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Boxing YOUR Catch.

(on 6/18/2013, this fish is boxed for departing on flight 68, Until then It's back in our freezer at -29 degrees.)

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air will accept baggage subject to the standard charges outlined below. Each bag must weigh 50 pounds or less and have a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches (length + height + width) to avoid additional charges.

Charges are assessed to the destination or first stopover of 12 hours or more. Checked baggage charges must be paid again by passengers who continue their journey and check bags after a stopover of 12 hours or more.

Baggage charges outlined below are for travel wholly on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, or when connecting to a domestic US flight on another carrier within 12 hours of arriving in the connection city. Customers connecting to an international flight on another carrier shall follow the baggage allowance and charges set forth by the international carrier provided a ticketing/baggage agreement is in place with the other carrier.

Regular Traveler, 1st 3 @ $20 each
4th piece @ $50

Mileage Plan MVP and MVP Gold members, 1st 2 are Free, the 3rd is $20, the 4th is $50

Confirmed in First Class at check-in, 1st 2 are Free, the 3rd is $20, the 4th is $50

Travel wholly within the State of Alaska, 1st 3 are Free, the 4th is $50

U.S. military personnel/dependents on orders, 1st 3 are Free, the 4th is $50

You're allowed one carry-on bag, which can measure up to 10" H x 17" W x 24" L (25 x 43 x 61 cm) including wheels and handles, plus one personal item, such as a purse, briefcase or laptop computer. At least one of the items should be stowed under the seat in front of you.

Wet Lock Box Dimentions (Your Fish Boxes)
20 lb. boxes: 26.5 L x 10.375 W x 5.0 H (inches)
50 lb. boxes: 28.75 L x 14.5 W x 7.34 H (inches)
70 lb boxes: 31.0 L x 15.5 W x 9.5 H (inches)

We will never exceed the weight of 49.8 in any box - It is added insulation that completes the packaging process - My boxes are fully accepted by all airlines.

These boxes are a very heavy corrugated, waxed "wet-lock" fish box. We do take additional measures at our facility to ensure your seafood travels safely home with you. This added measure is compliments of A.R.A.C. and we have found it to be quite effective given the feed back from our guests.

Need more Assurance?
Insulated liners are available at a minimal added cost. These liners have an "R" Value of 1 inch of Styrofoam & are re-usable. They are wonderful!

For Convience - Alaskan Reel Affair Charters LLC is also a Known Shipper with Alaskan Airlines & Horizon

Tim, Octobre, and Crew,

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trip. It was our first to Alaska, and definitely not our last. The efforts you made to make our experience perfect were greatly appreciated. We made it home to Wyoming with all the fish, and it was still frozen solid the next day. Before we left home, I didn't clean out the freezer for fear of jinxing the trip, so when I got home, I had a major job.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing you again, and will highly recommend your total operation.

Thanks again,

The cutting surface is U H M W.

It set higher than the stainless steel base and it's diameter is smaller. This is so with water ruuning, the water will run off the edges, curl into the stainless tub and drian towards the long drain table at the wall.

All the stainless surfaces are built with a slight slope, running towards the drain & disposal. That stops liquids and solids form collecting in any one place.


When the night is over everything is throughly bleached & sanitized top to botton.

IT NEVER smells like fish in here ~ EVER. If a place smells like fish? It's has old seafood that has not been cleanout out.

When you 1st catch it it's your fish - once it's been gilled, bled & gutted on board? It's your food.

It's handeling is SO important.
we utilize 4 vacuum sealers - each one about the value of a NICE used car ~

Typically we use two at a time - but i'm a firm believer in "an HEIR and a SPARE"

preventive maintanance is KEY!

the level above is our box loft ~
Boxes are in 3 Sizes

25 lb - up to 15 lbs of meat
50 lb - up to 40 lb of meat
80 lb - up to 49.8 lb of meat

the rest is insulation assuring your catch has 38 hours of safe travel time from leaving our freezers ~ that's important.
L to R

Bottled Water
Bait Freezer
Wild Alaskan King Salmon
Custom Fish Processing:

Every day you fish with us your "catch" is prepared to your specifications. You may want your salmon steaked or filleted, whole side fillets for your Bar-B-Q, or maybe smoked?

Feel free to change your mind daily.

Within hours of being harvested by you, your seafood has been steaked or filleted, packaged in portions for 2, labeled, vacuum-sealed in 4 mil bags, and flash frozen to -29 degrees.

What to Anticipate Upon Departure?
On your day of departure, we'll take you to the airport in ample time for a relaxed check-in, where you'll find your seafood waiting on carts with our experienced staff. We will remain with you until you are comfortable and at ease.

You seafood will be packaged to remain frozen for 38 hours ~
Bait Freezer

Freezer Trays

Insulated Blankets & Bubble Wrap

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