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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Stan & Mary Flitner
Marsha & Jim Beaty

Thank you folks - so much

Jim & Marsha Beaty
Stan & Mary Flitner

recipes - go to the home page - click on recipes & bingo!
L to R

Carson Harris
David Gutzman
Mark Tassett
Tim Samson

Thank you gentlemen

wow ...
Ted Bicksler
Ed Smith
Jerry Otto

Since 1998 he has fished w us - Never missing a year - well one year . but EVERY single year ~ ( and yes we give back when you have that kind of history with us - of course by then, your family ...
Joel Swartz

him & Jerry - since 1998... Joel has not missed a one that I remember -

These guys have watched my kids grow up ...
Petro Marine Services

aka "fuel dock"
On the prowl for fish -

here birdie, birdie, birdie ... so close, SO fast!
Rob Dietz
Art Dietz
Brad Stuller
Greg Greene

UH, ....

okay - we're good - I see the Gatorade
And that is how it's done.
King Salmon & Art Dietz

Rob Dietz
Art Dietz
Greg Greene
Brad Stuller
A man & his "butt"

(and still holding his smart phone ...) nice job!

yes, they had a little bit of fun, but just a little ~

It's a serious fishing trip, so can't look like your having too much fun.
Action Shot!
Dad & 3 sons

Wayne Scheideman - Dad
& Troy
Wayne Scheideman

Boys being Boys!
and that, simply put...




1 Dad, 3 Sons


pictured is Tim Scheideman
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Dennis Seldon & Kraig Lucas
L to R

Dennis Seldon
Todd Ratts
Kraig Lucas

beautiful fish
& water

- perfect
Kraig Lucas
Todd Ratts


Todd Ratts
Dennis Seldon
Kraig Lucas

thank you gentlemen!
That is Halibut Fishing!

Its what memories are made of

L to R

Ty & Luke Bingham
Yes, that's right -

Ty Bingham - big king of the trip

Ty, - about 55-60lbs
King - 42.5 in the round
Ty Bingham
Ed Bingham
Mr, Chad Holland
Mark Sanderson Party
I don't know names or faces - they did their own licensing -

but they did well! this isn't the sum of their catch - I just focus on our folks -

thank you all
The John O'Connell Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Sitka Channel located in Sitka, Alaska.

The bridge connects the town of Sitka on Baranof Island to the airport and Coast Guard Station on Japonski Island.

Until the bridge was completed in 1971 the commute was only achievable through a ferry service. The bridge is named after John W. O'Connell, a former mayor of Sitka.

The two-lane bridge is 1,255 feet () in total length, with a main span of 450 feet ().

The bridge was also the United States' first vehicular cable-stayed girder spanned bridge

The four 100-foot (30 m)-high steel pylons carry two three-cable sets, each carrying a section of the bridge deck.
Camera /shy -

Milton Vaskez (not camera shy)

Once upon a time:

Years ago, In our original brochure, Mike Baynes fished with the outfitter we were a contract boat for. The outfitter was growing, they owned 4 boats & we were their 5th contract boat.

Mike was assigned to our boat. He's never left.

He fished with us in the late 90's - around '96 or '97.

We ventured out on our own, beginning Alaskan Reel Affair Charters LLC. Mike was pictured in our brochure with a beautiful Yellow Eye he caught.

Remaining friends, he fished with us again, and as we all know: life happens. his son Shawn was 11 at the time.

Then we saw Mike in Long Beach, CA at the Fred Hall Show, and he mentioned working... (we knew he didn't really MEAN it. right?

next words spoken, "you're hired"

An amazing Deckhand for 2 years. He then hired back on to drive our Dump Truck when we had Twaddle's Excavation. (yup we did that too...before selling out to Jeremy Twaddle DBA Island Enterprises)

Mike then worked in the fish house.

This year returning again as a guest & bringing his now ADULT son Shawn. Mike fished 2 days as a guest, and one day on his own as non resident - unguided.

That is the story

Mike also does all our reel repair & builds custom rods, which are so gorgeous. His work is meticulous.

I can "hook" you up if anyone is in the market for a beautiful custom built rod, individually crafted. From a person who has amazing work ethics...They are perfect.

okay - I'm rattling on a bit ~
L to R

Michael & Shawn Baynes -

Shawn the little 11 year old "kid" in my story.

He grew into a great young man.

Imagine - you fish Alaska in the 90's and before you know it your back in Alaska, same town, same Captain, with your son who was just 11 when you first fished Alaska in the 90's-

you're thinking all those years ago ... someday I want to bring my boy here fishing...
Shawn Baynes

So glad you shared this time with your "pop" Shawn -
Mr. Michael Baynes

Thank you for breakfast Mike ~
What I did on my summer vacation
By, Mike Baynes
8 years ago, June 2008

Deckhand Mike Baynes, 2008
Guest Ron Rovang

the walk down memory lane
did you know: they swimm

funny to watch, but yes, they swim
Mr. Robert Edelman

the "morning bite"
You know you know your people, when you get a picture of them fishing from behind.

Mr. Tim Yager
L to R

Deckhand * Luckyrae
Guest * Robert Edelman
L to R * back row ;-)

Dan Flood
Tim Yager
Bob Edelman

we saw the back of Mr. Yager,

Now the front of Tim Yager
L to R

Deckhand Luckyrae Miguel
Fisherman Tim Yager
L to R

Dan Flood & Deckhand "Lucky"

Thank you gentlemen!

rest up
We have 4 boats - all fully guided with your Captain & Deckhand - we prefer to fish you with the same crew every day -

4 boats collectively;
1 of 3 Seaport Seamasters is pictured,
1 is a 30' Almar

*the 4th is also a 27" seasport SeaMasters - it is in excellent shape, however we reserve this boat as a spare


Our preventative maintenance is meticulous. but in the event something happens, you, your captain & the gear continue on, with the spare, while the other boat is being repaired.

I'll guarantee you, if we can find a boat & a captain, that have availability, & in the event we have a mechanical issue, there is a good reason that boat & captain is available

1. it is the boat
2. it is the captain

think about that ...
Mr. Gary Costa

in this party,
Rod Hjelmstad,
fishing every year since 2010

Raeann Dixon
Gary Costa
Dixon/Costa fish every 2 years beginning 2014

Yes, we'll be seeing them all next year ~

Rod Hjelmstad

Thank you Rod, a pleasure fishing you and your friends ~
We have 4 boats - all fully guided with your Captain & Deckhand - we prefer to fish you with the same crew every day -

1 boat is pictured, the 30 ft Almar
2 are 27" seasport SeaMasters

*the 4th is also a 27" seasport SeaMasters - it is in excellent shape, however we reserve this boat as a spare -

our preventative maintenance is meticulous. but in the event something happens, you, your captain & the gear continue on, on the spare, while the other boat is being repaired.

I'll guarantee you - if we can find a boat & a captain, that have availability in the event we have a mechanical issue, there is a good reason that boat is available -

1. it is the boat
2 its the captain

think about that ...
In town for a month with wife Nancy.

Staying at the perfect VRBO - gorgeous view of the straights out by the ferry terminal -

They lived in Sitka years ago & returned for a nice piece of time - heading south in the next day or two on the ferry -

These folks are travelers, not tourists.

Thank you both - a pleasure spending time with you both -

On email 7/23/2016

Thanks again to you and your crew at Reel Affair for making our Sitka fishing such a great experience. Nancy and I have fished in Homer and Seward, Alaska, and in Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. Never have we been treated so well, both on and off the boat. Your reservation/payment process is simple and straightforward. No surprises. We look forward to picking up our fish at air cargo in Detroit. We'll likely be back in Sitka again and we'll be sure to book with you when we do. Darryl and Nancy Sczepanski, Gaylord, Michigan

Photo from Aaron Chung
Every year since 2009

Chuck & his dad Buzz have fished every year, and have tried on every month for "size"

June, July & August

they are usually a party of 2 - sometimes 3, but who ever they share the boat with, they are a pleasure to fish along side of.

When folks have a history like this with us, yes, I firmly believe "you" have to say thank you in ways other than words.

