day - Rod Freelances & so chooses his own lodging - The Goswicks are fising All Inclusive - staying at alternate lodging.

(maybe a good thing)

Mr. Bill Goswick ~
Bill Goswick

Thats what I'm talkin' about! Nice!
Dan Goswick

Remember - Rain Gear is your friend ...
and maybe it has nothing to do with actual RAIN.
Mr. Rod Hjelmstad -

Gentlemen - Rod, Bill & Danny -

Thank you very much - had way to much fun just being the van driver - I have done something out of the ordinary & also added a picture of "Flounder". usually i add crew pics under "2011 Crew" but why should just us enjoy it?

Now EVERYONE can meet "Flounder" ~
Tyler " Flounder " Young

So the short story is that Flounder fell in ~ thats how the name changed from "Rodeo" to Flounder.

Rod Stayed in the cabin - relaxing & wishing the camera was close by.

Bill grabbed a life ring ~

Danny grabbed the Net!

;-) - priceless
Loaded up they did -

It's those lucky boots i tell ya!

L to R
Victoria Johnson
Kathleen James

These two close friends have known each other for 15+ years - Taking the Alaska Marine Highway, Kathleen is showing Victoria around 'her' state -

Kathleen lives in Alaaska -

I shipped her share iof the catch home to het husband & Victoria will call when she eventually gets home to the South East -

6 hous dock to dock & they will both receive right about 30 - 32 lbs of seafood -

think about this : fisished weight about 60 lbs - 6 hours dock to dock -

thank you both so much! have fun with the travels ~
Sitka is serviced by Alaska Airlines -

One non stop #63 Seattle to Sitka - arrives about 1:15 pm from Seattle.

Flight #68 is also a non stop from Sitka to Seatle - that flight departs about 9:45 AM to seattle
(south bound)

Yes - there are other flight that have with brief layovers from 22 minutes to 45 minutes arriving & departing to & from Sitka
L to R

Joe, Ronelle & Andrea Hoon

Taking what I call a POWER fishing Vacation - 2 Days fishing 3 Nights lodging -

Not Departing until the 29th - they'll be hiking & enjoying the nature trails & hiking - maybe some sea kayaking too?
Action Shot!

Joe Hoon
Joe Hoon -

Halibut & Yellow Eye -
Kings, Coho & Rock fish

Given this family fished 2 days - i think they'll end up with a nice amount of fish!
Joe Hoon

totally in his realm.
Joe Hoon

Why no Ronelle or Andrea?

well ...
Thank you Folks - Enjoy your lay days -

see you soon ...
Two Dads & 2 Sons -

These gentlemen & the Sons also have a nice history with us - we seem to end up just fishing really nice folks ...

Group leader - Fred Grumm

See Fred? See how great this Pic is? Thats why it take your captain so LONG to take a picture ...

i empathise .. & thank you ~ sure was worth it! ( show quality picture! )

Dan Marble Sr.

See? another nice one!
1.) The Angler
2.) The Fish &
3.) the Picture!

yup ~ keeping the 'sandwich maker' happy! this is a good thing!
David Grumm

Dan Marble Junior
L to R

Dan Marble Sr.
& "partner in crime" Fred Grumm
Gorgeous ~

Dan Marble Senior aka 'dad'
David Grumm

30lb Chinook (king Salmon)
Dan Marble

Day one : Limited out & home by 1:30 pm
Day 2 : Repeat
Day 3 : Limits minus 1 coho ... held out & came in about 4pm with that final coho -

they caught that hummer on the very last piece of bait ...
Yup ... Coho ...

Check the gums (king have black gums) and the tail is not freckled - King Salmon have 'dots' on the tail fins. freckled -
Dan Marble Sr.

These 4 anglers chose to fish their salmon only - agreeing that fishing halibut is work ...

The salmon fishery is running strong -
and it's active & fun to fish -

Halibut on the other hand is 'work' & kind of like watching paint dry.

Dan - Thank you
We'll see you in 2013!
Dan Marble Sr.
Fred Grumm

See you at the 2012 show Fred and fishing in 2013 -

i remember ... hats ...

David Grumm

Thank you David -
Dan Marble Jr.

