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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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Vicki & Walt Lindgrin
Brett & Cynthia Labrie
Rob Chambers

Nice Yellow Eye!
Michael peters - Thank you Mike!
Jim Clark
John Goodner shot the incredible picture of this Hump Back Whale in Sitka Sound while fishing. It's a fantastic shot isn't it?

Circa 2003

Photo by John Goodner
Thanks for fishing with us folks!

From: Linda Welch and Al Ivanjack

L to R

Al Ivanjack,
Linda Welch
Charles Wallace

Thank you Linda ~ Nice putting names to the faces! See both you & Al in 2008!
Mom ~ Sue Maack ~

a very COOl mom.

In the middle of a rain forest,
In the middle of a rain forest,


Thank you Sue for everything!
Deck Hand Ryan Smith found filleting Halibut while on the 'run' back to town. Halibut are filleted, and put on ice, for custom processing of your seafood back at our 'fish house.'

Photo compliments of Ryan Smith
The finished weight you may expect to receive from one Halibut is 50% of the gross weight. For example if a Halibut weighs 80 lbs (as the one pictured does), you will receive about 40 pounds of Halibut Fillets.

Photo Compliment of Ryan smith, CA
Rick Raabe, and Co. fishing and still finding some fabulous King Salmon in late August.

The other gentlemen in Rick's fishing 'Team' are Bud Carter, Vern King, Rick Raabe, and David Brown.

David had to leave after two days of fishing due to a family emergency, and still managed to go home with a nice yield of seafood!
From Left to Right; Vern King, King Salmon, Rick Raabe...

Thank you fellas...See you next year! You are all a pleasure to fish! (don't forget the 'c' collar)
Now keeping in mind that Sitka is in the middle of a rain forest, and Vern King being visible proof of this fact, is still getting King Salmon! They all did!
Last but not least; Mr. Bud (Allen) Carter with another nice King! They all agreed this is/was the best trip they have had during their fishing relationship with us!

These guys had too much fun!
"This was my little 27.5 pound King Salmon. We never got a picture of my 30.5 pound King." Patrick M. Cahill

Ralph Zuckerberg, Aaron Waters, Pat Cahill, and Joe Mandolpho, all fished 'Sitka' for their first time.

This photo was sent in by Pat Cahill, showing off a King Salmon he caught. Although it was not the biggest one he caught, it is the one he had a picture of!

Photo from Pat Cahill
Joe Cortopassi, with another nice Halibut he harvested during his time with us.

The day I picked up Joe and Gloria at our airport, Joe had asked if I thought he might really catch a fish or two while he was here? Joe and Gloria depart today (8/28/2003) and they have no idea what will await them at the airport, on carts ready for check-in!

Yes, Joe! You will likely catch a fish or two ... Would you like to have the Salmon Steaked? OK! Some Salmon Filleted? OK! Steaks and Fillets? Perfect! WILL DO!


This photo show cases Gloria Cortopassi. Gloria caught the big King this day! This just supports my theory that women and kids; either catch the first fish or the biggest fish on any given day! Nice work Gloria!
It's a keeper! Ling Cod Season re-opened August 16th, with a slot limit of 30 to 40 inches. The waters off Sitka have been found to have the largest known breeding ground for Ling Cod to date, and are protected to ensure the numbers and longevity of this specie!
See? Women and Kids! Nice fish Peggi! Excellent job for a novice angler!

Peggi fished along side Lee Burke, meeting 2 new aquaintances, Joe and Gloria Cortopassi, for a very sucessful fishing trip on a fabulous day! Both couples pulled into the harbor exhilarated, a bit tired, looking forward to hot showers, a cocktail, and a relaxing evening meal.

This day, for these two couples was a complete sucess!
This photo was taken from the C/V Le' Affare Di Reel, looking towards the C/V Reel De La Bobina.

The folks who were aboard these two vessles and saw the double rainbow are Jim West, Sam Davidson, & Roger Keitzer aboard the C/V Reel De La Bobina (pictured). Jack Larned, Wallace Crandell, Robert Bigley, and David Zabel, are Aboard the C/V Le Affare Di Reel
The gentlemen in this group of 4 friends are Jack Larned, Bob Bigley, Wallace Crandell, and David Zabel.

Each day when they arrived back to the harbor, & during their short ride to their lodging at the Westmark Shee Atika, I would hear them say 'I've never HAD fishing like this before!' Each day these fellows fished, seemed better than the day before!
Dr. Bob Reid, Steve Reid and Dr. George Kiekelie took part in this trip.

