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Mr.Jerry Otto

a darn nice Ling cod (fish and chips on the hoof) and one deck hand; Daniel Peters

Jerry - is this 12 years? 13?

Joel Swarts
Jerry Otto
Nilo Urbani
Max Dorflinger

These fellows - with the exception of Nilo have fished with us since 1995 ~ maybe it was 1996 ... long time -

thank you gentlemen
Jerry ~

i love my fish ...

i love my fish ...

i love my fish ...

i love my fish ...
NOrtSpawners - all feeders! The flesh is firm ~ When you see Salmon on a menu - typically it's farmed - or it's Atlantic Salmon -

If it Wild Alaskan Salmon - be it Kings or Silver (coho) they will say so!

Your server will talk it up! The price for that meal?

The menu will read; Market Price"
i love my fish ... i love my fish ...i love my fish ... i love my fish ...
the 'fish report' only reflects what was actually harvested & not what was caught & released.

The huge ling cod that Max caught was released - this guy is still terrorizing the ocean & eating his friends ~

I use the term 'friends' loosley ...
Ling Cod

Nice fish Nilo ~
L to R - Back Row


L to R Front Row

Ling Cod
Ling Cod
Max Dorflinger a.k.a. nice guy

Thank you gentlemen ~ see you next year ~
Kinda Purty isn't it?
Your vacation is our occupation.

it dosen't get better than that ~
Friends since High School

Earl Ohlson & 'Red' Flemming

Pictured is Red Flemming
Catch of the Day!

'it's a double header'!

Earl Ohlson
Earl Ohlson

Calm Seas ~
Clear Skies ~
& Ling Cod

thank you gentlemen ~

Historically - Ling Cod is Open 5/15 - 6/14

and again 8/16 through the remainder of our season -

This year Ling Cod is open all summer long for the non-resident angler.

Limits are 2 anually

A.) 1 may be in the slot of 30 to 35 inches.
B.) the other may be a trophy; 55inches or better.
'take out' !

Mr. Dennis Gittins

This is Dennis's first year with us - he came up with Duane Zimmerman - who has a history with us -

A bit slower this year, compared to the last time Duane fished, as Duane well knows.

The nice thing is, they still went home with fish & just smiled the whole time...

They had fun ~ AND took home enough fish to the 'bride's' that they'll be checking out the recipe's on the web site~

1300+ recipes ~ all categorized for you
Fish & Chips on the hoof ~ such a cool looking fish - they have skin - like a halibut - no scales ~

i'm thinking wallet ... find me a TROPHY LING COD; 55" or better & i'll think about a belt!

L to R
Dennis Gittins
Captain Dan Corduan
Off the 'Cape' & probably what i lovingly refer to as "SITTING on the HOOK"

Gorgeous Yellow Eye Duane

look past Duane & that BIG Yellow
Eye for a moment - check out the water -
'tubby water calm'

Thankyou gentlemen - wish i had more pic's to choose from - see you at the show? let me know if you want tickets -
feel free to bring the wives too!

you can e mail some to me if you like ~ i'll use them ~ (one's with you guiys in them)

again, alwlays a pleasure & thank you!
Take the time to go fishing

L to R
Duane Zimmerman
Deck Hand David Erickson

Raymond Schneider ~ Inimatable 'Group Leader'

Ray has a hunting Lodge in Kansas.

So, let's see if i can get this right;

Prairie Chickens
Phesant &
White Tail Deer

A web site? yes there is!
covert lodge web site * click here!
L to R (back row)

Ray Schneider
Dean Oliver
Yvonne Oliver

L to R (front row)
Ling Cod
Silver Salmon
Ling Cod

A box of fish a day is about what they went home with ~

First they flew from Sitka to Seattle, then Seattle to Denver.
Then a "short' 10 hour drive to Osborne Kansas, with fish in tow...

They called this morning to tell me they just got home & were putting away FROZEN seafood ~
Holy %#@* Yvonne!

That thing is HUGE!

I gotta tell you, folks catch ROCK FISH every day, but ya know ... that thing is HUGE!!!
Ray ....

Ray ???


Nice Butt People!


L to R
Justin Bell - Deck Hand
Dean Oliver -
Roman Sorokin - Captain
So ... as the story goes - durring the course of the 10 hour drive home with Ray & Yvonne, Dean mentions that after several 'pit stops' by moon light, that HE specifically made it home safetly with no indecent exposure tickets ...

& that Dean, that would most certainly ave put a damper on Yvonne's fishing vacation 'after glow'.

Psssssssst Yvonne ~ 2 words.
wine. ;-)
you guys cold?
Ray, Yvonne & Dean went home with;

Ling Cod
Rock Fish
King Salmon
Silver(coho) Salmon
& some Shrimp from SSS

200+ lbs of fresh frozen fillets, labeled, vacuum sealed, frozen to -30, portioned for two & some it smoked.

Sitka to Seattle.
Seattle to Denver
The quick drive home took ONLY 10 hours~

Ray said the temprature in his pickup read 116 degrees when he left home to come fishing in Alaska ~

They checked into their flight at noon on the 13th ~ arriving back home about 7:30 A.M. on the 14th ~

& yes, the fish was still frozen when they got home -

i know what they'll find when they open the boxes, but i always wonder what the first impression is?
Thank you Ray ~ see you next year in Denver!
One of the bravest women i know ~

: )

she has that gorgeous Silver too ~ i'm thinking BBQ

Thank you Everyone - Hope to see you all when we're doing our shows

Thinking 'Melting Pot'
Ray, Yvonne & Dean ~ Enjoy !
Sitka Sound Seafoods reserves 7000 lbs of weight on Alaska Airlines daily to ship Alaskan Seafood to the lower 48
Not really reflected in these photo's Troy headed for home with 50lbs of fillets & a box of his salmon he had smoked -

Meeting on the boat - fishing together for 4 out of 5 days --

we fish not more than 4 anglers to a boat - with a crew of 2 ~

Troy - a lone angler (Left)
'hooked up' with a guide from Kansas, Ray Schneider (not pictured) & friends Dean & Yvonne Oliver

The coupling worked - they shared dinner together at Sea Mountain Golf Course & Restaurant (rated #1 by the majority of my folks this year)
Thank you Troy

See you next year!
almost headed home the morning of 7/12 on the early flight out of Sitka ~

Thank you Troy ~

Hi Renee!
Joan Axon -

43 pounds of meat onthe hoof
Beautiful Fish!
Thank you folks-very much

continuing on in Alaska ; headed to ANCHORAGE ~ we'll use ALASKA AIRLINES to air cargo the fish home to them

Gary & Joan live very close to an airport that ALASKA AIRLINES services - ALASKA AIRLINES has freezers or coolers & the fish will arive in gorgeous condition --
43 lbs.
Back Row L to R

Rob Haney
Derick Wright
Bob Haney

Fron Row L to R
Halibut ;-)

Answer ~
& She's in the boat!