Thank you Dan -

Take care gentlemen - our best to you families -

Over 1300 recipies on the web site you know ... click here to go right to the recipes.

186 are salmon recipes -
So, I know anglers aren't real partial to 'em - but i lke 'em .... their cute & round & blubbery ...
Tom May -

thank you to both you & Anne - have safe travels home - give me a call when your ready & we'll ship you apx 60 lbs of fresh frozen seafood & about 30 lbs of Smoked Salmon ...

Eat Well!

No worries on the travel tiome for you fish - we have it down to a fine art - it will all arrive frozen & in gorgeous shape - -
Okay : the gramma in me is coming out ...

look at that - priceless - he is adorable -

has his eye on that pole & he is NOT leaving it ... Reflected in his catch too! the "kid" is great! dad didn't do so bad either - like second nature -

love it!

Nice Work Mike!

so I stopped by their "place" later that day - Mike was toast & sound asleep ...

I's a dirty job people - but somebody has to do it ...
L to R

Michael May & deckhand Tyler "Rodeo"
Action Shot!

Tom May - on the "hook" fishing Halibut
L to R
Tom & Michael May

On the Family Vacation visiting an old friend that served with Tom ( the dad ) in the USCG -he found us online, called; we talked several times and on the 23rd of July I picked up Tom & his son Michael & took 'em fishin'.

Heck of a day - limits on everything - they smoked 74 lbs of Salmon (not all just some)- which i just got back today (the 25th).

In the freezer? 62 lbs of Fillets, Butterfly's & Steaks - gorgeous stuff.
This does not included the finished weight on the smoked salmon -

They left today this family of 4 - on the ferry - headed home - home is in New York -

nice family ~
Michael May
Dad : Tom May
Bald Eagle
Lemme look - nope - none of the two together ( father & son )

Dad Lives in Colorado - R.D. lives here in Sitka -

lets begin with that infamous "ACTION SHOT"
pictured is Dad ~ Carter Boardman
R.D Boardman -

shoulda asked - but i dunno what RD stands for ... but i like the RD part ...

nice fellows too ...
Carter Boardman

Carter (pictured) and his son - harvested their Kings - limited on Coho (silver salmon) and took 2 halibut -

Perfect ....

i love when a plan comes together -

R.D. Boardman

Chinook - and a beauty at that ...
Carter Boardman (Dad)

With only 1 of the other 11 Silvers they harvested - Only the two of them on that boat today -

"fishermans luck"

Yup! Good day all around ~

R.D. Boardman

Carter Boardman & King Salmon

Gentlemen ~ thank you again ~
That could be you ...
once again - "ACTION SHOT!"

Roger Tate
John Deleon
Roger Tate
Okay ... Looking for Bob Hubler ...

Bob? zat you?
Roger Tate -

like my niece used to put it ... nice "SHISH"
John DeLeon

Fish on Deck!
Bob Day - Group Leader
Where is Bob Hubler ?!?

what did you guys do with him?
John DeLeon
Bob Day

Thank you gentlemen - very much -
this could be you ....
L to R

Skip Schembari
Jon Michael Boshard "Mike"
& Mr. Gary Evans
Skip Schembari
Mike Boshard
Gary Evans

has a long history with us ...

fish cops ... furdick .... and this year? the numbers 1 and 1 (11)
Mike Boshard
Skip Schembari
Gary Evans
Gary Evans
Mike Boshard
One more time :
they came ...
they fished ...
they conquered ...

"can you say "check in baggage?"

L to R
Skip, Mike & Gary

Thank you gentlemen - very very much -

Wednesday 7/20

TOTAL: 3 boat(s) - 11 anglers
2 boat(s) @ 10 hours dock to dock
1 boat(s) @ 6.5 hours dock to dock

Morning GREEN

Breezy whitecapping conditions with moderate choppy seas.
Small long period swell.
Winds: N 11 to 15 knots
Seas: SW 6 feet at 17 sec.

Afternoon YELLOW

Windy conditions with choppy seas.
Small craft advisory.
Small long period swell.
Winds: NW 16 to 21 knots
Seas: SW 6 feet at 17 sec.

