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Alaskan Reel Affair Charters - Sitka, Alaska
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About Sitka Alaska

Visit Sitka once and you will be overcome by the beauty of the forests of Spruce joining the seas edge dotted with islands of green forests. A visit to Alaska's most beautiful ocean front community will forever be etched in your memory. The history of Sitka Alaska is tied to the times of the Russian America Fur Company which was overseen by Alexander Baranof whose castle overlooks Sitka Sound.

Sitka's beauty is enhanced with rich wildlife and sea life populations joined with a mild marine climate. Whales, Sea Lions and Otters are seen as well as Puffins and Bald Eagles along with many more wild inhabitants of Sitka Sound. St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge is a great location for wildlife viewing.

Sitka lies at the heart of the largest temperate rain forest in the world, the Tongass National Forest. Enjoy the fresh outdoors on well-marked mountain trails. Take to the water for a picturesque boat trip or kayaking adventure among nearby islands or charter a boat to nearby fishing grounds to fish for world-class salmon and halibut.

Sitka Visitor Information & Other Local Activities

Take one additional day in town to relax from fishing, and enjoy the waters surrounding Sitka in a much different way. Enjoy the quite calm of the coves and channels of the Inside Passage. Sitka offers some of the best sea kayaking in the country. Kayak excursions range from 2-hour trips for the novice, to multi-day guided trips.

Outstanding ways to view the raw beauty of Sitka and her surrounding area is with an Eagle’s eye view. Harris Air and Fly In Fish Inn offers a chance to see such fantastic sights as the classic dome of Mt. Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano, the Baranoff Ice Fields, or the pristine solitude of abundant lakes.

The Alaska Raptor Center affords you with the opportunity for up-close encounters with local wildlife and birds of prey, including Bald Eagles.

The Sitka National Historic Park is located at the end of Totem Street. Here you will find well-maintained walkways, a Tlingit fort, and beautiful totem poles.

The Sitka Summer Music Festival boasts musicians from around the world. This is one of Alaska’s most popular events and can be enjoyed during the month of June in the Centennial Hall.

Castle Hill is located downtown, (no link available) and is one of the most historically significant sites in Alaska. It was originally inhabited by Tlingit Indians. Between 1804 and 1867 the Russians occupied this site, and in 1867 Alaska was officially transferred from Russia to the United States. A fully accessible walkway leads visitors to the top. The 360-degree view offers outstanding vies, while panels offer the opportunity to learn more about the site.

How to get to Sitka
Alaska Airlines - Alaska Airlines fly several times daily and directly into Sitka, out of Seattle's SEATAC airport.
Alaska's Marine Highway - Official Alaska Marine Highway SystemŽ Site

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