Congrats -i know it was tough - a light bite - bunch of Orca's ~ but you did it!
It's like Derrick says ~

it's ALASKA for 'Pete's sake'

Pete who?

hi Delany!
Derrick Wright

Thank you Derrick - hope we'll see you & grab a bite in Puyallup
i can see why ~
really - loads of 'em...

and they're HUNGRY all the time.
'Master' Ryder Ladner

While'MOM was in Seattle visiting Family - the 'Boys" came to Sitka for 3 days of fishing.

We'll shiptheir fish one they get back home inthe Dakota's.


Because they are driving ...
L to R

Deckhand : Justin Bell
Ryder Ladner
Mike Ladner
fishing on an Island in the Pacific Ocean ~
Betsy & Captain Dan Corduan

43 / 45lbs

congrats ~right on the money!
once more - just cuz...
That's why we call 'em SMILIES ~
Bill Coughlin & Stan Rose

Pictured : Stan Rose

Ya know - every year i say this - and every uyear it proves it self - over and over and over -

Meet Bill Coughlin

He calls home tell the Bride & his daughter how his day went ~ what he harvested ~ What Stan harvested ~

Then he tell his wife he got
a "little ----"

oh wait - this is a family site ....
Those are Penn 965 Reels Bill - the ones you used for Salmon -

& and can be a kick if you jig up a 'butt' on one of those
I dunno - does he look cold to you?

How about RYDER (a.k.a. the kid) on the right?

The "Annual Bag Limit" on Yellow Eye is ...


frying pan - butter - salt - pepper -

L to R

Stan Rose
Bill Coughlin

Between - Sea Lions - Orca's (killer whales) & Shark - they still had agood trip -

Smiling the whole time - even while dripping ...
Fish ON!
Dan & Birget -Dad & Mom

and Charlotte

fishing one day with us, then it's off to Gustavis, AK

L to R - David - deckhand
Dan Townley
Nice Job!

(locals call 'em Smilies)

(pretty stinkin' cute)
Love this place...
Father-In-Law; Mark Millett
Son-In-law; Dennis Haushalter

I'm good at names-and i still can'tsay it - okay - i say it badly ...

Pictured is Mark Millett

(they had fun!)
Purty Fish!

I have heard it refered to as a 'fishing vacation'

it's just that ...

i'm just sayin' ....

Front - Dennis Haushalter

Back - L to R
Jared Hawkins
Mark Millett
Thank you Mark!
Unable to complete his Trip - something unavoidable interupted his trip ~

Good Luck Jared
•8 Hours Dock to Dock:
Guaranteed eight (8) hours a day fishing affords you 6.5 to 7 hours wet line time.
Cost - $280.00 per person - (Sales Tax is not included) 5% cash discounted rates

•7 Hours Dock to Dock:
Guaranteed seven (7) hours a day fishing affords you 5.5 to 6 hours wet line time.
Cost $270.00 per person (Sales Tax is not included) - 5% cash discounted rates

•6 Hours Dock to Dock:
Guaranteed six (6) hours a day fishing affords you 5 hours wet line time.
Cost - $260.00 per person - (Sales Tax is not included) - 5% cash discounted rates

•5 Hours Dock to Dock:
Guaranteed five (5) hours a day fishing affords you 4 hours of wet line time.
Cost - $250.00 per person (Sales Tax is not included) 5% cash discounted rates
These gentlemen arrived in Sitka for three (3) days of fishing - bringing their wives (non-fishing spouses) to enjoy sitka & the tours offered -- & shopping i suspect.

pictured; John Moynier

After ...

beautiful ~ does it get prettier than that?
Jeff Failor ~ Fishing Halibut

check out the seas ...

Jeff Failor
Thats what i'm talking about ~

Traveling home: July 4th

Thank you gentlemen -- a pleasure to fish -
Answer # 1 -

yes it's extinct

kind of looks like a mini Mount Fugi ~you can Hike to the top,

advised is:

1.) have bear spray
2.) or a weapon
3.) just go with someone who runsslower than you ...

check out next picture
Jeremy (family) & the rest of the family were camping over on Kruzoff where Mt. Edgecumber is -

He scared of MAMA, but one larger young bear - and 4 smaller ones were curious -

The 4 little dark brown ones weighing in about 150 lbs. each --

note: don't turn your back & don't run ... if you do?

Fishing 4Days ~ 6 Night - All Inclusive - they layed over in sitka one extra day for the holiday (July 4th)
and to check out the local 'color'.

L to R
Allex Torres Jr
Hollis Lundy

Confirmed by me as "good guys"

(kinda funny too ...)
is Hollis taking a picture of US taking a picture of THEM?
What can i say?
There's that guy again ... taking MORE pictures of US ...
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Looks like Hollis is inventing a few of his own???
They said he'd be in the cabin - come out - catch the big one-

go back in the cabin

come back out & catch the big one-

go back in the cabin

come back out & catch the big one-
These are just a few pictures of the first two days of their fishing.

...but now we know what he was trying to say in the other picture!
Alex, Hollis , Thank you both very much!
hard to believe isn't is?

calm day & minimal winds

i know the weather always says rain ... not true ...
Tad Labrie Jr.
Mark Labrie
Andrew Vermes Jr.
Brett Labrie
Maria Labrie
Joshua Vermes
& Dad: Gil Labrie

a very proud dad & grand-pa ~

Thank you for being a bunch of fun to fish!

(we fish good people)
No Gloves! you go girl!
The Labrie Family fishes FREELANCE

the fish every other day - They take a vacation rental - as opposed to a hotel - this one came with a car - which was really nice -- even on their 'off' day(s) they fished - and did well if i do say so myself!


L to R

Andrew Vermes Jr.

Joshua Vermes (after!)
L to R

Andrew Vermes Jr.

Gil Labrie

Thank you Gil ~
Limits of King Salmon one & off for bottom fish

Rock Fish
Like when you watch a dance~

All the dancers are turning the same way but one ...


Or the game 'one of these is not like the others'.
Silver Salmon

Thinking we'd see a few more COHO by now - but historically July 15th is what we say to folks... I like when they show early, it's like having a commitment at 7:30 AM & being there 5 minutes early - RIGHT?

If they show up late - that's just rude ~

L to R
Tad Jr. &

Dinner on the hoof ~

Huge? no ~

but honestly? what you see is quality. This is the halibut you'll be served at your finer restaurants. It's the size & the quality that make us all love Halibut SO much ~

perfect ~

(and limits!)
Joshua Vermes
Gorgeous King ~

Thank you again folks, see you next year!
Arrival Times Seattle to Sitka

63 @ apx 1:15 pm
67 @ apx 6:00 pm
70 @ apx 10:59 pm

70 @ apx 10:59 pm ; this one waits in juneau for the connecting flight from Anchorage ---

if that flight is on time - flight 70 will be on time.