7 King Salmon
34 Coho
0 Chum
7 Pink Salmon
5 Halibut
0 Yellow Eye
19 Rock Fish
-- Ling Cod ~ ling cod is closed
1 Other

Hows the fishin'? Getting fish in the boat ~ Gary ( Mr. Evans )said he figured that between yesterday & the day prior they had landed 70 fish ...

Other species are not included in this statement. Given Kings & Coho that count is actually 81 - not including the pinks and chum they smoked ... turning in 100 lbs. of those babies ... )

fishing with us from the C/V Oosterdaam

Karen & Dezi Delvalle - Targeted specie? Halibut!

Pictured : Dezi Delvalle
On the "hook"

Karen Delvalle
Karen Delvalle
Dezzi Delvalle
Karen Delvalle
Dezi Delvalle

Thanks folks - give me a call when you get home - I have some fish looking for your freezer!

So - Collecting people as I go - and I am set to meet Jake & Erin who are spending their day in Sitka doing what else ... FISHING.

Erin is gorgeous & Jake won't curdle milk either ... and Erin holds out her hand - and there is a gorgeous engagement ring - Jake proposed on their Alaskan Cruise ~

I'm thinking Jake! She's a keeper! a woman who fishes!

A Gorgeous Woman who Fishes ...

L to R

Jake & Erin
Jake Miller

"Action Shot"
Erin Kuivanen
Jake Miller : 28 lbs
Erin Kuivanen & Jake Miller
Yup ... NICE & BRIGHT ... Beautiful ...

(the fish) ;-)
Erin Kuivanen

Jake & Erin

Catch of the day for Jake :

1 Erin, 1 King, 2 coho, Rock Fish


Catch of the day for Erin :

1 Jake, 1 King, 2 Coho & Rock Fish


Thanks folks - very much - pleasure making your aquaintance

One of these Gentlemen - 13 years with us
Another? 12
Another? 3
the last? 1st year

Max Dorflinger Sr.
Joel Swartz
Max Dorflinger Jr.
Hans Dorflinger

Pictured : Joel Swartz - 11 years
Max Dorflinger Sr. : 13 years
Max M. Dorflinger : 3 years
HAns Dorflinger : 1st timer!
Joel Swartz
Max F. Dorflinger Sr.
Max Jr.
Shhhhhhhhh - Quiet .....
Nap's over!

Hans Dorflinger

L to R

Joel Swartz

Max Dorflinger
Max Dorflinger
Max Jr.

beautiful fish!~
L to R

Hans Dorflinger

Max Dorflinger Sr.

Max Dorflinger Jr.
yup ... 12lb. Rock Fish

Joel Swartz
Joel Swartz
Joel Swartz
Max Dorflinger Sr.
L to R

Hans Dorflinger & Max Dorflinger Jr.

Again gentlemen - thank you all very much!
Kinda Pretty ins't it?

We have fish too!
May I introduce - NEW GUYS!

Pictured - Brian Dickey

Paty of 3 ~

Brian Dickey
Scott Paulson
Clay Schulz (schulTz) yup ... messed me up too ....
Scott Paulson

okay ... so you've seen 2 pic's ...

what i lovingly refer to as "ACTION SHOTS" right? they had a great trip -

Caarl Schulz


" Action Shot"
Mr. Clay Schulz -

Yellow Eye
Scott Paulson

Brian Dickey - gorgeous King!
lemme repeat myself -

Purty as a picture ! nice work Scott -

pictured: Scott Paulson ...
Clay Schulz -
Big Man there ... Brian Dickey -

Sorta dwarfs the coho, hum?

( aka nice guy ...)

L to R

guest Clay Schulz & guest aka deckhand Scott Paulson ...

some folks - they just love getting into the thick of things. It's what it's all about ...
They got their KINGS - every day
Limits of Silvers ...

Nice trip

Thank you gentlemen -
Group Leader . Chuck Leazer

10 h ours a day dock to dock - these guys did it daily in 6 to 7 hours ...
Buzz ( Floyd ) Leazer
Mr. Tom Ruhaak

(Heavy on the Mr. Part ...)

Action Shot

Buzz Leazer
Had to let her go ....

Tom Ruhaak mad this catch - i think they had her at 120 lbs.
once more for posterity ....