A couple of times, they have had the boat all to themselves for 5 nice days.
L to R

Buzz Leazer & Chuck Leazer

Fishing has been slow. More like work if your the guide.

I know it's slow, I post the numbers like I say, it's "the good, the bad, & the ugly".

They still went home with 4 boxes of fish ~
L to R

Tom Meder
Buzz leazer
Chuck Leazer

This year, 2016, the Leazer men shared the boat with Tom & Christine Meder.

It was a good blend of 4 nice folks ~
Buzz & Chuck Leazer

When the marine layer is just right, and sounds are muffled & you swear you are the only ones out on the water. the fog also serves to add a nice pressure, holding a "lid" on the waters action.

Figuratively speaking.

Makes for smooth running ...
You can't see where your going, but the water is smooth!

Oh, I get it, that is why we need the radar, the charts, and the satellite.

Thanks Furuno!
Mr. Chuck Leazer

Thank you Chuck, very much ~

See you at I.S.E in January! Yes, there will be 2 passes for you & Vera in "Will Call"
Mr. Floyd Leazer (aka Buzz)

No, I have not washed my cheek yet, maybe tomorrow.

Thank you, from all of us ~
"Bird Island"

Rainforest Island - Unique in Refuge
The lush temperate rainforests that cover Southeast Alaska make St. Lazaria a unique part of the mainly treeless Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

More than 500,000 seabirds nest on this 65-acre island, one of the most productive seabird colonies in the state. Albatrosses and shearwaters that nest in the western Pacific also feed in nutrient-rich waters off St. Lazaria. Local charter boats and tours bring visitors to view the amazing sea bird colonies and wildlife.

Underground Nesting Birds
Burrow nesting storm-petrels are the most abundant of the eleven nesting seabird species. Rhinoceros auklets and ancient murrelets also burrow into loose soil to nest. (Do not go ashore at St. Lazaria as you will risk crushing the tunnels honeycombing the island, built by the seabirds for their nest and chick.)

Cliff Cities
Pelagic cormorants and common and thick-billed murres nest on the island’s cliffs
Where do I begin...

~ Can't compromise anyone, but lets just say it has to do with tires... NEW tires... best story ever!

Mr. David Toronjo
L to R

Master Will Toronjo aka good kid.
Kari McCord
Okay Dallas,

I'm sending him home girlfriend!

Pictured, Mr. Scott Ehni
Dave Torongo

the allusive King Salmon lately...
Dave Torongo

the allusive King Salmon lately...
Ms. Christine Meder

Let's move from Nevada to Manhattan, and while the movers are working their magic - let's go fish in Alaska!

An EXCELLENT idea say I.

(we will ship their "Catch" when the freezer is plugged in and cold"
fish kissing in Sitka

L to R
Christine & Tom

Kings have been hard to come by lately - warmer waters, not biting - I guess like when it's hot outside and we don't wanna cook...

But Ice Cream - we want Ice Cream

anybody have bait that looks like ice cream?
with sprinkles please...
thank you
Mr. Tom Meder
Sharing the boat with Tom & Christine Meder are Buzz & Chuck Leazer

We fish 4 folks to a boat.

Was a very nice fit for 4 very nice people ~
"Marine Layer"


"Marine Layer"

not hanging over the airport though ~ flights flew!
Not fish Kissing ...

thank you both - for everything!
Returning ~
Duane Zimmerman - pictured
Tim Zimmerman
Ed Campling
Dennis Gittins

(good bunch o guys ...)
Mr. Ed Campling

Nice Show!
Timothy Zimmerman
Dennis Gittins

King Salmon


& shirt sleeves ...

all on the same day. who knew?

thank you Duane - very much ~
Harvested their Kings & Halibut

Was a good day!

keeping with tradition. Eating the heart of a king salmon...
Scott Jensen & Eve Kempton

Scott Jensen

(fish kissing - it's a good thing...)
great picture~!
Mt Edgecumbe in the background - it really is this pretty here.
Fishing only one day - I never had the opportunity to get names with faces ~
Fish Kissing...

Nothing Better ~ EVER

Mr. Chris Parker
Ms. Robyn Parker


Back Row, L to R

Bob McAlpine
Robyn Parker
Chris Parker

Front Row

1 Hali
2 Hali
3 Hali

Perfect ~

Just like beef, the younger the stock the more tender and juicy it is gonna be...!!!

As an Alaskan resident we can harvest any size but we don't. Nothing over 50 lbs. goes in our freezer.
The Larger breeders are what I refer to as a breeding sow.

I sure understand the thrill of the catch with a "trophy", but for quality of meat, dinner your guests will be amazed over, and longevity of the specie, the 35 to 50lb. class is perfect ~
Great Picture ~

L to R

Bob McAlpine
Bob Hammond
Chris Parker
Mr. Bob McAlpine
great last name BTW ~

L to R

Bob McAlpine
Deckhand Lucky Miguel
Robyn Parker

Thanks all ~
It's all fun and games until you hook your King Salmon, and this bad boy shows up letting you "boat" the head & gill plate!

"Hi! I'm home...King Salmon, It's what's for dinner.

Fast Facts:

• Size
579 pounds for females
1,245 pounds for males

• Lifespan
20–30 years

• Distribution/Range
North Pacific Ocean from Japan to California, including Bering Sea

• Diet (whatever they want)
Fish and cephalopods

• Predators
Killer whales, sharks

• Reproduction
Colonial breeder that gives birth to one pup a year

• Other names
Northern sea lion

Gosh, that's not what I hear them called in our van...

Traveling Sitka for 10 days & fishing for 2, Mr. Bob Hammond

A question I received from Bob back in January was "Do I have to be a group" of 4/6 to go fishing with you?"

NO! Certainly not. We Fish no more than 4 guests to a boat with you4 Capt'n & crew. You May opt to have the boat to yourself: "buying the boat", but if that is not your preference we will fish you on one of our boats who may have just 2/3 anglers signed on.

Bob Hammond fish along side
Chris Parker & Bob McAlpine.

L to R
Bob McAlpine
Bob Hammond
Chris Parker

(nice show guys!)
Summer has been simply one of the BEST weather years in a long time, given we are smack in the middle of the Tongass National Rain Forest.

That King? Beautiful & Bright - But the looming dull grey sky reflects the winds & turbulent waters that are coming.

Thursday JULY 14, 2016
TOTAL: 3 boat(s) - 10 anglers
3 boat(s) @ 10 hours dock to dock

Light winds with a slight chop.
Small long period swell.
Winds: WNW 6 to 8 knots.
Seas: S 3 feet at 15 seconds.

Light winds with a slight chop.
Small long period swell.
Winds: WNW 9 to 12 knots..
Seas: SSW 3 feet at 14 seconds
Left ~
Bob Hammond

Middle ~
Bob McAlpine

Chris Parker

We thank you Bob!
Mr. Bob Hammond
Yes, it's just like this ...
When they first fished with us: 15 years ago it was their 25th Anniversary

then again in 2011

and now in 2016 -

heading into their 40th wedding anniversary

To be chosen to share those life events, not once, but three times is an honor.

Thank you both - so much -
Just keep fishing - just keep fishing
a brief walk down memory lane, and now retired.

(she is the ideal school teacher...) We all wish we had her for our teacher.. in EVERY GRADE!

Remembering trip # 2, 2011
With his son heading off to the military (thank you Zach, for your service) Mark brought his son fishing in Alaska.

Mark fished with us years ago & returned bringing his son.

L to R
Mark Webster
Mitchell Boors (deckie)
Zachary Webster

Mark Webster
L to R

holding their "butts"

Mark & Zachary Webster
L to R

Mitch Boord - Deckhand & USCG, outside waters, 100 ton, Captain
Guest Mark Webster
Guest Zach Webster

Zach Webster
L to R

Doug Allen
Jarel Hoyt
Deanna Jones
Matt Allen

wow... just wow...

L to R

Jarel Hoyt
Matt Allen
Deanna Jones
Mr. Jarel Hoyt ~

nice one...
Doug Allen

So, Camo Jacket, Camo Ling Cod

Is this the Alaska version of "Where's Waldo?"
Deanna Jones & Matt Allen

Mr. Jarel Hoyt
Father & son

Doug Allen & Matt Allen: Fishing Ling Cod

Dress for Success or is it "Match the Catch"!
Deanna Jones & Matt Allen
compliments of:

Aaron T. Chung
Father & Daughter Time!