I lovingly refer to this flight as the "late flight"
1) time of night it arrives
2.) it's frequently late waiting in Juneau ...

think about this -
1. your traveling ALL day -

2. you arrive on the late flight

3. It's late

4. BOTH; time of day & the flight's arrival (waited in juneau, remember?

5. time change (ADST)

6. i am picking you up for this flight
in my jammies... ;-)


7. i am picking you up to go fishing at 5:30 am

and if that isn't reason enough to AVOID this flight .... POOOR 'Tobre get's up at 3:00 am to make lunches...
Dad - Chris
Mom - Rosanne Flann
Son - Mac

1 day of fishing - 10 hours dock to dock - my 'day charter folks are afforded everything on board, as though they are All-Inclusive

just think - your first day fishing is your last day of fishing * and they rocked!

Kings (2) , Halibut(3) , rock fish (15) , and some TOO BIG LING COD they h ad to release ...

Nice day ...
Mac Flann
L to R

Chris & Rosanne Flann

thank you folks
Commonly referred to by us 'Humans' as LUNCH
Leazers fished a 5 day 6 night package, & the 29th being their 5th & final day.

Alex Torres & Hollis Lundy are fishing a 4 day 5 night package - the 29th being their 1st day

L to R

Alex Torres
Hollis Lundy
Buzz Leazer
not pictured; Chuck Leazer

thank you gentlemen-

T'was was a BANNER last day day for 2 anglers & a steller 1st day for 2 others ~

Good guys - all of them - kind of a match made in heaven it seemed...
7 times? 8?

I remember after the first time they
fished Chuck thought maybe a 5 day fishing trip would be to much for his dad ...

NOPE :-)

L to R

Chuck Leazer
Buzz Leazer

Buzz likes to mess with the 'poor' van drivers head.

But the 'poor' ole' van driver will give him a hug ...that'll teach him!

Being a party of 2, i paired them up with Dale Claflin & Pat Brandjes - A niceblend of gentlemen
1. Hat
2. Hoodie
3. Rain gear

When i first glanced at the photo I worried he might have been cold, but...
Nice Butt Chuck!!!

headed in - last day - sucessful day - limits for all !

Thank you gentlemen -
Buzz - stay in touch & Chuck see you and Vera at the convention center.

but go to Will Call first!
Cuddley looking like my 'Teddy' bear.
Back Row; L to R

Deck hand; Justin Bell
Angler; Mr.Buzz Leazer

Front & Center;
A Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon
Bent Rod....

Mr. Chuck Leazer

(hi vera!)
Montana can be proud!

Nice picture! All about the colors!
2 are the same & one is diffrent:
2 men & a fish?
2 in orange, & 1 in yellow?

Seriously though ~ The seas look sweet & for the remainder of the week it only gets better

Everyone loves the sun & the warmth - but this is a rain forest, it's the wind you don't want ...
We discussed this - Chuck falling in & not showing up at home & EVENTUALLY Vera will probably drop me an e-mail or leave a message-

Just about two of the nicest gentlemen on the planet ~ kind of a slow few days for them - and not to many pictures were taken -

I like lots of pictures to choose from,& for some reason, not to many have been taken the last 7 days or so ...

Flying to Seattle today - spending time with family in Seattle, then driving back to Idaho.

What abolut the fish? Some goes to Idaho - via Alaska Air Cargo - Some to Pats daughter, Sonja, and some to Phoenix -

I am a known shipper with Alaska Airlines,& they have freezers -- It only works if near enough to an airport Alaska Airlines services ~ and all 3 shipments are -

Not near as costly as FED EX - if choosing to ship - or if not taking as check in baggage ...

It's a pretty sweet way to go if neede for some reason ~

Thank you gentlemen - I have you covered!

P.S. To my folks that are still to arrive: feel free to use the camera
on board, & a fresh perspective is always a good thing - OH, & try not to drop them in the ocean ...
Thank you sir!
Great Gentlemen - and abit of slow fishing - & smiles the entire time


(Nice King Dale!)
Look Closley ~
looks like this in "real life" too
L to R - Back Row

back row:

Front Row
Ling Cod
Ling Cod

dang - that's just fun!

maybe i have my gramma goggles on, but i think they're cute ~

These are very mature young men, they didn't cry when it was time to go home like their DAD'S did ...
a man in his "happy place"

when you run out of ideas ...

there are 1300 recipes right here!
Nice hat Anthony ~

even nicer fish Anthony!
Brian's son

until i decide he'll be Dave's son again ....

this might be a good time to mention that all the boats have HEATED enclosed cabins

;-) yup
Brian Fuller, the dad of Master Hayden has his hands full & i'm NOT refering to Hayden.

nice show~
Master Anthony's dad

These gentlemen (Brain Fuller brother of David)) caught a 100 pound halibut jigging for Salmon on 25 pound test -

the fish was released but it makes a really good "fish story"

'the one we caught & had to release story'

Once upon a time in Southeast Alaska, while jigging for King Salmon with a Penn 965, on a Lamiglass 1310 T & 25 pound test a funny thing happened.

Naturally it's not in the accepted limits for 2012, but it's a kick catching them on a fishing rig like that.

i think it's like Elk or Deer Season, they are all over the place - until the season opens & then POOF!
They disappear

or? Murphy's Law
You are a kick Hayden!

Anthony, It was a good idea you and Hayden had bringing your dad's on the fishing vacation! They had fun! Thank you both!
This is the Tongas National Rain Forest
Wow Scott - she's a pretty one!
Double Header
L to R

Ben Klein
Rob Zinman
Scott Foster
Thomas Foster
Tom & Scott Foster

Thank you gentlemen!
Mr.Scott Foster, with a beauyy of a halibut & nice seas!

Check it out! Daily Fishing Report
Scott Foster

Scott fished FREELANCE with his son Thomas ~They fished 5 days ~ simply incredible waters ~ perfect weather ~

... 'cept for the last day, never having fished Sitka before, you know what?

It was time to gently remind them we are smack dab in the middle of a RAIN FOREST...

i'm, just sayin'

look very closley ~
Ben fished with his grandpa Rob for 4 straight days - great young man - polite - too cute if your me ....

he's my "PB&J guy ...
Early Morning Bite & Kings on Board ~
That's what i'm talking about ... right there! NICE JOB!

(he had fun too ...)
A pretty Lucky Grandpa -

Ben helped the two of them harvest right about 115 lbs!

So when Ben goes home to mom & dad - this time he'll be the one walking in the door with the groceries!

Pretty cute - headed into the airport to hook them up with my "fish house guys" and i noticed a new rain jacket on Ben - (good looking one too) and i asked about it & he said he really liked it - and then he said "but look" and there - underneath was his Alaskan Reel Affair Charters "little Shrimp" tee shirt ~

They both looked happy, Rob & Ben

Thank you gentlemen!