Tom Ruhaak " Catch & Release "
Tom Ruhaak :

Bringing that baby up ... with the help of deckhand Tyler Young
L to R

Chuck Leazer
Tom Ruhaak
Buzz (Floyd) Leazer
Okay ~ here we go again -

apx : 80 lbs

Chuck Leazer on the reel - Dad
(Buzz)Controling the stick
80 lbs apx : and a "hitchhiker"
Buzz Leazer
Tom Ruhaak
Chuck Leazer

Thank you gentlemen - see you at the show ...

( hi Vera! )
Tom Ruhaak
Chuck Leazer -


again - many thanks ...
Don Schnoor & Brad Schnoor

Don fished with brother Jack Schnoor, his nephew Brad Schnoor
and son in law Ed Martinazzi

between them all they have a corner on the Almond Growers ... Best darned Almond Brittle i ever had ...

good for breakfast to by the way!

Jack Schnoor
Ed Martinazzi & Don Schnoor
Back Row : L to R

Don & Brad Schnoor

Front Row : L to R

King Salmon & Silver Salmon

Ed MArtinazzi
Jack Schnoor
Mr. Brad Schnoor
Ed Martinazzi
Thank you gentlemen -

take care & see you at the 2012 sportsman show -
cute little 'feller' isn't he ...
Family Fishing - Pictures Is:
Sam Yamamoto

Grand Pa - Sam Yamamoto
Dad Jeff Cervinski
Mom Lori Cervinski
Son Justin Cervinski
Jeff Cervinski

NOPE ---

Dramamine was not a friend of his in the least - But the BONINE?

you guessed it!

it works! (better living through chemistry as i like to say!)
Lori Cervinski -

" Action Shot"
& Justin -

I have 1 more picture of him - kind of batteling on wether i should post it or not ... what? i should? but ... no ... really? well, okay ...

Justin Cervinski

zzzzzzz zzzz

; )
Sam Yamamoto
Sam Yamamoto
Beauty of a fish Sam ...

Jeff Cervinski
& Sam Yamamoto his Father in Law

A sweet little Silver too
" Action Shot - FISH ON!

R to L

deck hand Collin McMartin
Jeff Cervinski
One last one of Justin -

again - thank you
The inimitable group leader ...

Rob Chambers -

( gorgeous King )

fishing was a bit on the slow side the first 2 days - and then day 3 - (naturally the last day) Pretty darn good!

figures .....
Curt Glover

lookin' pretty contented i think ...
Yep ....

Happy ....

Dennis Ricks
Action Shot!

Dennis Ricks ~
Curt Glover -

Rob Chambers -

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen - THAT IS A COHO!

Dennis Glover

1 Yellow Eye
1 Tiger
Rob Chambers
L to R

Back Row -
Rob Chambers
Curt Glover

Front Row
Chinook Salmon ( King )
Chinook Salmon ( King )

; )
Group Shot!

L to R

Dennis, Curt & Rob

Thanks you gentlemen - very much!

see you at the show!
Curt Glover
Gorgeous -
Coming to us from Canada & on their anniversary also ( 25 years ) They had a very sucessful day -

Congratulations folks! On the marriage & your catch limits!

Pictured is Janet Mayer
Morris Mayer

Yellow Eye ( my favorite )
Janet Mayer

Thank you Folks - very much -
Nice work!

Moris Mayer -

2 couples on the boat & by coincidence -both celebrating their 25 year anniversary!

Moris & Janet Mayer
Dudley & Emily Heath

thanks folks -
Emily Heath

Checking the dates above it looks like they are fishing one more day ... yup!

Emily & Dudley first fished with us 10 years ago for their anniversary -

10 years later - 25th wedding anniversary - still fishing! Congratualtions!
Mr. Dudley Heath -

Emily Heath -

Teacher of the Year

TWICE - nice job!
Dudley heath -

yup! 31 lb King Salmon - Pretty hummm?
Emily Heath

i love those kind of pictures! PRICELESS!

u go girl!
Dudley Heath & a Vermillion
Emily Heath

Congratulations folks! On the marriage & your catch limits!
Emily Heath

Crab & Shrimping - Yum ~

They LOVED it!
L to R

Dudley & Emily Heath
Cooked up by their Captain - Setting aside legal limits - they chowed on some extra ~

Dudley Heath
grin grin
Mr. Ensley, Our 'poster boy'. Caught this beauty just off 'Bird Island'.

taken in 1995
Alaskan Reel Affair Charters Proudly introduces (again) our "POSTER BOY"
Doug Ensley

Yes Sirree Bob! think Brochure - Think Front cover - the fellow with the BIG King - rain gear - hoodie & sun Glasses? Thats him!
Mr. Tony Peters -

Nice Yellow Eye!