George Kirkelie is featured in this photo with a King Salmon that is just beautiful! These three gentlemen shared equally in their daily 'catches'. They chose to split their daily catches in a 3-way group split. These gentlemen joined forces and really had a great time, and a nice harvest!
Steve Reid is featuered here, showing off 2 nice sized Silver Salmon (Coho); which he added into their 3 way group split. Limits for Coho are 6 per person per day.
The inimatable Bob Reid! There is only so much time, and so many words! A wonderful man, AND an avid bird(?) lover. (i know you know what i'm refering to Bob!)

"Hi Octobre: Just a note to tell you that everything arrived home solid and
ready for the freezer. Talked to George & his fish were fine also. His wife told me she would not talk to me, as all George has done since he got home was talk about the great fishing trip. He went to a medical exam today & told his physican about the trip and he wants to bring his son up there next year." Bob Reid
Bob Reid, and his son Steve, enjoying some Halibut! Those Halibut will melt in their mouths!

"Again, thanks for all that all of you do to make the trip so much fun. Give my regards to Jeremey & Roman, along with the "bird" I sent, & regards to Tim and his Deck hand Ryan."

Bob Reid, CA.
Dick Rhodes proudly fishing with his Daughter Kathy McMahon, and displaying only their 2 King Salmon at the end of this day of fishing. With the re-opening of Ling Cod on August 16th, Kathy was the first to land one!

I'm positive there are Coho (silver salmon) and halibut in the two totes stacked on the dock, there behind Dick!
Gardner Extrordinare! Thank you for sharing the fruits of your green thumb with us at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters!
Kathleen McMahon, with her deckhand Ryan, on a perfect day, with a perfect King Salmon!

P.S. Remember Kathy, you promised to keep me posted! O.
Anastacios with his Dad Dimitrios 'Jim' Hionis on the first morning of a 4 day fishing trip. 'Stac' said this is the first King Salmon he's ever caught! Tomorrow he'll get his second one!

What a great opportunity for these two gentlemen to get away as 'father and son'. Anastacios will be getting married this coming January 2004!

The three gentlemen in this group of long time friends are David Davis, Albert Tillman, and Harry Alford.

Featured in this picture is David Davis with his 'Smilie'. David is a good sized fellow, so that should gives you an idea about the size of the King he harvested that morning!
This King (Chinook Salmon) is a gorgeous fish, that 'Jim' Dimitrios Hionis landed! At the end of each day, their totes were full, their bodies tired! I'm pretty sure they were ready to go home, get back to work, and REST UP! Can you imagine? Actually looking forward to getting home to rest up from fishin'? Tired and Happy!
Perfect Chinook! (King Salmon) Great Seas!
Nice Birthday Present for Bob Langille who landed this Healthy 60# to 70# pound class Halibut.

Rumer has it that when Cindy Bowser falls asleep, the fish start biting! They all say this is a time tested formula.

Sweet Dreams Cindy!
Cynthia Bowser, with her loyal ole' Deckhand Mark Bagley, take note ~ Cyndy is awake, so there are no visible fish just yet. BUT, as soon as she closes her eyes...

Really! Just ask her! ASK THEM!
Sunrise on the way to the shrimping and crabing grounds.

Photo compliments of Cindy and Ed Bowser
Deckhand Mark Bagley, showing off One of the beautifull Dungeness Crab harvested by the Langille Party while shrimping.

Photo by Cyndy Bowser
Larry says; These are going to be great with some with melted butter!

I'll bet that Capn' Joel, cooked up a batch, in some clear Ocean Salt Water, while Mark your deckhand melted some butter, and MADE you sit down to 'feed' on some!
Beautifull ~ Peacefull ~ Perfect!

These 6 folks, Cindy and Larry Bowser, Bob and Darla Langille, Ed and Chrystine Fletcher had a lot of fun and good fishin'.
Newly-wed Christine Fletcher (Ed is the Groom) brought in and landed this healthy sized, and bright King Salmon! Fantastic job Christine (Mrs. Fletcher). Nice Fish!

Congratulations from all of us here at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters!

Photo from Darla and Bob Langille
Darla Langille, and her husband Bob, with a nice little 'flattie' This Smaller sized Halibut will just melt in their mouths, and they will love it!

These three couples have collectivly harvested a nice variety of Seafood for their freezers. They'll be taking home their Kings; including one White King, Coho, Halibut, Crab and Shrimp to round out their menus this coming year!

(Fish Feed at Langilles House!)