'My' Zinman Men fished 4 days - All Inclusive ~ We fish not more than 4 anglers to a boat, with a crew of 2 (a captain & a deck hand, giving 1 crew to each 2 anglers on board)

anyhow, i said 'ALL-INCLUSIVE' - what i really did was ALL INCLUSIVE for Rob Zinman & i 'Freelanced' Ben ~

Ben, being a young man - didn't need a license & there were aspects of our All Inclusive Package i felt just would not really suit a young gentleman.

But you know what else? That boy can fish!
Remember writing those papers on the 1st or 2nd day back to school each year? I do! (mine were brief to say the least)

I'd love to read Ben's...
Thank you Rob
Only one thing missing ...


Arriving in Sitka with "the kids" Brett & Zach, they took a "Lay-Day" prior to fishing their 3 straight days.

Lay-Day? It's a non fishing day - especially if you haven't been to Sitka before.

it affords a nice opportunity to see & do some of the things that are of interest to you & that you may miss or are to tired to do after a full fishing day ~

Lordy Lova A Duck!

Pink Gloves! I love them!

Ladies & gentlemen;
Meet Ms. Brett Courtright

No ... Brett ... yes .... she's a girl ... see ... ? Pink Gloves!!!

Nice 'Hali' young Lady!

This week was great - Families - all Families -

on this boat i had:
Vicki - MOM
Eddie - DAD
Brett - Sister
Zach - Brother

on two other boats i had 2 fathers & their young sons,

on yet another boat; a father & newly graduated son & a grandpa & grandson -

fun for me - excellent weather - great fishing - good catches - happy kids, happy parents & grandpa's ~

perfect for everyone - even me - the ole' van driver
On the Hook ~

Zach Courtright

BEFORE .....

Beautiful ~
Thank you Folks ~
Perfect - i mean really ~ perfect...
L to R

Captain Dan Corduan
Brett Courtright
Ailes de pigeon:[Means “pigeon’s wings”]. The dancer performs a cabriole devant, then the legs change and beat again, then change again before the dancer lands on the leg he jumped on, leaving the other leg extended in the air. Also known as “pistolet”.

2 Brothers married 2 Sisters -

Families that fish together ~ stay together ~

June 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, & 22 2012
yup! you read correctly, 6 days o' fishin' ~

Pictured is Harry Williams
(nice hali-but Harry!)
L to R

Linelle Williams
deck hand Justin Bell
Brother-in-Law - John Henry

(i see the LUCKY boots)
June 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, & 22 2012


The gear is a Lamiglas 1310T coupled with a Penn 965 & 25 lb test line
Linelle william on the PACIFIC LAKE

it's a rather sizable saltwater lake nestled between the Western Coast of United States & Japan ~
John? where is GAYANN?????

Gorgeous Fish!


limits on yellow-eye are 1 anually

a 25 lb Yellow Eye is probably about my age !

hehehe ( 50+ )
is that an "other" ???
... is not to bad looking - but he's even more attractive when he's sitting right next to a nice cold salad!
A hush falls over the web site - and you can hear folks thinking -

Lenny?!? ONLY 3 days of fishing??? Huh?

There is a very good reason - Meet Mrs. Ambrose - it's probably been 11 years since we last fished Nellie!

I'm thinking fishing isn't her most favorite thing ~ but she is as gorgeous as she was 11 years ago & she rocks!

Between Nellie & I, poor Lennie probably didn't stand a chance & no wonder he only fished 3 days ~

he has shorts & extra toughs on ... even when it's raining.

shorts & extra toughs
And a wee bit early in the season for this gentleman also -

Lenny aways fishes August 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

The man is an excellent angler - All he needs is to be put on the fish & that fish is as good as in the boat!

He & Nellie went home with 150 lbs!

We all agree - it's all about the belly meat!

Bellies ... Onions ... Butter ... Pan

that's it ....

Bellies ... Onions ... Butter ... Pan
Thank you both !

so, when i rattle on about "the wall of shame" and how to have your picture make our 2013 sportsman show booth - this is a perfect example -

See how happy they are pretending to be?

See the colors? The pastels are great ~ the brights are great ~
Born to fish ....

Thank you Lenny! - i have your 2013 spot saved ~
Just keep Swimming ...

Just keep Swimming ...

Just keep Swimming ...
6 hours dock to dock, 3 Gentlemen, 1 young man, and 69 pounds of finished fillets will be recived at their doors -

Oh Wait ! do i see 'Processing at Sea'?

So i guess i could put up a fish heart recipe ( or two ) 'cept you all just seem to munch on 'em right out "of the box" so to speak!

Lordy Love a Duck!
And the leader of the party :

Wow young man!

( see that's the tough thing about cruise ship folks - i just do not get to spend the time with them that i'd like to really become aquainted with them ... And he's a cutie too!

Dang ...

oh, wait - the pepsi totally makes a diffrence ~

Fish heart with a pepsi chaser!!! YUMMMO!
this is how you work your way towards 69 lbs of fillets ~

'dinner on the hoof'!
Kids -

i can't say with certainty - but i'm guessing it was either the first or the biggest ...

Congrats -

& i know you wanna know - did he? yes he ate the heart ~ HONEST!

the Pacific Lake ~
Rex Harrison (pictured)
Jake Harrison
Wyatt Harrison
Christian Hansen

what i call a "POWER TRIP"

So, here is Christain with his King - Smiling - just like he's 'sposed to...

because next? i have a picture of him CHOMPING on the obligatory "gOod Luck Fish Heart"

the key here (aparently)is to make sure that the heart is still beating.

am not refering to Christian's ~

1.) Camera in LEFT HANDfor self portrait;
2.) Pulsating Fish Heart in RIGHT HAND

CONCLUSION: Soon to be posted on a social web site page ... fb?
kind of like "edible memories"

there is a commercial like that - but with pretty little fruits - cut into shapes & stuff like that....


OH YEA - this looks way better - don't ya think???
Before ....
That folks -

See - i just didn't see him as a SASHIMI kind of fellow ~

ya never know do ya?
Mr. Jake Anderson

Thank you gentlemen - great pictures!
Here is the story ~

while headed up to go crab & shrimping (Gray's & jackman's.)

2 deer were swimming from one island to the other - crossing Surgis Narrows

Surgis has wierd tides, whirlpools, & HUGE CURRENTS.

This deer is very young it wasn't going to make the shore. Struggling.

Daniel the deckhand - bent over the side of the boat & craddeled this little critter at the side of the boat -motoring slowly & getting it to shore...
Fishing 3 days - lodging 4 nights The Jackman's fishd on the same boat as Chris & Michelle Gray.

The 2 couples added a day of Crab & shrimping
L to R

LaDona & Rod Jackman
Limits are more that 2 shrimp per angler -

Limits are 3 quarts of tails per angler per day on spot Prawns -

I can only imagine what Tim tried to talk them into doing with their shrimp for pictures ...i can only imagine
L to R

Chris Gray
Rod Jackman
LaDona Jackman
Michelle Gray

Mr. Chris Gray

i have your dates saved for next year Chris.