Pleasure meeting you Tony ;-)

speaking of which - we have had Doug on our cover since our inception in 1995 - ( NO - not the first year as fishing - the first year we went into business for ourselves - no longer being a "contract boat" for brand X.
Mr. Clem Melanson

'lemme' say it again - NICE guy!

Mike Peters -

Mike is from Arizona folks - in his neck of the woods it was 120 degrees at his home when he landed in Sitka -
L to R

Mike & Tony Peters sporting a couple o' COHO
Clem Melanson
Gorgeous -

(fish - i'm talkin' fish!!!)

Mr. Doug Ensley

Doug Ensley

Thank you Gentlemen - See you at the Show in 2011!
Frank Sligh & Deb Weiss fished with Deb's Brother Steve Weiss & Sister in Law Carol Weiss

Pictured - Frank Sligh
Steve Weiss

nice fish!
Carol Weiss (Nana)

L to R

Carol Weiss
Deb Weiss
Frank Sligh

Frank Sligh
Deb Weiss
Frank Sligh
L to R

Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss's Arm,
Steve's Hand & Phone,
Great pic! (honest!)
Brother & Sister

Steve Weiss & Deb Weiss
L to R

Carol Weiss & Brother in Law;
Frank Sligh
Carol Weiss & her Deckhand; Collin
Steve Weiss
Deb Weiss
Steve Weiss

(i know)

Thank you folks - very very much -
Taken by the Sligh Party -
L to R

Charlie 7 Michelle McKay
Kim & Kevin Orth
Lee Crowder

Limits on King Salon this year are 5 annualy - Lee visited us twice - fished 2 days each time & kept his 4 ~

thank you Lee -
Eric Fredeen - Fishing one day - an Alaskan resident from up North a ways -visiting family in sitka -

Thanks Eric
Arriving in town a day early ( the 24th ) they took one day "a lay day" to relax & enjoy Sitka & what she has to offer.

Pictured ~ Colleen Berry
Tom Berry State Rep for Montana
What did the harvest collectively? Halibut, King Salmon, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, Rock Fish & Coho -

went home with 3 box's @ 50lbs box's & 1 at 36# - Nice Job!

L to R
Deckhand Dan Peters
Guest Tom Berry
Colleen Berry
Tom Berry
Colleen Berry - Gorgeous - 27+ lbs

The fish that have been moving through seem to be a younger school - so smaller - this one is beautiful!
Action Shot!

Tom Berry - Fishing Kings ~
L to R

Colleen & Tom Berry

Thank you folks!

Tom Berry
When David & Steph first came with us - They came as a couple ~ David & Steph. that was six years ago.

Alicyn; now (10) and Zach (8)stayed at home & partied : kid style.

2 years later they rreturned with Alicyn - She LOVED it!

now in 2011 2 years later, they return again, but bringing Zach this time too. (he's a doll)

L to R
Alicyn Bliss
Zach Bliss

(love name: Midget & Little man.)
L to R
Dad - David
Little man - Zach
Mom; with the BIG ONE is Stephanie
& Midget ~ Alicyn

Yes - they are fishing tomorrow too ...

This is how we take care of little kids - & the adults they bring with them.

We all Inclusive the Adults & freelance the kids - the childrens fish rides along on the adults packages as the adult packages have unlimited fish processing. Totally works for the family and helps keep a few bucks in their pockets - I'm good with that!
David Bliss
L to R

Deck hand Justin Bell
David Bliss
Action Shot ~ David Bliss
L to R

Alicyn Bliss & Mom Stephanie Bliss
L to R

Alicyn & Zach Bliss

Yes ~ kids Catch Fish!
L to R

David & Zach Bliss
A day of Crab & Shrimping -

Alicyn has done it before with her folks ~ tolkd Zach ALL about it (as the story goes)and Zach was ready to go this morning ~ couldn't wait to POP off those little heads.