Photo; Cindy Bowser
This 'Lay Day' for the Langille, Bowser, Fletcher Party was a non-fishing day of relaxation, prior to the first day of fishing. The 3 couples were spotted taking in the local sites, the history rich Native Culture, and the strong Russian influence.

They loaned to me their disks from their 'collective' cameras, allowing me to upload these pictures to our web site!

This picture was taken on Castle Hill, the location where we (U.S.A) purchased Alaska from Russia. Remember Sewards Follies in History class? The governor of Russia also resided here long ago!

Photo by Cynthia Bowser
(who is missing her calling as a scenic photographer; 'tobre says; YES Cindy, you should quit the day job)
Enclosed was this note from Blake along with several photos;

"Dear Tim and Octobre, Enclosed are some pictures taken while I fished during August. You have a great operation, and I would recommend it to everyone. Jeremy and Roman (Captain and Deck hand) were class acts. It was a pleasure to fish with them as they always always knew where the fish were, and how to catch them. Octobre you and your staff made everyone feel very welcome. You go the extra mile to accomodate your guests. Hopefully I can come back soon and enjoy the fishing."
Sincerely, Blake Brinkerhoff, CA.

Photo Compliment of Blake Brinkerhoff

(Beautiful Halibut Blake!)
We received several photos from Blake this September, following his August, 2003 trip with us. He was kind enough to share this photo of himself with his really nice King Salmon which landed.

Photos Compliments of Blake Brinkerhoff
From left to right, Leonard Ambrose and Eric Moreland, with 2 nice King (Chinook) Salmon.

Photo compliments of Julia Moreland
Blake with a showing a sampling of just one of the Coho (Silver Salmon) which he caught in mid-August.
Blake shared his Charter 3 of his 4 fishing days with two additional gentlemen; Pat Ducken and Terry Mataya. Featured in this photo which Blake also sent ~ Left to Right is deck hand Roman, and Terry Mataya

Photo Compliments of Blake Brinkerhoff
Eric Moreland fishing Halibut with his dad Terry. To help you 'see' the size of this Halibut, these two gentlemen are between 6' 4", to 6' 7".

Photo Compliments of Julia Moreland
"Eric and Terry had such a wonderful time. Tim really worked hard to find
the fish. Now both Eric and Terry are hooked and hope to return soon!"
Julia Moreland

Phoyo Compliments of Julia Moreland

Don Hartman is a very skilled Angler, history tells us this, and now? Now he is also an accomplished metorologist.

Inquire Within.
I landed this Halibut mooching for Salmon in 80 feet of water. This 83 pound Halibut was caught on 20 pound test line with lite gear, taking about 35 minutes to land. I'm on the left, and 73 years old. Using the lite gear, I had to stand up, with no help from the 'old man Tim' ... I don't think Tim likes me. After 5 days fishing I came home with 240 pounds of fillets. Next year will be my 13th and 14th trip with Tim, Thank you Reel Affair

Thank you Lennie! And Thanks to Nellie and you for the yummies! mmmm

Photo and Narative submitted by Len Ambrose, Walnut Creek, CA.
Left to Right, Gabe Palomar, Marty Smith, and Len Ambrose

Remember, a good day of fishin', is better than a good day of almost anything else I can think of.
When I (Octobre) saw this 'shot' I could feel myself smile, simply because I remember this certain combination of 'guys', who in the beginning were unfamiliar with one or the other...but not any longer...

"It was an exceptional week filled with meeting some exceptional people."
Marty Smith, San Diego, Ca.

Left to Right; Len Ambrose, Gabe Palomar, and Marty Smith
A Dad and Son...Ryan Smith our deckhand Halibut fishing with Marty Smith his dad. A very proud looking dad...the HALIBUT is a plus, but when you see these two together, you can tell that they are a team. There is a lot more there than just a great day of fishin'.

Marty, did you have the oportunity to actually meet the real Adam? ...
ok, so it fits... a picture is worth a thousand words...Gabe is smiling because he is glad Capn' Tim took the picture, and now he can put it down!!!

big fishie...
Gabe Palomar with his King Salmon! Gabe fished with the Morelands for one day, Len Ambrose for 3 days, and one day with Don Hartman. The one constant was Lennie, who fished for 5 days!

Photo Compliments of Julia Moreland
A little bit of Local Charm.

photo: Don Thibodeau

"Thanks once again for such a wonderful trip. If there was a way to make the experience any better, I don't know what it would be".

Let Tim know the shrink tubing will be coming soon.

Don Thibodeau aka "Ace Photo Bug"
(McLaughlin Fishing Team)
A pair to draw to! Charlie Onstott and Bill McLaughlin.