(nice fish too!) these folks also fished through the "Perfect Storm" - they have a good history with us & totally understand how that works -

dosen't help any - but it didn't slow them down any - that's for sure!
As Tim and I travel through the states foing our sportsman shows - Michelle & Chris came & spent time with us at the Sportsman Show in Boise Idaho -

Smart of them NOT to ask us to spend the night - because Tim - sleep walks - i won't go into any more detail than that - just use your imagination - but they did offer to feed us -

2 cheers for HOME COOKING!!!

(we'll bring the Vino!)
icky weather - 1 - if not 2 less than stellar fishing days & they went home with 4 boxes ...
This year ADFG has opened ling cod for the entire Summer - no closure ~

so far ... anyhow;

Limits on Ling Cod are 2 Annually

1 will be in a slot of 30 to 35 inches
1 may me a trophy 55" or larger
Flossing is important too ...
Good shot - looks like they're trying to land a whale ~
not looking to summery is it? Fishing through the "Perfect Storm" these gentlemen smiled through the entire trip - from Arrival right through Departure -

Calm Seas? well, the quick answer is NO.

Mr. Jeff Truitt
Mark Hoffman -
What we have here - is a gentleman who can think "outside the box"

There is absolutley no way one will sacrifice the cigar - but one must keep one's hands warm -

Hypothermia is NOT an option -

Hence - we are asking the socks to multi-task as gloves ~

Survival in Alaska ~ ahhhh yes ...
Thank you Bill
Gerald Gordan

Thank you gentlemen!

Kind of like playing "Where's Waldo?" but different ~
What i call a POWER VACATION

2 days of fishing & 3 nights lodging * BANG!

Not bad for a two day trip - they'll be eating well for a while -

Traveling from Nevada - is it worth it?
Travel is Alaska Air all the way -

Given what their charter cost, airfare, lodging, meals & incidentals - i'd say so -

Plus - it's a vacation & they'll head home with invaluable - pristine - seafood with no dyes & not fed by pellets, or farm raised -

perfect - opening a pouch - it just smells like frest water - not a hint of "fishy" smells -


pictured is Ryan Usui
Russell Usui

Still a bit early for Silvers - COHO - some times we see them as early as May - and the run just gets stronger - usually they are in "on schedule"


A sweet litttle Silver Salmon~ these little hummers will stick around Sitka area waters - feeding - gaining 1/2 poud a week - limits remain at 6 daily - with no annual bag limit -

did they get limits? no - but they got Silver just the same ~

St Lazaria Island qualified to become part of the National Wildlife Refuge thanks primarily to its astounding bird population. The island is no bigger than 65 acres of land, yet around half a million birds are believed to live on the island, representing a whopping 7,000 different species. It comes as little surprise, then, that Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge is an absolute haven for bird-watchers, who head here by day to get a glimpse of cormorants, guillemots, and murres, to name a few. The island is popular destination for wildlife tours in the area.

The island’s cliff faces prove one of the most sought after sights here, and they are best seen from out at sea. These cliff faces are the nesting home of an incredible array of the species that live on the island.

more info?
bring Film - lots of film -

(oh yea - clean out the freezer too)

the film is for the Whales - the freezer is for the fish ...

just cuz i confuse folks sometimes ...

although; on the recipe page there is a Whale recipe ....
Like ... how can I not love my people (aka peeps) who every morning linger at the top of the ramp - until "the good luck hug" happens - RIGHT ?


Pictured; L to R

Woody Snyder
Phil Duffy
Some days it's takes a little longer & some days they seem fly into the boat ...

as long as the fish gets in the boat - that the bottom line
L to R

Joe Duffy
Phil Duffy
Woody Snyder

Nice show gentlemen - the king Cod is sweet - and those Halibut - though small will literally melt in their mouths & it's why we love halibut SO much~

they know - they have fished with us before ~ nice guys ...
Perfect ~ honestly ~

no scales missing ~ bright ~ perfect ~

Chinook Salmon (old Indian Name)

which reminds me
i love this one -

A nice lady called me one time - who had fished with us off a cruise ship. Said she received her fish & everything was perfect - EXCEPT all her fish was labeled CHINOOK SALMON - and she caught KINGS ...

She wondered where her Kings were --Dang ...

to make a long story short, i print all my own labels to use on our vacuum pouches because then i can use color - i like color ...

and honestly?

CHINOOK looks a lot prettier in color than KING - you'll see!
repeat after me:

I love my fish ...

I love my fish ...

I love my fish ...

they call 'em Smilie's too ...

How do you think that would look on a label?!?

& i thought i confused folks before with CHINOOK ...

a picture is worth a thougsand words

Yellow Eye = Butter, frying pan, salt, pepper.

no plate required in my house anyhow. it never makes it that far.
Even his fish looks happy, dosen't it?

Thank you Joe! See you in Denver at the show?
Limits on Halibut -

One daiyl - every day you fish

your options are:
45 inches or less
68 inches or larger

but ask yourself: just exactly HOW does one measure a 68 inch halibut? Plus i'm thinking - that halibut is probably a little bit mad right then too -

i'm just sayin'
that's a show picture right there!

why? it's Woody's smile & the glow ~ the sky has some blue - it works ...

Woody will be famous & the ENQUIRER will be perched on his front lawn

the "morning bite"

the rod is a Lamigls, 1310 T, medium action rod, with 25 lb test -

the reel is a Penn 965

i love how they "drape" when you hold 'em
But then ... I love my Van - what do i know ...
Cliff, Trudy & Amanda

i was going to hit the rack - but i cleared the camera's for tomorrows anglers - and saw these - a little to good to pass up - some good narative opportunities here -

Amanda Pearcy - bottom fishing with style & technique ~ lets call it "flair" ...

Amanda please don't forget "Remote Man" after long and deep consiteration i have come to the decision I'm not going to fight you for him ... he's all yours! (i'm married thank goodness)
(a.k.a.George) It is a compliment & your brother lives in Sitka -

beautiful King buy the way - They opted to smoke one (not literally) & they will love it!

please remember - if you cleaned out the freezer before you came here remember:

plug it back in prior to loading up your "Catch".

YUP ~ i have a story about that & 210 pounds of steaks & filets ... & there is NOT a happy ending.
Mom & wife - Trudy Pearcy

you have to admit it - that she has a very cute little "butt" there ~
Cliff - Trudy's husband

& proof that Cliff can truly appreciate a nice "butt"

oh yea - family web site ....
so - when they get in my Van - and every time Trudy pictures her deck hand Justin - she starts chuckling - then giggling - and flat out laughing - and then eyes get wet, and the face hurts ... is that a good thing?
Front to Back:

Trudy & Amanda Pearcy

On the Hook fishing Halilbut
Man. Boat. Fish.

kind of says it all hmmm?
meanwhile ...
Looks pretty darn nice dosen't it?

Thank you Cliff!

& what I did for my summer vacation...