some he did with his teeth .....
L to R

Zach, David, Stephanie & Alicyn

Thank you folks -

Tomorrow ~ Fishing again & then a "lay day in Sitka enjoying our Village & the home.

means i'll have more pic's to post !
David & Alicyn Bliss
Davis & Zach Bliss -

Again - thank you folks -
Stephanie Bliss
Stephanie & Alicyn Bliss
Dad ~ David Bliss -
We have 5 27' Seasports & 1 30' Almar
Michelle Gray

We fished Chris & Michele last year - they returned for another "GO" bringing Jason with them!

Jason is nice too - he has lucky underwear. !?!?
Michele Gray

thanks Michele
Chris Gray

Thank you Chris!
L to R

Jason Angel & Christopher Gray
Jason Angell -

This is the guy with the lucky underwear - He won't tell me anything about them & says if he does he'll have to kill me ...

Oooo, secret stuff ....

So then that make me think. If Jason could wash 'em or not?

& if you can't wash 'em - is that 'cuz it washes the "lucky" out?

I'll never know

Back Row
L to R

Michele Grey
Chris Grey
Jason Angell

Front Row
L to R

King Salmon
King Salmon
King Salmon

Jason Angell

Thank you Jason -
Nice Job -

(looks like he's havin' fun too!)
Action Shot!
Whoa ~

Thank you Troy!
L to R

Deckhand Dan Peters
Deckhand Tyler Young
Troy Ricks
Troy Ricks -

( holy cow ... )

cocktail sauce - shrimp - iced tea -

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it ... poor guy ~
Crab & Shrimping - and yes - you can take your limits home in your box ~

Thank you Troy!
Troy Ricks -

Troy's whols family has fished with us - ( even gramma! )

Hi Rene'!!!

Thanks folks!
Nice Picture Troy! this one might just show up at the SLC ISE Show in SANDY UTAH !

(LOOK! tubby water !)
l to R

Troy Ricks
& Deck hand Justin Bell
Nice Yellow Eye - really nice!
Gary Mullen
Jerry Mullen
Gary Mullen
Gary Mullen
Lee Crowder

Thank you Sir -
Lee Crowder - taking a two day trip (it'a what i call a POWER VACATION -)

slight mix up in flights - ( no he didn't get it wrong ... ) it all came together -
Lee Crowder -
Compliments of Jake Farrell

Thank you jake - see you next year!
Compliments of Jake Farrell
Compliments of Jake Farrell

Love getting pic's from my folks -
the pictures they give me are totally cool! thank you Jake !
On the Hook ~
L to R

Patricia Pendergrast
Mike Finnegan

Joining us one day - 10 hours dock to dock -
Mike & Patricia took the Fast Ferry from Juneau to fish for a day - They said rod hours there in Juneau for Kings are at 15.
Patricia Pendergrast
1 day of fishing reaped a 50 lb box of Frozen Fillets - They harvested some of everything -


Kinda tell who the camera liked - hum?
L to R

Patricia Pendergrast
Mike Finnegan -

Had the boat all to themselves they did!
Action Shot -

I'd post names - but she dosn't look like Mike now does she!

Thank you both - see you on the water!
5 A.M.
Dick Fulton aka happy camper

Dick fish with good frien Bob Weinhardt -
Bob Weinhardt
Dick Fulton & Ling cod -

Bob Weinhardt

Yellow Eye - recipe ideas are right here on this site! check them out!

Thank you gentlemen - pleasure fishing you

Pictured: Dick Fulton
Bob Weinhardt -

again - thank you

You can't tell by the pictures, we don't show all their pictures or all their catch - but they went home wih an incredible assortment of beautiful seafood -
Dick Fulton

check out the water -
Bob Weinhardt
Dick Fulton -
Mr. Bob Weinhardt

again - thank you both
Anglers don't like 'em But HEY! I drive the van - what do i know!

here kitty kitty kitty .....
Donna Gilbert

They be receiving a pretty nice shipment once they get home & give me a ring! They;'' be happy ... ( they were happy - now they'll be happier!
Skip Gilbert
Donna Gilbert -

( you go girl! )
Don Reidel -

Visiting Sitka while on an Alaskan Cruise

The goal of this gentleman - was ... SALMON -

did well i maght add... Don even held the my ALASKAN REEL AFFAIR CHARTERS sign - while waiting for two more anglers to disembark ther ship ... go figgure.
Leave the big boat,
go fihing on the little boat.