Photo by; Don T. (thanks!)
Charlie appears to be doing very well, but I think it's highly possible that Capn' Tim needs a preventive maintaince trip to the opthomologist!

Charlie O. and Tim are checking to assure themselves that the crab are of legal size, and gender to retain and harvest. well OK, Captn' Tim is overseeing; and Charlie Onstott is doing the checking!

Poor Don Thibodeau ~ the fish paparatzzi, no one takes his picture?
Charlie Onstott, Don Thibodeau, Bill McLaughlin, and Gordy Smith looking over a nice Harvest of Shrimp!

Don is the gentleman who took and submitted all the McLaughlin photos! Thanks so much Don!

"Thanks once again for such a wonderful trip. If there was a way to make the experience any better, I don't know what it would be" Don T. (second from left)
Ahhhh! Now look very closley here to see the Kamchatka Penninsula 'Pink Flamingo'! aka; the Russian Pink Flamingo, which apears to be a bit off course, or maybe Sitka is just their summer breeding grounds. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? (count 5 of em'?)
A beautiful Whale on the horizon!

Photo by Don 'Tibb' Thibodeau,
'Team McLaughlin'
Don, the McLaughlin Parties' 'RESIDENT PHOTO BUG' shot this picture of their days harvest of halibut filets. The halibut retained have been cleaned, filleted, and iced down on board, all prior to reaching the dock in the afteroon. That night our 'Fish House Folks' cut each fillet into serving sizes, packaged, vacuum sealed, frozen, and labeled each pouch for them to take home.
This display of halibut are excellent 'eatin'".

Thanks to folks like Don, and all the others like him who have sent pic's, have made this part of our web site a huge success!

Thanks Don!
The inimatable Gordy Smith; and only 10:30 a.m.
Charlie Onstott high-lighting his King (Chinook) Harvest ~ (deck hand Ryan in the back ground)

all Photo's compliments of Don Thibideau
I've attached five photos (I hope you have broadband!). They are labeled Reel Affair 1 through 5. All 5 pictures were taken on August 6th and the cast of 'characters' are from Left to Right; John Fleisher, Diane Preiser, Jack Preiser, and "JT" Turner

Regards, Jack Preiser, PA.
Everything arrived frozen hard!! We had shrimp, crab, salmon and halibut for diner last night. Sure was fine.

We all want to thank you, Tim (BUDDY),
Ryan (BUDDY) Pam & Sandy for putting up with us, we had a great time. Keep in touch.

John (BUDDY) Fleisher
Diane Preiser displaying her King Salmon. Diane has agreat recipe in the Salmon Catagory named "Diane's Dishwasher Salmon"...We (Tim and I, and Pam) have made this recipe, and it IS good, we'll be making it again!

Thanks for sharing Diane!
Mr. 'Jack' Preiser showing off a beauty! Thanks for the photo's Jack, they are all great! See you in 2005.
J.(Buddy) T. Some nice fish being caught there! You all had some great weather, and tremendous fishing! Looking at the water, it's hard to believe your on the ocean J.T. Maybe that day we should have 'tagged' it 'Pacific Lake'. We're all looking forward to the next time!
Beautiful, John, Beautiful!
Mr. Preiser, that is one 'Healthy' King Salmon! Enjoy it! It had to be a 'kick' landing it. Light Gear, and 20 pound test...Fun, Fun, Fun!
Jack and Diane Preiser


photo compliments; Cap'n Timmy Twaddle
Diane and Jack (Buddy) Preiser,J.T.(alias) Buddy; and John (Buddy) Fleisher. Fishing IS what we folks at A.R.A.C. do, but gettin' there is half the fun! (and poor ole 'tobre only hears half the story...)
Ms. Diane Preiser.
Adam, that King is bigger than the one you caught the other day! Are you having a good time? Looks like you are!

Just think, the morning has just begun, so very soon it will be off to the Halibut grounds for your Halibut, and Yellow Eye!
Jeff? Nice B.Day Present ...

Happy Birthday toooo yoouuuu ....
The fish the four (4) of you; Jeff, Adam, Lois & Paul harvested Jointly is perfect! You all fished your fannies off!

Lois, Paul, Jeff & and Adam all got their daily limits of Halibut, and will have plenty in their freezer to last them for quite some time. BUT HONESTLY? The Halibut that Lois and Paul are showing off in this picture are not the 'Trophy's' ~ BUT? These Halibut are the very best eating. Halibut in this size class are moist, tender and buttery ... It is what us 'local folk' keep for our freezers, and a catch to be very proud of!
Congratulations Paul! Just the start of a beautiful morning! Nice Job!