Thank you folks -

i just have one more picture to add - i shouldn't but; well, you know how that goes ...
All Inclusive packages : right there - in the brochure - it says; "we supply rain gear"

Thank goodness

& Thank you for being happy fishing people and not caring that your in the middle of the "Tongass National Rain Forest"

once again - thank you folks! A pleasure fishing you.
Ahhh - an island in the pacific ocean ~
so - i get asked a lot

- how do i/we get on the dreaded "WALL OF SHAME"?

The wall of shame is our booth that we take with us every year to do our sportsman shows - the pictures are all from the previous year - as current as possible - meaning for shows in 2013 - i use pic's from this season -

the key is wear colors - plaids work well or light colors or bright colors & big smiles - it's all about the color -

it focuses on our people & their fish - not just the size of the fish - it's the color - and it's about my people -

gray days - sunny days - don't matter - a big smile brightens everything - right? & weather happens -

sometimes you can look at a photo - and actually hear the laughter -

but beware - i have been known to put up those "special" pics - the ones you'd never expect to see ... like Mr. Mike Marriott here !

some pic's go up at every show - some are location specific - because we know you & your friends will see them - and after all - our focus is all about you ... so heads up! SMILE! and come see us at the 2013 sportsman shows!

naturally i always have Tim with me - he's my "booth fluff"


Thanks Mike!
Mike Marriott
Jake Farrel
Tony Anderson

& a wee bit too much fun ...

Thats all i'm saying here - leaving the rest to your imaginations - which i am sure can be quite fruitful ~
"group leader"

MR. Mike Marriott

pretty ~ huh?
Next year gentlemen - next year ...

L to R - Back Row:
Tony Anderson
Mike Marriott
Jake Farrell

L to R - front Row
Yellow Eye
Yellow Eye
Yellow Eye
Not Straight Arming this fish at the camera ...
Just holding it ...

biggest KING any of our clients have boated this season to date

a beauty - Congrats!
Mr. Tony Anderson & The dreaded "mother-in-law-fish"



ugh ... but i am a mother in law ...
i'll have to ask the "son in law -

is there a son in law fish? oh wait ... i don't have a son in law ...

okay - i'm good ...
but it's probably a nice fish huh?

Tony Anderson - Tony's first time - Mike and Jake talked him into it ... they drugged him probably - maybe hypnosis - i dunno -

must have long lasting effects - said he's coming back & bringing his son ...

i'll make sure Tim is well rested ...

and after 3 days - they were still friends - still laughing - still giggling ...
is kissing fish ...

and a mother in law fish besides ...
poor Tony ...

less is more!

thank you Mike
Pacific Halibut
Andy Clough
Matt Clough
Chris Clough
& Henry Smith

They grow Pecans; as in pie!

L to R

Henry Smith
Chris Clough
Andy Clough

L to R

Matt & Andy Clough
Gorgeous King!
The Morning Bite -

this could be you!

Pictured is Chris Clough
Chris Clough -

Check it out - perfect!
Mr. Andy Clough

On the "HOOK" fishing Halibut

Thank you Andy!
Andy Clough
Ahhh !

Ling Cod!

dinner on the hoof

Chris Clough
Action Shot!
Matt Clough

Halibut Fishing -

sort of equals work ...
These gentlemen - reside in Juneau Alaska - came to Sitka for a few days of R&R ~

Both speaking fluent Russian - (which i was unaware of) they ended up fishing on the "Affire di Reel" with Captain Roman - who is also fluent in Russian -

it was a match made in heaven

Olavi Siikki Jr.
Olavi Sr.


Arriving in Sitka aboard the M/V Fairweather - operated by the Alaska Marine Highway - the run from Juneau to Sitka was 4.5 hours -
Olavi Siikki Jr.
Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin fished with his mom Sam - they are living locally here in Sitka - pretty cool birthday present is you ask me ~
14 years old & your birthday present is a day of fishing in Alaska - Very cool -
Devin's Mom: Sam

They Kicked butt! Heck of a day!

Devin Holmes
1 hour 45 minutes from Seattle to Sitka, Alaska
We met Tom and Christine doing our sportsman shows this year. Nice folks. Excited to be here & be fishing!

They did something sort of diffrent.

They fished on the 5th, 7th & 9th of June talking non fishing days (obviously) every other day - kind of nice!
Action shot!
Susan - good Friend of Tom & Christine Oakes - joined them in Alaska - and fished with them for one day - on June 5th. She & they were hoping that she would be able to fish more days toether - but as it worked ... it did not work -

We only fish 4 anglers to a boat along with a captain & a deck hand - it's what we commit to. But for one day of fishing - she will be taking a nice amount of fish hme to Florida ~

* please note LUCKY BOOTS -

thank you Susan -
On the right there : Tom Oakes's elbow ...

But the bite is on, the hook is set & it's GAME ON!
Tom Oakes * Set to fish on the 5th 7th and 9th.

But then ... on the night of the 5th the call came - he wanted to add a day & i had the perfect spot - i had the 6th - same boat - same - crew - only 2 other anglers on board ... and a fishing he went!

Gorgeous Day - Who did Tom share the boat with? A traveling nurse spending summer in Sitka (working) and her son Devin - his 14th birthday ...

One of the fish Harvested was this little beauty an Early Coho : Silver Salmon & a sun burn.


Thank you Tom!
Tom Oakes
thank you folks!
L to R

AKA : Bill
AKA : Will
AKA : Jeff
AKA : Don

Quote of the day : "Rules are for people with no imagination"
I know - i know -
they are often mistaken but it's simply coincidence -

L to R

Bill Cymbaluk
Will Cymbaluk
Jeff Cymbaluk
Don Cymbaluk

The resembelence is striking - i'm just sayin' ...
2 words ...

Words with Friends ...

wait - thats 3

not actually - but it's Will's Birthday present - the offer was this :

Dad : for your birthday i'll take you anywhere in the world - what do you want to do & where do you want to go?

You guessed it -

('cept his birthday is 12/21 & pretty tough fishing Alaska on December 21st -

I guess this makes it Will's "Unbirthday - Birthday Present"
Beautiful Fish Gentlemen !

L to R
Halibut - harvested by the Cymbaluk Clan
Capt'n Dan Corduan
It's a hair early in our season for silver salmon - but Jeff got himself one!

He almost didn't make it fishing - he works out on an oil rig - weather was fogged in - and the chopper almost did not make it in -

nice Coho by the way ~
Jeff :

three brothers & a dad - every year they do something together - pretty cool ~

All the way from "Jersey" - good guys -had me going a few times & that's hard to do!
Thank you Gentlemen -
Ahhhh ~ halibut fishing ~

on the hook ...
L to R

Bill Jr.
Will Sr.

Thank you gentlemen!

Breath Taking
Totally Awesome

which is good because it makes you forget about their bad breath
You are not here yet!
Fishing May 13, June 1, 2, 3, & 4 the weather gods were in good favor.

Mr. Larry Beach
(he saw "the face" need i say more?