(figuratively speaking )
Will be Bled, Gutted, Gilled and put on ice - it will be vac sealed in 4mil pouches - each pouch labeled - cut in portions for 2 and frozen to -25.

Depending on your travel time we will fully insulate - deliver to the airport and get it on the belt at ALASKA AIRLINES for you & yours -

Every day you may change your mind between Steaks, Fillets, Butter flies, Whole side Fillets, or Smoked - It's all up to you ...
Ahhh ....

Mister Michael Marriott
Sam Ball fishing off our 30 foot Almar
Jake Farrell -
Al Stuart -

so .... ugh .... ummmmm ....
JAke Farrell
Mr. Sam Ball
Back Row

L to R

Sam Ball
Mike Marriott

Chinook (King Salmon)
Chinook (King Salmon)

do you think they argued over who's is bigger?
Mr. Alan Stuart

(nice fish Al! )
Jake Farrell

Yellow Eye is a beauty!
Nice "Butt" Jake!
Our Illustrious Group Leader

Mike Marriott

Thank you gentlemen - Mike, Jake, Sam & Al - see you next year -

Mr. Danny Mosley

Danny fished with
Carl Ries
Jerry Ringlbauer
Steve Bennett

Jerry Ringlbauer

Mr. Steve Burnett
Mr. Jerry Ringlbauer
Left to Right

Jerry Ringlbauer
Steve Burnett
Carl Ries

Thank you gentlemen -
Danny Mosley - Thank you Danny -
Carl Ries
Carl Ries
Steve Burnett
Jerry Ringlbauer
Ladies & Gentlemen May I proudly present:

Rubber Boy & Anchor Girl!
Roxanne Rietveld -

TaaDaa! "Anchor girl"

Making Friends with a King Crab - Not Close Friends - he had a pressing engagement with his other cabbie friends -

As Much as he liked Roxanne - he had to go ....

Did Roxanne have fun?

yup! totally!
Dan Rietveld - Crab & Shrimping & Coiling Rope
Crab & Shrimping trip with Rubber Boy & Anchor Boy

L to R
Dan Peters - deck hand
Roxanne Rietveld
Dan Rietveld - see feet? "rubber boy"
It's a dirty Job - but somebody has to do it ...

Dan & Roxanne
on Vacation in Sitka Alaska

Thank you folks -
Dan Rietveld

Again - thank you both
Nice work there gentleman!

Halibut on the hoof !

His wife Kim enjoyed our local "color" while jim spend 4 full days of fishing -
L to R

"Rubber Boy" & "Anchor Girl"
Jim Mandos
Jim Mandos

Certified: Nice Guy!
Chinnok Salmon (King)

Angler: Jim Mandos
Jim MAndos - Thank you Jim

- Yellow Eye -

Yum .....
On the Hook ~

Fishing Halibut -

L to R

Tyler Young - Deck hand
Jim Mandos - Guest Extrordinare
Roman Sorokin - Captain
Yup - Here it comes! Halibut!

Jim Mandos - angler
L to R

Deck hand - Tyler Young
Ling Cod
Mr. Jim Mandos !
Jim Mandos & Rock Fish!

Jim says the best part is just no knowing what is going to be on the other end of that lilne ~
Mr. Jim Mandos
Private enclose head. Heated enclosed cabin -
L to R
Jeri Talbott
Justin Bell - Deck hand
Tom Talbott
Jeri & Tom Talbott -
Jeri Talbot & a gorgeous Ling Cod -
Jeri Talbott
L to R

Jeri & Tom Talbott -

(nice boots Jeri!)
Tom Talbott -

on the hook for halibut!

Tubby Water!

Jeri Talbott
Mr. Tom Talbott
Jeri talbott - fishin' halibut !
Jim Varney

Thanks Jim!