L to R

Bruce Smith &
daughter, Jennifer Smith

Jenifer is a "local" girl, managing the Raptor Center in Sitka.

the crew learned a lot from her, about the eagles, the concentration & nesting habits.

thank you folks -

Amazing 1 day trip! 55lbs - in finished weight ~
2 Halibut,
1 King Salmon,
7 Coho
3 Pink
1 Chum
2 Yellow Eye
A man in his "happy place"
Bruce & Jennifer Smith

perfect weather, calm seas, & really good fishing ... Happy faces!

thank you folks, very much!
Compliments of Aaron T Chung
Mr. Michael Moser
Nancy Moser!

2 days - 120lbs in finished weight - they rocked it!

Nancy Moser ~
1 of 4 boats

3 Seasport SeaMasters, 1 Almar

We fish only 3 boats & retain the 4th vessel as a spare in the event of a major mechanical issue ~ this allows you to complete your vacation with the same crew - on an identical vessel.
Back row - Julian Stokes Sr.
front row _ Wild Alaska King Salmon (Chinook)


In town for 10 nights - fishing 4 days & enjoying the local "color".

Here's my story:
At airport for their arrival.
Sent them a text to let them know where I was "hiding" as I avoid the inside of our busy little airport terminal "like the plague".

Here they come...

Julian Jr.: Hi, are You Octobre?"
Me: Yes sir, I am!
Julian Jr.: Hi! I'm Julian
Julian Sr.: NO! I'm Julian...

I knew inherently they would be good guys...


L to R

Julian Stokes Jr.
Julian Stokes Sr.

yes, there is a little mini version - Julian 111 - the boy will need to fish... for Christmas, I bet he gets a "Superman" fishing pole.


bummer ~ Blurrrrry

Boys being boys with 2 perfect Halibut.

I have to say ~~ When they changed up the regs. for Halibut, we were all leery. But? Halibut fishing since then has been amazing. Yes it is only ONE per person per day, and there is a slot limit -
You may harvest Halibut that are 43 inches or less & Halibut that are 80" or larger.

The reason folks love Halibut so much is what you are served in your finer restaurants, are the small halibut ~

The larger ones are "Breeding sows" - besides, they can lay up to 3 MILLION eggs per year.
With a survival rate on 3% - you have taken 30,000 fish out of the gene pool.


Less is more! on so many levels ~

Julian Stokes Jr.

& for those of you who fish with a certain captain, who says he'll never retire because the lunches are too generous?

They ironed their tin foil and gave it back to him...

Thank you ~ you made Tim's day!

To All Our Guests,

The largest member of the Flounder family, this specie is highly sought after for its Firm, Mildly Sweet, Lean White meat. Halibut MAY reach sizes in excess of 400 pounds.

The most sought after Halibut come from fish in the 25 to 50 pound class, for the excellent quality of the filets.

Halibut are harvested from the clear, icy waters off the coast of Alaska and is prized for its delicate flavor, snow-white color and firm texture. thanks to state-of-the-art freezing technology which preserves the natural, high-quality flavor and texture, you can serve Alaska halibut all year long.

This premium whitefish adapts well to baking, broiling, frying, poaching or barbecuing and is compatible with any number of flavor accents and sauces
The Hunt Party

L to R

Bobby Cato
Benny Surles
Joseph Hunt
Joe Sponsler

thank you Gentlemen!
Joe Sponsler

He's happy ... Honest!
Benjamin Surles
Joseph Hunt

It would appear that we fish a lot of Rocket Scientists. Joe is one. Yup, really smart...

here's my theory ~

Bobby Cato

Again, Thank you gentlemen, very much!

these gentlemen stayed out the road, at a B&B, had the "run of the house" ~ VRBO, full on ocean front property, amazing!
We learned recently from Jennifer Smith, who fished with us & who manages the Raptor Center in Sitka that Kruzoff Island has the largest Eagle nest population in the United States

Very Cool!
Great Photo!

good potential for the "Wall of Shame" in our sportsman booth doing our shows in 2017

Thank you Roxanne
Michael Coady

The morning bite!

Beautiful, right?
Mr. Michael Coady
Bottom fishing at its most colorful!
Compliments of Scott Thompson
Compliments of Stephen Hayes
Michael Hayes
Tate Dockery

Photo compliments of Stephen Hayes
Fish On!
L to R

Stephen Hayes & Stacy Dockery

2 Dads
2 Sons

photo's in the line-up all from Stephen Dockery. The one with the GOOD camera!

thanks Stephen!
L to R

Green Coat ~
Mr Michael Hayes
In Black, Tate Dockery
Purple Cap, "Precious" Deckhand, Luckyrae
& Capt'n Dan Corduan - yup, shorts...
Deckie "Luckyrae Miquel
& Tate Dockery

& yes, the pacific Ocean, not a lake ...
Mr. Stacy Dockery

gorgeous water, amazing scenery, good fishin'

thank you gentlemen, so much!
Stephen Hayes

this party harvest limits of Halibut daily!
Rev. Michael Hayes
Stephen Hayes

Nice Picture!

k... who ate the heart??
Stacy Dockery & Tate Dockery
Fathers & Sons....

I retrieved the sim card, and loaded it into the "dreaded computer"

No Pictures, not a single one...


Photo compliments of Scott Thompson - wow!
Provided by Aaron T Chung Photography, Seattle
Congrats T.J
Kenny Mitchell : Grandpa
Chuck Delaney : Son
Dillon Delaney : Grandson
L to R

Chuck Delaney
Jim Burghard
Dillon Delaney
Master Dillon Delaney
Yes, they fish too...

& to think the "turkey" was almost our national bird...

compliments of Aaron T, Chung Photography, Seattle, Washington
In Memory of Jim's uncle - who raised him & who he speaks of to this day.

June 2006:

An excellent day for these two brothers. James fished with us in 2005 with his uncle Alex, and Brought his brother with him for 2006. Erich harvested this Halibut along with one coming in at 73 pounds on the next to last day of his trip.

Today their last day fishing: they came in early ~ after a morning of salmon fishing. They were happy, had plenty of fish and were gooing to take the rest of the day enjoying a hot showers, a nap and some good food. (4 days fishing: 150lbs each in the box...)

On a sad note, Jim who treated his Uncle Alex to Alex's first Alaskan fishing trip with us in 2005 has since passed on.

Jim saw to it that Alex had his trip to Alaska, then took him hunting in the lower 48 to shoot his first Black Tail Deer. Both things Alex had only dreamed of doing until Jim made it happen for him. Alex will be missed.
Hiding in the back - middle ~ nicest guy ever

Jim Burghard

thank you Jim, so much
Mr. Jim Burghard

Jim last fished with us in 2006, 10 years ago. I knew him as soon as I saw him ~ I remembered a beard...

it's for sale ya know ...

no, it's not ours, needs some maintenance, some updating, some structural - but great as a B&B

any takers?
it's for sale ya know ...

no, it's not ours, needs some maintenance, some updating, some structural - but great as a B&B

any takers?

Photo by Aaron T Chung Photography, Seattle Washington

again Aaron ~ thank you so much~
Halibut Fishing

Photo Compliments of:
Aaron T. Chung Photography
Seattle, Washington
3 Days fishing - Limits on everything practically, except for Ling Cod & a few Rock fish ~ and only one photo ...


L to R
Jeff Gislason
Jim Burghard
Eric Gislason

photo compliments of:
Arron T. Chung Photography, Seattle Washington, Thanks again Aaron


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that the first Chinook (King Salmon) salmon opening of the general summer commercial troll season will begin at 12:01 a.m., July 1 to target approximately 122,000 treaty Chinook salmon. The opening will be managed inseason with no pre-determined length and will be closed by emergency order.
provided by: Arron T Photography, Seattle Washington
Mr. Gary Stenshol
L to R

Back Row
Gary Stenshol (father-in-law
Scott Thompson (son-in-law

imagine for just a moment if you will, the courage it takes for one individual to go out in the middle of the cold Alaskan ocean with your father-in-law.