The three other anglers Paul 'talked' into joing him year, are Lois, Pauls' wife, Jeff Hart, and Jeff's son Adam Hart.

Happy Birthday Paul from all of us here at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters ~
I asked myself; What about this photo is best? The Seas? The weather? Adam's smile? OR, the sun glasses? Maybe the 'shades' are because of that bright beautiful King Salmon on an Early August morning.
This photo features Lois Borda, with the King Salmon (Chinook) which she chose to keep on this morning! These folks managed to harvest a White King during their 'tour' also! The white King is a nice Surprise, and what a treat!
First - Happy Birthday Paul!

Paul, that Salmon Looks more like a King than a Coho! But it's not a King Salmon at all, just a very large Silver Salmon, (Coho). Sweet!
Jeff Hart, (who also happened to be having a birthday this trip!) showed that the Borda clan didn't get ALL the King Salmon!
Tony Balesari, Looking pretty happy with HIS King Salmon! The filets off this fish were beautiful! Tony had the rest of the day ahead of him to Fish...Fish...Fish...
One more time Tony! It is a pretty one!
These Hump Back Whale Photos that were taken by John are as good as any professional photos I've ever seen. All the different species of wildlife that our folks are so fortunate to see and enjoy, plus getting in some great fishing too. All this rolled into one day for these gentlemen!

Photo by John Goodner
Yes, the same whale, he or she, stayed around long enough that John, and his buddies were lucky enough to enjoy how spectacular this creature really is. John said the whale just layed on the surface like this and kept slapping it's Fluke on the surface of the water.

Photo by John Goodner
I was fortunate enough to see some of the other photo's John had taken during his and his Party's fishing trip with us, and those are nice pictures too ... Like their Limits of Kings by 9:45 A.M., and some Halibut...

Thanks for sharing those pictures with all of us.

Photo by John Goodner
"Love ya guys, and thanks so much for everything. As always it was great
and alot of fun." Carolyn

Photo features Carolyn Clites, with Ryan her deck hand, showing off another nice Halibut again this year! Now, keeping with tradition ~ NICE 'BUTT' CAROLYN!

Carolyn? Do you have any photos of Mr. (Mom) Mescher? FOR THE RECORD; Tom & Ebony make these WONDERFUL lunches for Tim and I when we are participating at the Long Beach Fred Hall Sportsman show in California.
Joel sent me this photo of himself fishing with us in late July 2003...The for gentlemen fished 25, 26, 27, and 28, 2003.

Very nice sized King Joel!

Photo compliments of Joel Swartz; received 6/14/2004
Kathy Harwood, with her deckhand Ryan. Kathy looks pretty happy over her catch!

Tom? Tommy M?
Kathy? where did Tom go?
Beautiful King Salmon Kathy!
This photo features Damon Harwood with a pretty darn nice King Salmon... To give an idea of size? Ryan and Damon are both 6 feet tall + some ... Nice fish Damon. Have you seen Tom?
Scott Frisch with this 'plug' weighing in at 39 lbs. The group chose to 'steak' this King Salmon. The steaks weighed in at 2 lbs. The Gentlemen not pictured are Bob Frisch, Bill Tomlinson, and Dylan Theobold
David Sorsoli Holding his King Salmon! Nice fish David!
Wayne Sorsoli showing off just some of the firm, bright, salmon he and his partners caught on this particular morning, Wayne Sorsoli, David Sorsoli, Jan Turner and Bob Ash each harvested their personal limits of King Salmon, and 15 Coho. Then they headed out for some bottom fishing...
Nice Job Wayne! Adding another fish to the box!
Jan Turner another beauty again this year!
Robert Ash displaying his KING SALMON. The fillets this king salmon made were beautiful! The day was grey, but the smiles are bright...

Hi Octobre, Just wanted to let you know I really had a great time on our fishin' trip. Some photos were taken by your husband and we was going
to e-mail a few to me......It would be appreciated if you could look into
that, Hope all is well with all of you, Robert Ash.
Jan Turner, with Adam Smith his deck hand, displaying Jan's 128 pound Halibut for the 4 gentlemen in the Sorsoli Party to equally share in their 'group split'. Calm seas, warm weather, and a great "catch".
" Thank you for another first class trip, we loved it." Via e-mail 7/23/2003

Margaret Le Boutillier harvested this 85 Pound class Halibut on July 20, 2003, while fishing with her son Michael Menin.