A pleasure meeting your family.
L to R

Jim Varney
Dan Varney
Josh Varney
Russel Simmons

Nice show of fish gentlemen!
L to R

Russel &
Jim (Dad)

Good show of Chinook!
Russel Simons

A whole Family of gentlemen -
Dad Jim, Son in law - Russel
Son Dan aka Bob
and Josh aka Shooter ....

had to do it ya know ....

Gorgeous King Salmon ~ Chinook
L to R Back Row :

Josh Varney
Jim Varney

Jim is an outfitter in Utah - Hunts Elk i think it is ....
Long Valley Ranch
Jim Varney

"Action Shot"
Back Row - L to R
Jim, Dan, Josh & Russel

Front Row - L to R
Yellow Eye, Yellow Eye, Yellow Eye, Yellow Eye,

sometimes ... i can't help it ....
Josh Varney
Dan Varney
Russel Simmons -
Go ahead - try to figure that last name out - way easier than you'd think -

It's Sponaugle : See how easy that was?

Lets start off with ROCK FISH!
" Action Shot! "

Rick Sponaugle
Rick Sponaugle

Yellow Eye -
L to R

Deck hand Dan, Cheryl Sponaugle

and Announcing LARRY the LING COD -

you know the old addage - if you love something let it go ... if it comes back it's yours to hold forever -

Well, Cheryl did the " let it go part ... and

to be continued
Dinner on the hoof - so to speak ....

Harvested by Rich & Cheryl Sponaugle
Nice Coho - Silver Salmon -

Folks are clearly not getting limits - too early in the season - this is an early run ...

Bonus Fish! SWEET!

Go Girl!
Halibut fishing in a bath tub, check out those long slow swells.

Rick Sponaugle
Cheryl Sponaugle
Cheryl Sponaugle

Folks, Thank you again -
When your fish is harvested? It is Bled, Gilled & Gutted & put on ice - it's all about the quality of what you receive when you get home & open the box - once it's boated it becomes your food - so quality is key -

(but first we take pictures)

Crab & Shrimping ~ Great Trip

Russ fished 6 days, but Russ & Reba did spend 1 full day crab & Shrimping -

a trip that n ever afford the thrills of sea sickness - does it Reba? NOPE!
Russ Edwars & King Crab - Can't keep 'em. There is a moratorium on this specie - They did keep their Dungeness Crab ~ (yum)
Nice King -

Russ Edwards
Russ Edwards : Yellow Eye -

Nice Job!
Another Gorgeous King -

Russ & Reba harvested a nice amount of seafood - and a really nice variety - I sent them home with 3 boxes of fillets & shell fish - all bubble wrapped & insulated - for that trip home to Oklahoma -
Russ Edwards ~

Thank you Russ & Thank you Reba!
Once More ~ Nice Fish Russ!
Compliments of one female child - Pam Reynolds

Peggy & Allan Isaac -

The following information has been submitted from the Alaskan Reel Affair Charters Web Site Contact Form

Name = Peggy Isaac

Octobre and Tim,

Just wanted to let you know how much we miss all of you already.

I don't know what I'm going to do without my packed lunch either :)

It truly was one of my best vacations ever!!!

Hugs to Justin too!!!

You are all such a wonderful bunch of people.

Love Ya,


We had our first fish for dinner last night. We fixed the halibut. It was the best ever oh so good!! Yummy, Yummy!

Thanks again for showing us such a wonderful time, I can hardly wait to come again.

Peggy Pankonin Isaac

L to R

Peggy & Allan Issac
Allan & Peggy Isaac - How did we meet them? WELL, we met Leroy Reprogle at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show a couple O' years ago -

Leroy spoke with Allan & Peggy at Leroy's sushi restaurant - and whadyaknow? they called ... and there you go!
Back Row - L to R
Allan Issac, deck hand Justin Bell

Front Row
Yellow Eye
Nice Smilie Allan Issac!
Ms. Issac - Peggy

(the one who wrote me the nice email ...

Allan & Peggy Issac
& a
couple o' Ling Cods too!
Tongass National Rain Forest - thats what i tell folks - that & we supply rain gear -

Peggy & Allan brought their own - BUT - we do supply rain gear!
Allan Issac & Peggy

Thank you both!
Leroy Reprogle ( crabby )
Fellow in the RED hoodie - Ron Driesbach

Fellow holding the pole? Ed Benhart
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