L to R

Scott Thomas
Gary Stenshol

hi Carol....I'm sending them home today ...
Scott Thompson & Gary Stenshol

HALIBUT! Beautiful -
remember - when you run out of ideas there are over 1300 recipes on the web site -

Check it out! Daily Fishing Report

This too : Recipes



dooooon't doooo iiiit!

fyi: Eating the King salmon heart ...
IF you can get it past your nose, and I'm going to go out on a limb here...

I'm thinking it's a bit chewy???

of course on the other hand, nothing better than fresh Alaskan Seafood, right?

Yes, Limits every day ~

thank you gentlemen, very much
Thank you Aaron

Aaron sent me a host of gorgeous pic's which i'll use - thank you Aaron, so much -

me: Wow, amazing job, may I use some on the website - I will give you credit.
Aaron: sure, no problem, you have my permission
me: Thank you - you do a beautiful job!
Aaron: Thanks I am a professional photographer ...
me: (thinking how silly DO I feel??


Thank you Aaron, my best to your family!

Aaron T. Chung Photography
Seattle, Washington
L to R

David Kirstien
David V Kirstien
Brad Grenwell
Casey Wilkins

for the halibut...

Casey Wilkins
Casey Wilkins

3 non-res
1 res

L to R
David M Kirstien
Brad Grenwell
David V Kirstien
Casey Wilkins
... and so I say - in the afternoon - on the way back to town - from their day on the boat -

me: "okay - who got Halibut - up go 4 hands - "
them: how do you know?
me: y'all stink!
them: we smell GOOD!
me: you smell like halibut slime


now I know why ...
Their Crew

L to R
" halibut Whisperers"

Luckyrae Miquel
Dan Corduan
Manuel Rico

gorgeous fish Manny ~
Motley Crew ~

L to R - Back Row
Manuel Rico
Nicholas Humbert
Serge Froloff

L to R - Front Row
Ah Yes....

Serge Froloff

Serge Froloff
Nick Humbert
Mr. Manuel Rico
Serge Froloff & Nick Humbert:

Fishing S.E. Alaska in the Tongass National Rain Forest

Okay, yes, We do provide rain gear & clearly they have opted not to wear it ~ but I don't know three guys who had more fun on a trip!

They Rocked It!!

Limits daily on Halibut ~ Harvested their personal limits on Kings, etc.

Great trip!

thank you gentlemen

& Manuel

good gentlemen - thank you
L to R

John & Tina

oh, gosh, let me go out on a limb here.

They LOOK happy ~

Yup. They're happy!

Beautiful fish
a Very successful trip, nice folks, beautiful fish, great weather -

Alaskan Fishing Vacation.
Tina Moynier

with the Halibut "dinner on the hoof"
Tina & John Moynier

thank you both - for everything! pleasure fishing you again!
Mr. John Moynier

beautiful fish John!

Headed Out
L to R

Jim Coombes & Deb Reinhart

see you next year!
Fishing 2 days, but in town for a week, this is our second visit w the Coombes/Reinhart clan ~

Gorgeous Kings folks - thank you for fishing us!

L to R

Jim C & Deb R.
Happy Birthday Girl!

L to R

Gerald Maki Jr.
Gerald Maki Sr.
Roberto Giananni

all family

Good men Emma ~ thank you!
Roberto Giananni
Gerald Maki Jr.

They harvested some of Everything -
their Kings,
Rock Fish

remember - there are over 1300 recipes on this site, when you run out of ideas!

L To R

Gerald Maki Sr
Roberto Giananni

gentlemen - thank you again
Pictured: Gil Labrie

Gil Labrie
Brett Labrie
Marc Labrie
John Baranack
Andrew Vermes
Glen Nakagawa
Mike Rossi
Gil Crozes

thank you all SO much - the card was very thoughtful from all of you ~

L to R
John Baranack
Andrew Vermes

Gil Labrie
Brett Labrie
Marc Labrie
John Baranack
Andrew Vermes
Glen Nakagawa
Mike Rossi
Gil Crozes

8 years - 8 good years with us
~ like family now ~
Glen Nakagawa

thank you Glen - very much

pleasure fishing you

Gil Labrie
Brett Labrie
Marc Labrie
John Baranack
Andrew Vermes
Glen Nakagawa
Mike Rossi
Gil Crozes

The Brothers ~

Brett & Marc Labrie

gorgeous fish!
Gil Crozes

Gil Labrie
Brett Labrie
Marc Labrie
John Baranack
Andrew Vermes
Glen Nakagawa
Mike Rossi
Gil Crozes

Mike Rossi
Michael Rossi ~

Thank you Sir!
Glen Nakagawa
Brett Labrie

L to R

Marc Labrie
Andrew Vermes
Brett Labrie
Gil Labrie

All Family ;-)
10 gentlemen ~ I'm sorry I don't have pictures of all of them - and honestly - one day - I can't say I can remember all their names, but here goes!

Cory Culbertson
Reif Lawson
Kyle Lawson
Ian Smith
Jason Van Voortis
Orlando Rocha
Marcos Rocha
Craig Schraeder
Alex Comery
and .... shoot
thank you gentlemen!
Orlando Rocha
Your catch is separated by group and packaged to your specifications - truly custom
You will find you catch done in portions for two (2) unless otherwise requested

You daily options are to
Whole side fillet,
or Smoke
Our facility is spotless - We have an open door policy -

We are very proud of the product you receive when you get home & open your box. I always wonder ~ a charter is over - and folks get boxes of fish, not really sure of the quality of the product inside ~
You place a huge amount of trust to ensure the quality of the food you will be serving you family ~ we take great pride in that -

Thank you for your trust in us.
L to R

Robbie Pace & his mom
Amy Brink

they Fished along side
Dad & Grandpa Warren Palmer

great Family - Amy is living proof sunburn's can happen in a rain forest!

no-one will ever believe her when she says she got it is Sitka, Alaska
L to R

Warren Palmer
Deckhand Mitchel Boord
Robbie Pace

ah yes, and 1 halibut - 1 perfect Halibut!
Robbie Pace

The family harvested 2 Ling Cod in one day ~ both in the Slot!
Robbie Pace

Thank you folks so much ~ Amy you are a "hoot" & your family was a pleasure to fish -
In Sitka for a vacation with his wife Nancy -

Leo Ginns. First EVER King Salmon!
You may hike it, pretty nice up on top & it is extinct - a bit reminiscent of a mini Mt. Fuji

located on Kruzoff Island - about 20 miles from Sitka, due West
3 cousins & a son

L to R - Back Row
Phil Sr.
Phil Jr

Front row
1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish

over 1300 recipes on the web site when & if you run out of ideas -

thank you gentlemen so very much!

Group Leader Mr. Phil Comito Sr.

Quite the compliment:
Phil fished with us the first time in 2015, bring his daughter Devon.

This year: he brought the rest of the family
Danny Cooke
Dominick Aretino
& Phil Comito Jr.

All cousins - except Phil Jr. That's Phil's son

good bunch of Guys

Danny, Phil Sr. & Dom fished June 18, 19 & 21
Phil Jr arrived a day later & fished 2 days. The 19th & 21st of June

all took a play day on the 20th to sleep in and enjoy the local "color".

Thank you Phil for trusting us with your family.
Trouble maker - yes there is one in every group - mark my words

Mr. Danny Cooke
Phil Comito Jr.

Mr. Dom Aretino
Lots of love on this boat

Danny Cooke
"teller of jokes" :-)
L to R
"Dom & Dom"

We had :
Phil & Phil
Dan & Dan ("Double D's)
Dom & Dom * we changed LuckyRae's name

its all good. confusing, but good.
Mr. Phil Comito Sr.

Rocking Yellow Eye -

be proud!

(i'm not gonna post your other picture - you know the one - that day - day 2 ... yup THAT day...