Jack Pasco

This is how it done people!

end result - over 100 lbs per angler of
King (Chinook)
Yellow Eye
Ling Cod
Rock Fish
Dungeness Crab
JAck PAsco & son Russell Jones

Chinook Salmon / King Salmon

gorgeous~ Shall we discuss the line that was cut off by another random vessel? How the BIG one got away?


Wild Alaskan King Salmon Fillets on the hoof!
L to R

Jack Pasco
Larry Beach
Russell Jones
Dutchie Pasco
Capt'n Tim Twaddle

going out on a limb here - but Tim is telling stories isn't he?

and Dutchie ... is she texting?
Back Row - L to R

Jack Pasco
Larry Beach

Front & Center
Silver Salmon (Coho)

Jack & Dutchie Pasco
Jack & Dutchie Pasco

Rumer has it that someone tried to take one of their 6 boxes of seafood from the Sky Cap - but you know what?

Every box is flagged identically to the other - so as it comes down the belt onto the carrousel - you can spot it a mile away - aside from the woven banding - we mark your boxes; like folks mark their BLACK luggage. (you know how you do & so you know that THAT black wheelie bag is yours - right?)

We do the same thing with a variety of brightly colored duct tapes available to us - each group carries their own color on their boxes - it works like a charm - (turns out it actually helps the baggage handlers too ...

got that idea from a guest ~
we fish smart people!
Russell Jones

Gorgeous King!
Crab & Shrimping -

Thank you folks - very much!
While Crabbing & Shrimping ...
Venison for Lunch!

a twin pack / 2 fer one!

Buffet! / All you can eat!

Not the brightest crayons in the box....

YUP - there are two of them...
The other is just out of view on the left ...
"Reel" Pretty ...
7 Continents

50th State on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Jim & Kathy chose to spend one day with us. Nice people.

They have traveled to the southern most city in the world -

i'd would love to see the passports - full colorfull pages!

Pictured is Kathy Owens &
deckhand David Erickson - who aparently eats fish hearts ... UGH

Note: "lucky Boots"

Those boots helped JIm harvest a 43 inch Halibut! perfect!

Jim Owens

(Kathy's husband!) :)

Happy Anniversary! End result of this day?

Preparing to head north to continue on with the travel plans & then eventually home - where their son will be "babysitting" 54 pounds of finished King Salmon - Halibut - Ling Cod - Rock Fish ...
It's all about the LUCKY BOOTS - i'm telling you!

43 inch halibut! Beautiful -

Regs? you may keep one daily - every day you fish -

it will be;

45 inches or less
68 inches or larger

This one? 43 inches -

It dosen't get better than this - it's not a breeder; you get a really nice yield; it's the meat that they serve you in a "better restaurant".

It's the reason we all love halibut so much -

Thank you Both - Congratulations Jim - on two significant catches -

1.) your Bride
2.) that Halibut!
Kathy Owens -

Chinook Salmon -

Very Nice!
Kathy Owens in Color!

Thank you folks -
Pictured is Starrigavin - it is out at the "end of the road. Guests & I were watching the 'PINKS' head home to spawn.

"the running of the Pinks ..."

there are literally SO many of them - that you don't really spot them immediately - and then - Once ye ole eyes adjust, you realize those are all fish, from the top down & side to side.

thousands of them
- for weeks -
it just keeps going
& going
& going

& the front of my van. She takes good care of me ...

note: the antennae
And Then .....

Frank Sligh

There appears to be a little known phenomena; which i refer to as the Sligh phenomena: more commonly known as gale force winds ~ This is a natural yet random event.

This happens only when Mr. Sligh & his chosen circle of family & friends fish with him.

It works in this fashion -

1.) Pick any day: May 10th for example - gorgeous weather - day after day AFTER day -

2.) Frank's (Mr. Sligh) scheduled arrival to Sitka; May 28th for example -

3.) May 27th at 12:01 AM - Mother Nature becomes slightly agitated a.k.a. Gale force winds (a fair depiction)

4.) Refer to step 1 - with a few alterations of course ~

again: Pick any day! Somehow knowing of course it is Frank Sligh's departure for example - gorgeous weather - day after day AFTER day -

The wild card: toss in a few non fishing days - does it matter? Does a boat & fishing need to be in the equation? NO ... hence "Sligh phenomena"
Fishing through "the perfect Storm" & smiling about it ...

these guys giggled over to the boats in the morning -

giggled back in the afternoon -

a happy bunch ...
Rod "Just Rod" Crittendon - he & Frank have both fished with us before - Frank on several ocassions - Rod's second time - they brought Bruce & Joe with them ... "first timers"

my guess is that Joe & Bruce now are convinced they are both crazy ...
the Inimitable "Group Leader"

Mr. Frank Sligh

"Just Rod"
Bruce Thomas
L to R

Dan Peters - Deckhand
"Just Rod"
Heated & enclosed cabin

Private encloded "head"

Cushioned dinette - seats 4 anglers comfortably

All but one are diesel powered, Turbo Charged & the other is outfitted with Dual 150 Horse Yamaha Outboards. They all cruise at 20 -025 knots with 4 anglers & the days catch.

Rain Gear - Water proof Footwear

Captain & Deckhand
Bob Frisch has fished with us since ... gosh ... 1999? 98?

He celebrated his 88th birthday while with us - May 27th


Back Row : Barry Taft
Front Row : Gorgeous King Salmon (Chinook)
Michael George
L to R

Barry Taft
Scott Frisch
Mike George
Scott Frish -

Pretty stinkin' cute!

it's even cuter when they have babies on their tummies! (yes - for those of you who may be confused - a woman is writing this ...)
L to R

Tom Schmelter
Emily Schmelter
Jeff Green (dad)

Jeff is visiting Sitka professionally for the summer of 2012 - He invited his daughter Emily & her husband Tom to Sitka for a few days - one of which they spent with us -

End Result of 10 hours Dock to Dock? right about 50 lbs of finished Fillets

Thank you folks -
Remember - there are over 1100 recipes on the site ~ click here for recipes
10 Hours Dock to Dock

Sitka ~ located on the west side of Baranoff Island is located in the Tongass National Rain Forest.


but just in case we supply rain gear!
(those are Tom's - he brought his own ~

Tom Schmelter
Jeff Green

Thanks Jeff!

Tom Schmelter
Just think - if some of our fore-fathers would have had their way, our national bird could have been a turkey!
Rikki Brown -

it's her & Wally's first time with us - we announced on morning number two - that we all voted! Nice people!

Rikki gets in the van after Day one of fishing & smiles all the way back to the Westmark -

They had fun! They caught fish!
Wally Brown ~

That Ling Cod is AMAZING! Rumor has it that someone "wrestled" the Ling Cod.

thats all i know ...

That's right - They are still fishing. They took a day off on the 26th after fishing 2 days - and are fishing day 3 today (May 27th)

What they do not know yet, is we boxed all the parties yesterday, that are still fishing today & these folks have 2 boxes in the freezer, banded & ready to fly, not including todays catch.