Photo Compliments Of;
Margaret Le Boutillier

Margaret helps support my Women and Kids Theory that they either seem to catch the first or the biggest!
Margaret sent this great assortment of the photographs she and Michael had taken during their fishing trip this July. Mike took this photo of his mom Margaret. She's a skilled angler.

Nice work Margaret!, Great picture Mike! You both had a great trip!

Photo Compliments Of;
Margaret Le Boutillier
Michael Menin displaying a couple of bright healthy Coho!

Photo compliments of;
MArgaret Le Boutillier
Margaret, your quite the Sportswoman. We have seen you fish good weather, inclement weather, good seas & some not so good, you and Michael always up to the task, rain or shine!

Photo Compliments Of;
Margaret Le Boutillier
Margaret, can you hear that chorus of "Singing in the Rain"?

Photo By; Margaret Le Boutillier

(She included this photo from their earlier trip with us in 2002.)
Nice Job Roscoe!
Roscoe Messenger showing another Salmon before it also is added to their full 'tote' of fish, and iced down. Now? Off the the Halibut grounds for these folks!

"Dear Tim & Octobre, We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this last July. Would like to go out with Tim next July 2004." Mark Messenger
Craig Messenger with his King Salmon also! Kudo's Craig!
This Photo features Deck hand Ryan Smith, with Mr. Dick Popham and a halibut Dick looks like he can be really proud of!
Photo taken by Tim Twaddle
Photo features Mark Messenger, Craig Messenger, Roscoe Messenger and Dick Popham.
These 8 folks fished for 3 days Beginning July 14, 15, and 16, 2003. This photo highlights Scott Joyce and his dad Paul with a really nice Halibut.
If you look closley, you'll see Paul and his wife Mary in other areas of our web site with other species they have retained in past seasons. Nice folks, good anglers!
Gail Murrell, and "Friend"
Octobre: Attached are few pictures of some of the fish that we caught 2 weeks ago. We had such a great time. Joel and Mark (C/V Reel Affair) are wonderful. I definately want to come up next year with a few guys; I am not sure of the dates yet.

I have several other pictures if you want to see them. Thanks for such a great time

Karyssa Terhark age 12, is with Captain Joel with the 2 Yellow Eye.

The fish arrived safe and frozen. Thanks for all that you guys do. You have such a great operation.

Terry Terhark
The King Salmon picture is with Terry and Nathan Terhark age 9. Nathan caught the BIG one...

Meet the Terhark family; Terry and Betty, with Karyssa, and Nathan.
Rocky Wilson aboard the Le' Affare Di Reel, June 11, 12, 13, 2003. Great King Rocky!
David Holzman with his King Salmon! The day rounded out with Coho, and some Halibut also!
David Holzman showing off that BIG King! That really is a good looking fish ... It's going to be even better for dinner shared with friends and family!
Jim Sarti and his son Dan Landed these 2 Great King Salmon early in the day.
Dan Sarti with his 'Prize' catch on the last day of his 3 day charter with his dad Jim. This trophy halibut took 30 to 45 minutes to land. He looked pretty pleased and proud. His dad knows... Jim caught his 'trophy' on a prior trip with us, and was beeming over his sons catch this tour.
Clarence is shown here with the 103# Halibut he had just harvested.

From left to right, Cptn' Jeremy Twaddle, and Clarence Gomes aboard the C/V Affare' de Bobina' (Reel Affair in Italian)

Photo compliments of Clarence Gomes, CA
Halibut fishing on a beautiful day in Sitka, Alaska. Clarence Gomes was the proud angler who caught this halibut! From this fish he will yield apx. 50% in fillets packaged for two. (50 pounds apx.)

From Left to right; Clarence Gomes, Ron Faria, and Thomas Burke. Tom was not in their party, but was another angler who fished with us while his wife enjoyed the sites to see in town.

Photo compliments of Clarence Gomes
103# Halibut coming aboard!

Photo compliments of Clarence Gomes
Ron Faria with Deckhand Roman. Early July, and Ron has caught himself another Salmon. These two gentlemen in the duration of their 5 day charter, caught Halibut, some gorgeous King Salmon, and plenty of Coho! They have chosen to join us in early August for 2004! I's always a pleasure to have these gentlemen back!