Phil Comito Jr.

gorgeous King Phil ~

that sir is a sportsman show booth picture!

the colors - the smile - the beautiful fish, it's almost like we are not in a rain forest!
LOT's of love on the boat

Mr. Dominick Aretino

love her now, but wait till she's all dressed up on the dinner plate!
"swarm" of Halibut

I got this photo from my Sis in Law - yes Tim's sister - she got it from Roger - my Brother in Law - he got it from another commercial gut -

At the end of summer - I'm printing and framing this one .
Colleen Berry

I say it every year, and each year it proves itself true, we fish the nicest folks.
Priceless - you gotta be somewhat familiar with the little guy there :


L to R
Tom Berry & Quinn Wieland

"what I did on my summer vacation"

thank you Tom, for fishing us again & trusting us with your family

each family went home with 79lbs for 2 days of fishing.
Tom & Colleen Berry
Mike & Michelle Weiland
Ethan & Quinn Weiland

L to R
Ethan & Quinn

Bigger boy - bigger HAlibut
Little guy - Little-er Halibut

Perfect - great picture

Like I said we fish more families, more youth, more Family units than any other outfitter in Alaska, and its perfect -

The boys, & the adults were "done" every day. Pooped is the word that comes to mind.


L to R


Master Quinn Weiland

& his Ling Cod

fish & chips on the hoof ~
First, Id like to thank ACS for the "city wide town internet outage".

& second Id like the thank AT&T for my iPad & my iPhone or I'd have been "dead in the proverbial water" so to speak..

On with picture posting.

Great Picture of Master Ethan Weiland, if ACS only knew...

Great kid (young man) & a gorgeous fish

We fish a lot of kids, and i'm just saying, I don't think there had ever been one who just didn't love fishing.

Folks ask " what is too young"? I have fished my youngest minion at 4 years old. A little girl. they are great. You know your "kid" - if you feel they are ready, they are.

Builds lifelong memories on many levels.

L to R
Michael Weiland & Michele Weiland

Family Portrait

L to R

OOOO - I got it now. Tim spins the boat so that the sun is on the folks and in their faces, and make The King Salmon Glow. Instead of a dark shadowed picture of my folks. Right?

Look at Quin - it the sun. Its in his eyes.

cute little guy...

but that's just my opinion. Now if your looking for Abalone - they probably aren't so cute.

I'm not looking for Ab's - I think they are cute

1 day, a full day of 10 hours dock to dock

the Randalls, Jeannie & Mike
& son, Chris Herrera

Fished with us last year as well, they fly into Sitka & visit with Chris who is a Ski Instructor in the winter (somewhere else)and Chris is a Sea kayak Guide in the summer in Sitka

Good people - love good people - love my families - we fish so many families - be they 4 cousins from the Bronx

or family from Montana - we fish families, husbands 7 wives, women and children, more than any other outfitter in Sitka, and it is perfect - such nice folks.
Jeannie Randall

great seeing you again Ms. Randall

Beautiful weather, nice lady, perfect fish.

as my granddaughter used to call it: Shish
Chris Hererra

the family
kimits of Kings
6 Silvers
1 Chum
2 Halibut
assorted Rock Fish

the split is basically 2:1 with some personal requests
From one Island in the Pacific to another
"Action Shot"

Thatcher & his deckhand LuckyRae
The Peterson clan had a gorgeous B&B with a spectacular view -

and a NICE camera ~ Andrea Peterson sent this to me. Nice shot!

Photo from Jim Burkhart

taken 6/17/2016 in the evening
thank you sir - very much!
Choosing air cargo - the fish will fly today - 63lbs in finished weight

thank you ladies - a pleasure -
okay - I mean yes - Birds - Really amazing birds

& to think they wanted to make a Turkey the national bird!

Photo from Jim Burkhart
Limits. Soooo Easy...and such a memorable trip.

Pick up our guys out at old Sitka Dock. All is Well ship on time, perfect, no disasters. Plan A in the works.

Get Churchill men to the Boat, I have them fishing with Pat as Capt'n & Mitchell Boord as their "deckie" Solid crew both of them. (my stress level with these two running my boat & in care of my folks is zilch. Still Plan A.

I get the call, my fish house gets the call, Boat is coming back on time, with fish (limits mind you). Still Plan A

Here they come ~ up the ramp ~ changing out of my boots & back into their shoes.

me: How did you guys do?
pam: Yeah, how was it out there, did you get fish?
them: yes! Limits!!
Me: Cool! did you have fun?
Them: Yes - we'll let Pat tell you

uh-ooo - shoot - (they are all smiling like Cheshire cats and not spilling a bean). Plan B

Pam and I promptly tortured them into telling us. They buckled easily enough. Pam and I didn't even break a sweat on this one.

Pat fell in, trying to keep the fish from running under the boat & cutting the line. he missed the railing and SPLASH! Pat still had the rod, reel & the fish. Dixon was helping Pat back onboard, when (the fish not having any part of this show was still making a run for it) the rod pulled out of Pat's hand.

Peter-Paul-Peter-Paul-get fish-save captain-decisions decisions...
SAVE the Captain

Churchill men back aboard their cruise ship - MOVING ON.

NEXT DAY: Gary Koski, a commercial buddy of ours - who was actually in the same area the day before, & returned the next day, hooked our pole, our reel and the salmon and pulled it all up on his gear -

Gary kept the King, returned the rod and reel -

Honest - you can't make this stuff up.
thank you for the great story ~

Mr. Chris Parker

Both gentlemen ~ retired firefighters, out of California ~

Went from the fire to the frying pan so to speak. they began a company that audits wild-fire expenses, that cities, counties, other "assisting locals help fight.

They audit the billing each entity submits for repayment of funds spent.

& we all thought fire-fighting was a tough job... Holy Cow ~
Mr. Chris Parker

Both gentlemen are retired fire fighters, out of California.

the category of:
Work hard
Retire hard
Play Hard

Thank you Robyn, Bob & Chris, see you in Sacto in January?

Went from the fire to the frying pan so to speak. they began a company that audits wild-fire expenses, that cities, counties, other "assisting locals help fight.

They audit the billing each entity submits for repayment of funds spent.

& we all thought fire-fighting was a tough job... Holy Cow ~
Can you imagine how pretty it is - So that If I take a snapshot of something, and it comes out great, then it must really be pretty here!

1st boat gone, 5:30 am
Another 4 anglers at 5:45
last pick up at 6 am

some departures, some arrivals, afternoon harbors, every day.
L to R - back row
Rich Rovang
Jim Burkhart
Jeff Burkhart

L to R

Jim & Jeff - because they fished 4 days they had their limits of King Salmon(Chinook)

In the van at the end of day three the discussion went as follows
RR: tomorrow, Salmon? you have all yours.
2B's: We'll get yours; you need 2 more
RR: okay, then Halibut?
2B's: yeah, you get your Salmon, then we'll all get our Halibut.

(smiles everywhere - who knew there were SO many teeth in one van?

& Yes, all smiling - (scroll down a bit on the photo's to Burkhart, you'll see ...)

it was like a done deal -
we'll knock out your salmon & then we'll bang our halibut - Done!


seriously. that's exactly what they did! bingo!

Nice job. Collusion. Collusion is good

side note: wait till pam checks this out. she is gonna tag me on my writing... punctuation especially. I dunno why?

pam: NO: you can't write like you talk,
me: why not?
pam: because it's wrong
me: no it isn't, been doin' it for years...
pam: no you just can't
me: poetic license!
pam: her head pops off
these guys - my smiling guys - gosh I love that

Rich Rovang

The fit with Rovang & Burkhart - a very good fit -

I learn my people over time - and you get a "feel" - I kind of felt it would be a good match -

it was.

Are they "besties"? probably not, but 10 hours on a boat dock to dock - and all were beaming - every day - it worked.

thank you Rich - my best to the Dr.

All that and fishing too...

you could be here you know!
Dinner on the hoof

later it'll be on a BBQ ~ lemon, Butter, Cesar salad, Broccoli, a cocktail, Tiramisu, Nap...

uh-huh - yup
L to R

Rich, Jim & Jeff

Your catch rocked. Great trip - thank you gentlemen so much!
yes, It really is just like it looks ~
Deckhand Geoff Barela

why is Sitka's fishery for the sportsman & women so productive? Bait Fish.