Rikki Brown

Beautiful fish!

the fish was bigger than our totes are long ~ nice Job!
L to R

David Erickson

Wally Brown (Wally is thinkin' "Don't loose my fish kid ... Don't loose my fish".
They also have all their Kings & head out on the 3rd day of fishing -

Sunday 5/27
TOTAL: 3 boat(s) - 9 anglers
3 boat(s) @ 10 hours dock to dock

Morning YELLOW
Light winds with a slight chop. Moderate long period swell.
Winds: SSE 9 to 12 knots
Seas: WSW 7 feet at 12 sec.

Afternoon YELLOW
Light winds with a slight chop. Moderate long period swell.
Winds: SE 9 to 12 knots
Seas: WSW 7 feet at 11 sec.
Mr Wally Brown

Thank you Sir!
Mr Wally Brown

Thank you Sir!
Not any more! While your out there, you might as well bring home some fish, right?

taken May 25th 2012
Kevin Deitsch -

Now i finally understand the term "Alaskan Fishing Vacation"

Fishing with his wife Connie & good friend Scott Eirisch - the Deitsch family & Scott Eirisch are fishing a 4 Day 5 Night all inclusive package.

They fished May 24 & 25, took the 26th off to go 4 wheeling & will fish the remaining 2 days of their 4 days of fishing tomorrow the 27th & 28th

They have all done well ... Well enough to have some King smoked - yum.
Connie Deitsch: A Fishing Fashion "Do"

Confidence & style for any ocassion.

Connie's gray hoodie playfully offsets the splash of gray found in her plaid fishing shirt -

The delicate & not over powering black Anchor print of the "lucky boots" pair up beautifully with both her stylish black pants & accentuates the hint of black found again in Connie's plaid shirt -

The entire look is a one of a kind and unparalelled -

Her Smile & her confidence are the perfect addition to any wardrobe ~ she radiates success ~

thank you Connie!

Should I stop watching HGTV?
Mr. Scott Eirisch -

Leaving the phone in his room - so he can just fish! ( good idea )
Connie Dietsch -

Day one: Limits of Ling for 3 out of 3 folks -

Ling Cod - Anti social & does NOT play well with others.
L to R (back row)

Kevin Deitsch
Scott Eirisch

L to R (front row)
Ling Cod
Ling Cod

Thank you gentlemen!
Scott Eirisch

Whoa - you gotta know he is excited (Scott. Not the fish) when i have 3 pictures to choose from and EVERY single one is blurry!

Could it be operator error on the photographer side?

Thank you Scott
L to R

Scott Eirisch
Connie Deitsch
Kevin Deitsch

Nice line up!

After two days of fishing they have their personal limits of King (Chinook)Salmon, their Slot limit of 30" - 35" on Ling Cod, & Scott has his annual limit of 1 Yellow Eye - So Connie & Kevin want theirs too i'm thinking...

Halibut! Let's go get MORE Halibut!

While they were all 4 wheeling over on Kruzoff Island on their lay day we starting Boxing their catch ...

wow ... Shhhhhh

We enjoy fishing you guys! Thank you for everything!
okay then -

3 Kings in there
1 Yellow Eye
& some Rock Fish

yup - another Tote ...

pretty isn't it?

Every thing is bled - put on ice - gutted & gilled while on the boat - this is prepared to take to our "Fish House for processing ~

Mr. Kevin Deitsch

(resident nice guy)

well, he's not literally a resident of Sitka - but you know what i'm sayin' ...

Check out Connie in the background - looking retty darn comfy.
Mr. Kevin Deitsch


Scott Eirisch ~

shhhhhhhhh, fish very very quietly ... somebody is napping ...

Thank you all - see you next year!
Scott Eirisch

and later - when Scott woke up from "the pause that refreshes"
Photo by Dan Peters - deckhand

Harvested on May 25 2012 by
Kevin Deitsch
Connie Deitsch
Scott Eirisch

A little artistry going on there ...

this is the front of the fish ...

The back of the fish ...

Harvest by; Kevin and Connie Deitsch & Scott Eirisch

pretty ~
Allan Johnson
& David Johnson ~ Brothers

Once upon a time & hot off the Oosterdam - went fishin' ...

this is BEFORE
and AFTER!

Allan Johnson
Dave Johnson


Dave Johnson
Deck hand : Poised & Ready ...

(deck hand Justin Bell)

Angler: Allan Johnson
L to R

Angler Dave Johnson
Deck hand Justin Bell

Forground: is KING SALMON (Chinook)
Limits - Chinook aka King Salmon

Non resident King Salmon limits up to through May 31st is as follows:

2 per person per day with an annual bag limit of 4.

Non resident King Salmon limits beginning June 1st & on is:

1 per angler per day, an annual bag limit of 4.

L to R
Dave JOhnson
Allan Johnson


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - yup 4.


Thank you gentlemen - pleasure making your aquaintance!
Holland America Cruise Lines visit Sitka, Alaska
Jim Minstrell Sr.

Jim fished along side his wife Lenore. His good friend Carlos Ayala & Carlos's daughter Maya Ayala

and Jim is my brother in law...
Carlos Ayala

This is the face of man in his "happy place"

Lenore Minstrell

" my Sister in Law "

Nice King! Tee shirt weather?

I have another picture of her - it's priceless!
Maya Ayala

fun fact:

Maya is ranked 1st in California, for women in the Martial Arts.

Ranked 3rd in the USA

& her foot is broken. She broke it on her male opponent who is bigger than she.

Maya won the match.

Carlos Ayala

Fishing with a 1310T Lamiglass Rod - 25lb test line and a Penn 965 -

Calm seas - Smiling ...

yup - "happy place"
Mr. James Minstrell

Brothers ~

Capt'n Tim Twaddle
& "big brother" Jim Minstrell

Tim has his back (so to speak)
Lenore Minstrell

one nice Ling Cod - in the Slot of 30 to 35 inches

limits are 2 anually - one may be 30 to 35 inches - the other a trophy of 55" or larger ~
Maya Ayala

okay. It's May. Snowed 5 days before they all arrived. Very briefly. But it snowed just the same.

Really? Who's thinking Coho?

no one.


A COHO! Silver salmon! Guess who caught it? Yup ~ The girl in the "Lucky" boots!

oh. wait.

BOOT. not BOOTS. She's only wearing one.

Maya Ayala
Salt Water Sport Fishing - ALASKA

L to R
Capt'n Tim Twaddle
Jim Minstrell

check out the seas: "Tubby" water ~ not quite as warm, but just as flat.
Lenore Minstrell -

shhhhhhh... quiet ....

checking eye lids for light leaks ...

(it's okay ... she's my sister in law)

love you Lenore!
Mr. Carlos Ayala


These folks harvested one very pretty White King. I was a little jealous - totally good to eat!

Thank you Carlos & Maya
L to R

Lenore Minstrell
Maya Ayala

Thank you Minstrell Family!
Sitka, Alaska
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