Photo compliments of Clarence Gomes, CA.
David Hunt, Darreld Hunt, Ernie Cash and Larry Cash fished with us on July 5, 6, and 7, 2003.
We had a great time Tom & Adam were so kind to my Dad please thank them again
for me. He is already talking about next year! His quality of life just improved
100%. These trips give me something to bribe him with to stay healthy. The fish
traveled well. The Illinois group arrived with the small boxes but no big boxes, the Airline delivered them the next day and fish was still frozen, no problem! I had King Salmon Tuesday night for dinner and it tasted kind of like salmon! Tell Tom and Adam hello for us!
David Hunt
What a great site. I was able to enjoy the memories of my grandfather,
father, and uncle. It was like I was right there watching my grandpa reel the big one in while my dad helped! I live in Tennessee and they live in Illinois so I can't be there all the time to enjoy such great times like these. Their trip to Alaska and 'Reel Affair Charters' will always be cherished. Thank you for letting me join in on the fun through your web-site and maybe the next trip I
can be there to enjoy it first hand. thank you so much.....Norman
Thanks Norman, We'll anticipate you!

Photo features Darreld Hunt with Ernest "Travis" Cash.
Ernie and Larry Cash aboard the C/V Discovery
L to R are deck hand Adam, Dan Sarti, Tim Sincock, and Jim Sarti on a sucessful Shrimp Trip aboard C/V Le Affare Di Reel. Not shown is Brent Sincock who is taking the photo. (from a previous e-mail "We had a great trip." B.Sincock)
Brent Sincock "shot" these two deer swimming in tandum from one small island to another while on their shrimp trip.
Same two deer a little closer to their'll see some beautiful sites when on these Shrimp trips. Bear, Deer, Eagles, Otter, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Lions...
Include some Crab to the Shrimp harvest! There is nothing better than some fresh crab, and Jumbo Spot Prawns cooked on board with melted butter for the ride home!
L to R, Tim Sincock, Cptn. Tim Twaddle, deck hand Ryan, and Brent Sincock pulling pots from the days harvest of crabing and shrimping. There will be some wonderful dinners ahead! I think the crab and shrimp trip was one of the highlights of their trip...
An American Bald Eagle fishing in the Sitka Channel, and a great ACTION shot!

Photo by Rick Strebel, Utah
Thanks for a great time and a lot of fun. The fish taste great with no 'FISHIE TASTE'. Mike Fazzio will be sending you a picture of the monster halibut caught (picture included here) while we were on Jeremy's boat. Doug Allen caught a 'weird thing' and Jeremy took a picture of it before he let it go, is there any way I could get a copy of the picture? I know your still real busy. Thanks again for a great time.

Rick Strebel

The gentlemen in Rick's Party are Rick Strebel, Frank Atwood, Ike Fazzio, Doug Allen, Nathan Strebel, and Michael Fazzio. The photo features L-R Mike and Ike Fazzio

Respective Halibut Weights are 330# and 230#.

Kathleen and Fred Edwards fished with Tim and deck hand Ryan, beginning June 28, and fished their remaining two Days of a 3 Day 4 Night All inclusive Package the 30th, and July 1st. This mid-western couple took home 260 pounds of King, Coho, and Halibut.
Featuring Fred Edwards and his wife Kathleen. These halibut are going to be some of the most delicious seafood they will ever have, not to mention the rest of the halibut they caught during their trip with us.
These folks took part in a 3 Day 4 Night All Inclusive Charter and fished aboard the C/V Discovery. This is a small sample of what they harvested while fishing. The King Salmon are bright, the meat firm, and the Halibut is wonderful!
Dear Octobre,
I want to express my personal thanks for a wonderful fishing trip which you made possible! Tom, our skipper and Adam, our deckhand also made the trip an excellent one!

Best regards,
Bill Morton
A little closer look at some of the halibut Bill and Chuck harvested and will be enjoying later this winter! Photo by Lynne Clanton
Her King Salmon and her smile say it all...
Bill Morton with a FINE Yellow Eye. Cap'n Tom is in the Background.

Photo compliments of Bill Morton
Tim and October:

Awesome trip... You guys were great...
Here is our Web Page Picture Postcard!

From Left to Right; Skip Schibari, Joel Peterson, Bart Bowers, Gary Evans, Gary Seidel, Rob Patterson, Bruce Dodge, Rob Pinkerton, Dale Van Dellen, Matt Anderson, and Bob Fuderich.

Each Angler arrived home with 140 lbs of King, Coho, and Halibut Fillets.
The folks in this fishing party are; Dick Hirschi, and his wife Darleen, LeR Boregard, John Bowron, Don Leonard, Leo Mecham, Noland Mecham, and Vern Roberts.