It's like I say ~ I'm not going to the store if there are no groceries.

fish are here to eat & grow. It's a bait rich environment, so the come & stay & eat.

Especially Silvers - "pigs with fins."
OKAY. If your a fish. it's what's for dinner if your a fish.

Geoff Barela
The Burkhart's' fished 4 days
June 14, 15, 16 & 17
fished 2015 & 2016

Rich Rovang
June 15, 16, 17
2010, 2013 & 2016

We see Rich when he finally runs out & it's time to restock with fish for the family. For Rich it's kind of like a grocery run but way more fun, right?!?

Jim Burkhart, called my cell# last year, in February & if memory serves, we (Tim & I) were in southern California doing a sportsman show.

After some confusion on my part, and maybe a "hair" on his, we spoke again ~ this time while I was driving south on I-15. Late... cold... It all worked perfectly.

Keeping in mind I never get to drive in the "real world" my phone would ring... ring again ... ring again... and again ... Jim was calling the land line & my cell. (it all forwards to my cell, so it rang a lot.

Dark, driving, & icy, I couldn't answer.

Up the road a piece; 1 rest stop (needed on several levels by now obviously) I called Jim back & now here we are: Trip 2, with a trip 3 looming in 2017

Nicest man. He smiles a lot. I like that.

Every day he smiled. Jeff too.

Good Fishing, Good Weather, Good guys.
Jeff Burkhart

The boat - the entire boat was smiling

My two Burkhart's, Jim (dad) & Jeff (kid) fished 4 days and then Rich Rovang joined them for Rich's 3 days on the water

It was a really nice blend of gentlemen on the boat who did not know each other previously.

The Boat, The Van, just plum full of smiles.

Kings: aka "Smilies", I wasn't referring to the fish. It was my guys, just happy guys. All 3 of 'em

L to R
Jeff & Jim Burkhart

thank you gentlemen

(you know your boat fill quickly, I can just save your dates at any time & then in the fall I'll be in touch.
Jeff Burkhart
Jim Burkhart

Their fillets came out perfectly, and I know when they get home later tonight, everything will be in perfect order. We use bubble wrap, so it's a nice tight pack & the pouches don't shuffle in the boxes. YES, boxes. We use insulated liners. That will hold them frozen for a good 30 hours, so when they leave me, the contents are at -25 to -29 degrees.

I always imagine the worst case scenario:
1. Flight delays
2. It's Rush hour when they exit their airport
3. Temperatures over 100 degrees
4. lets throw in an accident - so traffic is at a standstill
5. boxes are in back of pickup truck


You should feel no "cold" on the exterior of the fish boxes. That is because the liners are doing their job. If the outside of your box is cold, that is NOT a good sign.

Jim can even keep it in the laundry room & unpack in the morning after 1 ( yes, only 1 ) cup of coffee & his fish will be just fine -

I know this because I have done it. Mine was in a trunk.
Jim Burkhart

me: how'd you do today"
them: good (still smiling)
me: like, um, how good?
them: We got everything (still smiling)

silly me.

When a plan comes together

Rich Rovang
Jim & Jeff Burkhart
The are so cute & round & perfect. They just make my eyes happy until they do what they do best: EAT.

as in eat the perfect King, off the perfect hook, which was almost in the perfect boat, and were destined to become perfectly beautiful Steaks or Fillets complimenting that amazing glass of white wine ~
L to R
Dan Corduan - Capt'n
80# Halibut - released
Andrea Peterson
Luckyrae Miguel - Deckhand
Mr. Lynn Wilcox


Family Fishing Vacations

L to R - Back row
Lynn Wilcox
Andrea Peterson (Lynn's daughter)
Derek Peterson - 1 husband!

Front Row
3 amazing halibut

they had perfect weather - excellent fishing - all in two days.
Deckhand Luckyrae "Lucky" Miguel aka the fish whisperer

Derek Peterson

Heeeere fishie, fishie, fishie!
One of us is harvesting & hunting for the family table & the boys are smiling for the camera.

the huntress and the hunters

Thank you folks so much!
Action Shot!!

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson

"Sitka Smilie" is what we hear them called ~

See why?? Gorgeous fish ~
What happens on the boat ~ stays on the boat ~ until I post it on line!

fish kissing - that's a good thing!

Ms. Andrea Peterson
Derek Peterson

He married a woman who can fish. He doesn't do so bad himself! (we won't discuss the 80# Halibut Andrea had to release ~

But this one. This is perfect! Nice job Derek ~
Mr. Derek Peterson

wait for it ...

L to R

Lynn Wilcox
Andrea Peterson
Derek Peterson

2 days on the water & 144lbs of fish headed home for 3 folks -
That is something to be proud of!
They have little hooves ~ just how fast can they swim anyhow?

I do know this - It's happened in my family several times ~ the deer are swimming, one or two may be exhausted and in distress. We have plucked them from imminent doom. They regain strength, bond & have found their new best friend. Very hard to convince them to leave. They will sleep right with you on the boat...

Imagine: Instead of bringing home a new puppy...

Him: Honey! I'm Home .... can I keep it?
her: No
Him: but, it followed me home!
her: No
Him: but it likes me...

Hailing from Colorado!

Master Robbie Hering
Carl Hering

As Carl's Grand-Kids turn 14 - he brings them fishing with us for a 2 day trip.

First time: Carl & Chris Hering 06/2009
Second time: Carl & Kaitlyn Hering 06/2015
Third time: Carl & Robbie Hering 06/2016

Such a treat! He is so good with them & they all had such a good time! Nice kids too!

oops: young adults!
Oh Yea...

L to R
Carl Hering & Robbie Hering

L to R
Robbie & Carl Hering

and one hitchhiker...

No, we did not vacuum seal him/her? Probably has little Octo-kids...we turned the critter loose to hitchhike on another pot, another day...

I can hear those little suction cups as I type...pop-pop-pop - pop...
Preparing to set pots - 5 per person is what the regs. say.

& another hitchhiker...

It's not so much about the limits - it's the whole "picture". It's different, the scenery is amazing, swimming deer ... the occasional bear ~
some stuff is just hard to pass on...
What I lovingly refer to as a POWER vacation.

Dad, David, treated his son Will who is in the Naval Academy to a day on the water in Sitka, Alaska & chose us to fish with. Really nice father & son combo went home with collectively 63lbs. of fillets. It's exactly what we tell folks to expect.

Per day - in finished weight between 27 & 34lbs in finished weight per person in May & June.

May & June you will have your King Salmon, Halibut, yellow Eye, Ling Cod & Rock Fish. Bulking up your box is going to be based on the size Halibut you harvest - keeping in mind the best eaters are the smaller 43" and under Hali's.

David Morgan on left ~ Will Morgan on the right.
L to R - back row
Will & David Morgan

L to R - front row
King Salmon, King Salmon, King Salmon & yes: another King

one day -
Limits of King & Halibut
a chum to smoke & some rockfish - I have to check the fish transfer form - but they may have also gotten Yellow Eye

Pleasure gentlemen, & Will, good luck & be safe in your career!

Thank you for your service
Harvested by the "Morgan" men - best show to date -

Fishing 1 (one) day only, they harvested their 4 kings on 6/14/2016, but they also retained 6 Silvers. (COHO) prior to this ~ a sprinkling.

nice show gentlemen!

finished weight going home, 63+ lbs ~ yes - halibut too for all you white meat lovers out there!
A pilot ~ kevin & his son Andrew flew in for a day of fishing & flew home again. How well can you do with one day of fishing?

Well, Really well.

L to R
Kevin Boyce
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce & what looks like a SILVER SALMON!

Yes!!! SILVERS are coming!!

thank you gentlemen ~
Fishing a 27 foot Seaport SeaMaster or a 30' Almar
In disguise

The Birthday Girl,
Louise Plew
Really ~ does it get better than this?

well, maybe ... like WORK! Scott could be at work!

Pictured, Mr. Scott Plew
What I did on my summer vacation,

by: Ian


L to R
Scott Plew


(blink. blink.)

yup ~ HUGE

Holy-Moley ... Scott
Last day out ~ June 12 ( Louise's birthday -

Deckhand Luckyrae sitting on his "BUTT"
oh: their BUTT!

thank you folks - so much! really nice seeing you again!
L to r

Deckhand Luckyrae
Scott Plew

no way I'm making a "butt" joke about my deckhand... NO WAY!
There she is ....

Louise Plew
l TO r

Louise Plew
Luckyrae (deckhand)
Scott Plew

gorgeous King Ian ~

This could be you!

Gorgeous fish Ian, Nice work!
L to R

Ian, Louise & Scott

Tis' a rain forest you know! We supply rain gear too!
Sitka is the 5th larges town in Alaska
& at one Time was the capitol of Russia & later the capital of Alaska
L To R

Tom Langmo
Sam Langmo
Chet Thompson
Gregg Langmo

The Thompson party was referred to us by local Sitka folks. ~

they came, they saw, they concurred:

thank you gentlemen!
Mr. Gregg Langmo
L to R & holding their "Butts"


Tom Langmo

and... the photo is not zoomed in ...


Photographed during the Deitsch & Eirish time on the water.
Ms. Connie Deitsch

L to R
Connie & Kevin Deitsch

who knew crab & shrimping was romantic?!?
Diana Eirish

(ladies first gentlemen!)
A trip up for some Crab & Spot prawns.

Limits have been reduced over the years & but there is more to it than sheer poundage -

You do go home with your legal limits, and the experience is unparalleled.

Pictured: Diana & Scott Eirish

thank you folks
L to R

Connie Deitsch &
Diana Eirish

thank you ladies, very much!
Kevin & Connie Deitsch
Scott & Diana (Petronela) Eirish

Pictured: Mr. Kevin Deitsch
Mr. Scott Eirish

gorgeous day
beautiful fish

blue sky, blue water - dang
"what is the name of that lake"?


"and the elevation"?

(as I reach for the tide book...

Ms Hannah

So cute - we fish so many kids. Does it get better than that? nope! I remember when I heard all about her, just a baby & now she's holding a KING SALMON to be so proud of. Her Grandpa Fred treated her & her day to a day on the water.

Of What they harvested - one came home straight to the BBQ, the remaining fish flew to south with Hannah & her dad Claud

Lucky girlie!

Hannah's dad.

Remember when you had a name of your own, & then you had kids. You weren't you anymore: you were somebody's dad.
Where Southeast Alaska, 15 miles west of Sitka on the outer edge of Alaska’s famed Inside Passage.

How to Get There Sitka is accessible by air from Anchorage and Juneau and by cruise ship.

Rainforest Island - Unique in Refuge
The lush temperate rainforests that cover Southeast Alaska make St. Lazaria a unique part of the mainly treeless Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

More than 500,000 seabirds nest on this 65-acre island, one of the most productive seabird colonies in the state. Albatrosses and shearwaters that nest in the western Pacific also feed in nutrient-rich waters off St. Lazaria. Local charter boats and tours bring visitors to view the amazing sea bird colonies and wildlife.

Underground Nesting Birds
Burrow nesting storm-petrels are the most abundant of the eleven nesting seabird species. Rhinoceros auklets and ancient murrelets also burrow into loose soil to nest. (Do not go ashore at St. Lazaria as you will risk crushing the tunnels honeycombing the island, built by the seabirds for their nest and chick.)

Cliff Cities
Pelagic cormorants and common and thick-billed murres nest on the island’s cliffs.
L to R

Thatcher & Sean Magoun
Sean Magoun -

Day 1, the 17th - 6 hours, the whole family
Day 2 - full day, Sean & Thatcher
L to R

Mary Magoun & dad Sean Thatcher
Seeing signs of Silver Salmon

Sean Magoun
Alaskan Rock Fish

fish tacos on the hoof
Alaskan Rock Fish

fish tacos on the hoof

photo from DeWayne Bentley
Matt Goff photography
Arriving in Sitka on June 4th & departing the 14th - Taking 10 days to see the sites, hike, photography, relax and fish.

L to T
Dominick Ducote
Addie Bentley
DeWayne Bentley
Kim Ducote

DeWayne called to add on one more day of fishing for just himself - a bit more Halibut was what he was thinking - the day he had & we had, turned out to be not in his favor for Halibut, so we suggested he not spend the funds ~ as it turned out ~ that was the best way to go.

Charter fishing is not an inexpensive proposition, and we want you to get your fish, and not just have an expensive boat ride.

Honesty is key.

25 years in Sitka: I had no idea Sitka had 2 Harbor Mountain Roads ~ but yes - it does
Addie & DeWayne Bentley

(Mr. Bentley passed to me an amazing rock fish photo he captured. Yes I used it - the colors are perfect!

thank you DeWayne - so much

he also passed to me A Sea Lion munching down on their King Salmon & a stingray - I'll post those as well - Pictures I don't often get to see or post!
Ms. Kim Ducote

Thank you Bentley Family, very much!
Running for the morning "bite"
Local folks, who moved away & returning for the fishing...

(okay, they visit family too)

2 days 86lbs

L to R
Erik Lester
Logan Huber
Jake Huber
Patrick Lester

Thank you gentlemen!
Sport Fishing Sitka Alaska

It would appear someone has hung the "do NOT disturb" sign on the door.

Correct, nothing is sacred anymore.
Boys in their "happy place"
Boys in their "happy place"

L to R

Logan Huber
Erik Lester
L to R

King Salmon,
Patrick Lester,
King Salmon


Beautiful showing of Halibut

The Jake Huber party

Father & son trip ~ perfect!
57 Varieties in all

We label in one bag - under Rock Fish -

No worries, we will NOT let you retain anything which is less than yummy!

photo provided by DeWayne Bentley & family

Thank you sir!
Mr. Layne Contreras
L to R

Don Zamboni
Pam Barela
Allen Zamboni
Lupe' Zamboni
Carrie Wylie
Mary Ann Russell
Jeff Russell
Jill Contreras
David Wylie

MIA: Layne Contreras: photographer extraordinaire

ps I love spell check

Yes: all one family
"what is the name of that lake"?


"and the elevation"?

(as I reach for the tide book...
L to R

David Wylie
Carrie Wylie
Jeff Russell

photo provided by Mary Ann Russell

thank you folks!

your fish is shipping via Alaska Air Cargo today
Jeff Russell

nice butt ....
And the star of the show is:
Mr. Allen Zamboni

L to R
Geoff Barela & Allen Zamboni

Does Zamboni ring a bell with anyone?
ding! CORRECT!

DUMP TRUCKS! (you hadda be there)
Humor me... one more

L to R

Geoff Barela & Allen Zamboni

guest quote of the day

Allen: "Why is water splashing on the windshield?"
Pam: "It's called rain"
Allen "Oh"

soooo cute
Once upon a time (12/29/2015) There came a call, it's Mr Contreras says Pam.
He Said he fished with you 10 years ago...


Yes. True - and you know what? I remember. Layne & Jill Contreras. Fished with the Raabe Party. (I'm not cheating either. my computer program was a different on at that time.)

Joining us in 2016
Jill & Layne Contreras
Mary Ann & Jeff Russell
Carrie & David Wylie
Lupe', Don & Allen Zamboni
Mr. Don Zamboni

Gorgeous King Salmon (Chinook)

They all fished over 2 boats - 4 folks per boat - dividing their catch 8 ways.
some are "fresh frozen" & some was smoked. They all chose to fly home unencumbered & we are shipping their catch via Alaska Airlines Air Cargo to the airport of their choosing -

Alaska Airlines is so affordable & they have freezers. We LOVE Air Cargo!
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Allen, don & Lupe' Zamboni at the Raptor Center

They as a party of 9, chose to come to Sitka, Fish the day after arrival, then take a day to explore, then head home.

At ARAC we refer to these days - as "lay Days" - I book lodging right along with the package you have chosen.

Cost is simply at my cost for rooms, noting more ~ it's a really nice add-on to any package.
Carrie Wylie

Thank you folks for everything - not sure who enjoyed it more - ya'll or me...
Jill Contreras
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David Wylie & deckhand Sean

(he's small but he is mighty)
Ocassionaly I get asked: What is the exchange rate?