Photo features Leo Meacham
These gentlemen fished on June 13, 14, and 15, photo features Michael Smith Vancouver Wa. and his 80 Pound Class Halibut
Ron Smith with Deck Hand Adam aboard the C/V Discovery with Captain Tom Henshaw
Dave with Deck Hand Adam with a Nice King Salmon, great weather, and gentle seas.
Great Yellow Eye, and good eating. Doug brought along 2 of his personal fishing poles to Sitka, and broke both on big Halibut...i've never seen a man break a personal pole, loose Halibut, and be so happy! (He did get his share of Halibut!)
Thats a Nice King Doug!
This is why we call Chinook Salmon 'Smilies'
On the way to the shrimping grounds they "shot" deer! (i mean pictures)

Not bad, Not bad at all gentlemen! John, Stan, Ahmad and Royal? Your wives will love you even more than they do now!

Congratulations John Corrao!

A Trophy!
and "shot" Bear too...(pictures only)
Stan sent us this picture of his 70.5 pound 'Blue Fin Tuna'! Stan said he wasn't bragging, but we're thinking he is! (He should!)

Photo Compliments of Stan Fein 9/2/2003
Well, another great trip with Reel Affair Charters on those beautiful French/Italian boats with the funny names. Everything went perfectly due to Octobre's great planning and a little bit of skill from Tim and Jeremy, AND the Highly talented "Manaka Fishing Team". Thanks for everything

When I got home, the catch was still frozen rock hard, but we thought it might not fit in the freezer. Not to worry! We just tossed everything else in the trash!

Enclosed are the pictures from my camera. The photography may not be great, but at least I have the memories, and as time goes on the fish get bigger, and more of them! Also enclosed is a small token for Octobre's van. Until Next time, Stan Fein

Stan? I love my new antenna ball, thanks! 'tobre
Royal got his Limits of King! Shorts, they always wear shorts, AND xtra-toughs.
Ahmad Housmand with a really great smilie! The Kings are so bright! What else did you 4 gentlemen take home?
John Corrao with His King Salmon for the day, and what a nice one too!
from left to right; Mr. Pat Morgan, CA., and John Forte, with Christopher Barney, UT., displaying some of their afternoon catch.

Pat, Please give our best to Joan!
Mr. Paul Kaminski, with a beautiful Halibut weighing in at 85 Pounds.
The Paul Kaminski Fishing Tour of 2003! These four gentlemen harvested a very well rounded 'catch' while fishing with us this season. These four men harvested their Halibut, their Salmon, some healthy sized Spot Shrimp, Beautiful Crab, and some local 'color'. They throughly enjoyed everything Sitka has to offer at it's fullest! ... We are eagerly anticipating their arrival in 2004!
On day 4 these two gentlemen took a side trip for Spot Prawns, Crab, Snow Crab, and managed to pick up their Kings and Halibut also. Carl took this Photo at our seafood processing plant in Sitka. Sandy cooked up some crab for them while they watched the filleting of their Kings and Halibut.
Carl Piplick, and Charles Spatafore fished with Jeremy Twaddle, and Deck Hand Roman aboard the C/V Affare Di' Bobine (Reel Affair in French). Carl caught this 200 pound Halibut on his Second day fishing.
Charles Spatafore, and his nicely dressed King Salmon
Nice work Gentlemen!
Captain Jeremy Twaddle with the Piplick
Departure day for Carl and Charles. Each gentlman shared equally in the 3 day harvest, taking home a total of 125 pounds each. The catch included King Salmon, Crab, Shrimp, Halibut, Ling Cod, and a few Coho. Remember! Arrive with cary on luggage only, as your seafood will go home with you as check in baggage!
Charles Spatafore with some of his Snow Crab and Dungies!

photo by Carl Piplick
Bruce harvested King Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp, Crab, and Clams for a holiday fish feed, for friends and family over Memorial day weekend at his home in the Portland area!

Photo compliment of Ryan Smith
Rita joined Bruce Hansen during their 5 day charter in Sitka. The two of them collectivly harvest a broad variety of fish and shell fish to add to their freezer. Both are avid anglers and hunters.

Photo compliments of Bruce Hansen and Rita
From left to right, Bruce Hansen, Ryan Smith, and Rita Stacy. They chose this morning to go claming. When claming the Sitka area, it's done during a good minus tide. This affords you the time needed to select and harvest your clams before the rising tide interupts the dig! The Clams are then soaked for at least 24 hours, allowing the Clams to purge themselves of any sand, resulting in perfectly 'ready to steam' Butter Clams.

Photo compliments of Bruce Hansen & Rita Stacy
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