I think my all time favorite is "What is the elevation here"

"What is the name of that lake?
Dan Graham - Visiting Sitka with Wife & Daughter, Dan is an Alaska resident. He called just prior to hopping a flight south with his family for his daughters Sitka Fine Arts Camp for a week - Dan's goal - one day of fishing

Goal reached - he harvested his resident limits of 3 King Salmon, & his limit of Halibut and also managed a few Rock Fish -

He was SO excited when I got him back in the afternoon.

"like a kid in a candy store"

On a scale of 1-10 the match on a personality scale could not have worked better.

It is highly likely I may have referred to them as the "Double D's"

thank you Dan G., very much, this was perfect for you & Dan C - Dan had as good of a day as you did -

You are welcome back anytime. My best to your family

I have a bunch of recipes on the site - check them out - If you have a good one of your own - a favorite & want to share I will post it to the recipe part of the web site as well & give you credit for it -
Guest Freezer is at -28 degrees
& naturally every good "house" has a water feature, right?

As someone once said to me "a place of business should NEVER smell like what you do there".

believe me, it doesn't. I have the best OCD crew ever.


The Bait Freezer -

Our Guest Freezer is three times the size, and a designated area
Mr. Arpad Nagy

does he look a little chilly (ish)??
Mr. Adam Bernal

Thank you all - very much! See you in Sacto at the ISE show in Jan 2017!
Mr. Richard Bernal

Thank you Richard, very much

there are over 1300 recipes on our web site - if you ever need ideas, feel free to browse, recipes are all printable. If you have a favorite of your own, I'd love to add it to the collection folks have afforded me.

"the Brothers"

okay 1 of the "brothers" as we referred to them.

Levente Nagy

he h as a drone - it is very cool - my husband wants a drone now

thank you Levente

i'll just get him (Capt'n Tim)a little Balsa Wood Airplane

Rumor has it Levente "lost" a drone last year & brought up a new one this year ( he does photography )
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Guest Richard Benal
Deckhand Geoff Barela
Mr. Randy Estrada

Back Row: Mystery Angler
Front Row: Wild Alaskan King Salmon


clue: married, owns sun glasses, wears Yetti cap...

colors are perfect & they are smiling - so obviously they are happy! I like happy.
Ms. Hanna Bernal

note: Magic Boots
Mr. Larry Huggins

"double header"

limits for non-residents in May & June are 2 King Salmon per licensed angler per day. The annual bag limit is 6.

July 1 the daily limit is one, still with a bag limit of 6 annually

Sitka has their King Salmon Derby (est. 1955) the last weekend of May & the first week end of June each year

(no - these folks did not fish the derby - the derby has defined boundaries and other "stuff", but know this: It is not too early to harvest Kings, or any of the other saltwater species you will fish for -

Thank you folks!
Mr. Jesse Bernal
Sealing Cove

This is the harbor we moorage at. It is located on Japonski Island, just a 3 minute drive from our Inclusive package lodging: Westmark Sitka

Photo provided by Randy Estrada ~ Thank you Randy

Randy Estrada was a part of the Jubilee Christian Center corporate retreat
Anglers were:
Richard Bernal
Adam Bernal
Hannah Bernal
Jesse Bernal
Randy Estrada
Baldo Perez
Larry Huggins
Levente Nagy
Arpad Nagy &
Nick Green

Good folks & a pleasure to fish

We fell into some rough water while they were here - but no worries! Departure day, waters turned calm & it's still holding ~

Day one the "brave boat" headed out & did some Halibut - Day 3 all 3 boats fished "backwards" Harvesting Halibut Limits for 10 folks & aiming back to shore fishing Salmon as they went -

Thank you folks - so much
See you in 2017!
Photo from Dean Goodwin

Thank you Dean. Beautiful!!
Jack Pasco Fished with his wife Dutchie, Good Friends Larry Beach & Rhonda Hood

thank you folks -
Larry Beach - 33.5 lbs - if he fished the derby - he'd have been in 3rd place - GORGEOUS FISH!

Jack & Dutchie Pasco
Rhonda Hood

And I have a picture of Rhonda's halibut too - but you'll see that on Alaskan Reel Affair Charters "Face Book"

Mine work Rhonda! Thank you for everything-
Sunny day, smiling faces, & fish!!!

Rhonda Hood
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Jack & Dutchie Pasco

Thank you!
and just cuz that is a dang good looking fish that Larry has - 1 more time ~

( He was pretty stinking happy!)
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Aaron Chung
Andy Chung
ILin Chung

Third time with us for Arron & his dad ~ Our first time meeting Andy

Thank you gentlemen!
Andy Chung

Gorgeous King!
Limits! - Excellent -

King not the only specie they harvested
They took home Halibut, Yellow Eye, a Coho & some Rock Fish -

They did great for a 2 day POWER vacation.

L to R
ILin Chung
Andy Chung
Aaron Chung

Again - thank you gentlemen!
Remember you may go to the fish report and see what is harvested on any given day

Daily Fishing Report
Mr. Gary Mullen & his dad Gerald fish with us almost every year - they fish one day - the ultimate POWER fishing trip

Thank you folks! Enjoy!
Sitka, Alaska

Accessible by Alaska Airlines & Delta
Pictured: Linda DeWitt

After 1 day of fishing I turned to Dennis & asked him how his day went:

Dennis: Best Day EVER!! Kings! Halibut! Ling Cod, Whales, Sun & Smooth seas!
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Linda & Dennis DeWitt

Thank you folks -
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Linda & Dennis DeWitt

Linda & Dennis choose to have their catch shipped via Air Cargo to their airport of choice. The cost is less that a dollar a LB. to ship & air cargo has freezers!

FED-Ex is 7 to 9 dollars a pound & no freezers once your "catch" leaves me. The high cost of FED-EX is for the luxury of delivery to your door.

You have to live pretty far away from an airport good ole' Alaska Airlines flies into - to not make air cargo worth it -

1 day of fishing for 2 people, shipping
FED EX = 50lbs X $7.00 is just spendy

Air Cargo 50 lbs x $1.00 & a fuel sur-charge = totally affordable. & the have freezers!


Back Row
Linda & Dennis Dewitt

Front Row
King Salmon (Chinook)
King Salmon (Chinook)

Mr. Dennis DeWitt

I'm feeling a little psychic ~ YES!

On June 7th 2016 at about 11:30 am - I'm thinking Dennis & his bride will be at their airport on the prowl for a gorgeous fully insulated box of frozen Alaskan Seafood that they harvested -

There is a lot of pride knowing when you set down for dinner & you have prepared an amazing meal of Alaskan seafood - that you personally harvested this meal.

Correct - we DO NOT swap the prior days frozen catch for todays fresh & ship to you -

if THAT fish was on your HOOK & LINE - that fish is going home with you. Naturally that fish will now be in fillets or steaks or smoked, but that fish IS going home with you.

Halibut - 2
King Salmon - 4
Rock Fish - 6
Others - 4

Vacuum Sealed
Frozen to -28
flagged in our guest Freezer as "DeWitt"

Finished Weight: 1 day fishing 46.2 lbs

Amazing - Simply Amazing
In Sitka for a weeks visit - lodging at a local B&B & opting for a full day of fishing on May 28, 2016
Nick Blonigan &
Victoria Thelen
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Mr. Rich Rovang
Mr. Jim Burkhart
Mr. Jeff Burkhart

Again ~ thank you from all of us here on "the Rock"
Rich always chooses our Freelance or "Day Charter" option & the Burkhart's always choose Inclusive. All enjoy fishing ~ each choosing their own type of package.

How does that "work" on the boat or does it work at all?

It works beautifully.
Regardless of the package surrounding your fishing experience with us your time on the boat is the same. There is no difference in what any guest is afforded on the boat.

Inclusive & Day charter folks are all afforded the same thing. your captain & deckhand can't tell. There is no interruption on the boat.

When on the boat it's all 'bout the fishing.

& catching. Fishing & catching.

Then a beer & maybe a shower - no need to shave until its time to fly home, right?
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